Saturday, October 31, 2009

My shirt is too small!

You see this red shirt he is wearing at the age of 33,

Now try to imaging what this 51 year old body looked like in that same shirt!

He's in his room scrounging around looking for a warmer shirt.

I faintly hear him whining that his shirt is too small.

I tell him to let me see.

He says NO WAY! You'll laugh.

Just come on out and let me see. Surely it can't be that small, I go through his clothes all the time weeding out the ones that don't fit anymore

He warned me!

After my laughter dies down a little..
I tell him that he got into the saved clothes. You know the ones we put away and dig out every now and then to laugh at the thing we actually wore.

I'm somewhat back to normal now, but then he says...


Friday, October 30, 2009

Fire Trucks

My hubby has a collection of model replicas of eight antique Fire trucks, still in the boxes they came in. He got them for free with the subscription of Reader's Digest Select books.

Now that I have the living room done (almost to my liking), he has decided it is a good time to bring them out of there boxes and put them on display.

Generally I wouldn't have a problem with it, since they are interesting and easy on the eyes.


I had to gently reminded him of the mini motorcycle models he had and how difficult it was to dust the little tiny parts. I fear the fire trucks will be just as troublesome.

I also had to remind him of the fate the motorcycles came to.

(I would do my best to dust, but many a handle bar got broke off, till they ended up getting thrown away.)

He mulled this over for sometime and then says "Well then, just don't dust the fire trucks, go around them!

I suggested that we wait until he can get a glass display case to protect them, from me and the dust.

He whines...but I want them up NOW, not next year!!


"Boys will be boys" lasts a very long time!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sense of Humor

Eight o clock in the evening, the phone is ringing.

It hasn't rang all day.

I walk towards the phone and calculate the day, oh it is Wednesday.

I know it is my niece wanting help with homework.

I look at the caller ID, yup I'm right. I pick up the phone and say:

Me...The teacher is not in...

Niece...silence...Aunt Heather?

Me...I bust out laughing

Niece...more silence

Me...I ask "Didn't you find that funny?"

Niece...NOO (matter of factly)

Me...Don't you have a sense of humor?

Niece...Yes (again with the same tone)

Me...Then why aren't you laughing?

Niece...I need the teacher to be in!

Me...Oh, so you DON'T have a sense of humor!

Niece...(frustrated and yelling) I DO SO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR, BUT I USED IT ALL UP AT SCHOOL!!!

Aunt Heather is ROTFLMAO!!!!
I guess she has a limited supply!

Scary house

When I was 8 we moved back to the side of town I loved the most. We had to move cause my brother was going to be born soon. I had to change schools again but at least it was to a school I had been to before and I knew the area a little. I still had friends in that area that I was happy to be close to again. One of those friends was Lisa, I knew she was different (Downs Syndrome), but being eight I didn't understand how. I really didn't care cause she was fun to be around, I just thought she was slow in the head. Which I didn't mind, I thought that about myself also.

This new house was on W. Broadway of Bangor, Me. We lived on the 3rd floor, like an attic that had been converted to an apartment. It was cool place. The weirdest thing though was that it had a stair case that went down into somebodies closet (clothes still hanging) with 2 doors and both were always locked. I had many a good time in there playing with someone elses clothes, but who's clothes were they?

Back to my story...

I would after school (nearly everyday), walk to Lisa's house. It was only about 8 blocks from our house. My parents would always tell me to walk on the sidewalks, never in the street or on some one's grass. In order to do this I had to make like a zigzag. My side of the street only had sidewalks for 2 blocks, go to the other side and cross the busy road and down some more.

(Click for larger view)

Well there was this house that had such a scary and eerie feeling to it that I would purposely break my parents rule and cross the street and walk on somebodies grass.
I would never take my eyes off the house, It was as if I was in a trace or something.
I even remember after not being able to turn my head any farther I literally walked backwards.
I would go past this house in such a panic that witches were going to come out and grab me and cook me for dinner.
My heart would be racing and I could hear my pulse in my ears.

All of us children back then believed it to be a witches house.

There was no curtains on the windows and the inside, was as dark as if it were night time. The paint was peeling off of the boards, some of the windows were broken and the lawn was eerie in itself.

Looked like the perfect place for a witch to hide, to jump out on passing children.

One day on my trek to Lisa's house, as I was not taking my eyes off of the house...

I saw a old lady standing in the second floor window, just enough to see that she had grey hair and it was pulled up into a soft bun with wisps flowing around her face. She was wearing a white puffy blouse and a something dark was around her waist.
As soon as I saw her and she me, she was gone.
If she had stepped backwards I might have not been so scared, but NO she just vanished.
I ran home (instead of Lisa's) so scared that I was crying. I was running so fast I remember my feet kicking me in the butt.
We moved shortly after that, but not because of that.

Now, I told Spot this post was going to be about her (and my hubbies) favorite author's house, but in doing research for this post I learned that he did not live there yet. So I decided to leave his name out of the post. He did not buy the place till 80'. And believe me it was no where near as pretty as it is today! Here are the pics I promised Spot. They are not great. (We were up there vising my grandparents and I was yaking with grammie who I hadn't seen in years)I wasn't all that interested in the place (do to my experience) as much as hubby was!

The house at an slight angle...

Hippie hubby walking past the house...

The perfect pic from the Internet...

I tried and searched for a pic of the place before he bought it, but no luck.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My legs are cold!

I spent most yesterday in my house coat or as some would call "Robe", due to the fact that we got our first real taste of Fall yesterday morning.

I bought this big, fluffy, cream colored, mid-calf, front zippered house coat a few (more like 4) years back. Since then the zipper has busted, not the teeth but the thing you hold in your fingers. I have become accustomed to just wrapping it about me and holding it closed.

Silly I know, why not just get a new one or replace the zipper thingy. I keep telling myself that I am going to get a new one before winter kicks in, by time winter gets here I am strapped for funds. For some reason the stores here don't start selling house coats till around October and $30 (at least I think they are still that much) shouldn't be such a big deal, but for the last few years it has been.

Soo..I end up going the whole winter with this broken zipper. I could fix it if I gave it a shot, but I just keep putting it off secretly hoping someone will get me one for Christmas. Hey family are ya reading this!!

I want a house coat that goes all the way down to my feet! I am a huge fan of old movies and in a lot of them you will see women walking around in these house coats that go all the way down to their feet. I can't seem to find any.

Why can't they make those anymore? Or do they? If they do, I bet it's not $30!

Do they think our legs don't need covering? My legs are cold, just as much as the rest of me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A little something

I was just sitting here, wrapped up in my house coat and shooing my dogs away. It is a very chilly 55 degrees with rain to boot. My dogs are trying very hard to get me to hold all three of them at once. Not going to happen here at the desk, not enough room and very difficult to type this post I'm trying to create in my mind. I am thinking! Stop pestering me and go lay down under the blankie. So..back to thinking what to post, something witty or funny or just something. I ended up with the latter.

I was reviewing the facts on last post, hubby walks into kitchen.

I tell him...I have come to the conclusion that I AM crazy

Hubby...I've been telling you that for years

Me...LOL, yeah but I'm afraid it maybe true

Hubby...I know it's true, I've been calling you "Crazy old lady" or "Crazy woman" for years.

Me...laughing so hard tears are coming to the corners of my eyes

Hubby...You just now realizing I was right!

Me...still laughing and waving for him to stop

Hubby...wake up crazy woman! You've been living a dream!

Me...thanks hubby, you just gave me my post for the day! Now, go back to your scary movie!

Hubby...mindlessly wanders around kitchen, opens fridge, walks back to stove.

Me...what are you looking for?

Hubby...I got the munchies

Me...You just had a brisket burger an hour ago, your munchies not strong enough for another burger? LOL, I'm starting to think you are eating cause you are bored. Do you need me to find you something to do?

Hubby...gone from my sight in a flash!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Award Acceptance

She walks up on the stage and the applause goes wild.
She waits till it dies down some and gently bows to her fans.
She steps forward to the mic and she speaks in a quivering voice,
"I accept this award on behalf of the struggling new comers to the blogging world. I want to thank my dear friend Spot for nominating me for this award. I also want to thank my sweet readers and fabulous commenters. I am deeply honoured and will try to live up to the challenge of being a "Kreativ Blogger"."
After wiping her tear away, she shouts "Happy reading everyone!"

What I am supposed to do is write 7-10 facts about me, then pass the "Kreativ Blogger" award on to other bloggers I like.
So here we go...

1) I am a huge Nature lover! I admire trees, their ability to provide so much for us such as shade, food, oxygen and also homes for the furry ones. I find it amazing there hasn't been a tree uprising against humans for not respecting them as an entity.
I am also to blame for this disrespect and I am trying to learn to be better neighbors with them. My biggest challenge in this issue is keeping hubby from getting aggravated enough, to chop them all down. He hates the leaves and tree sap on his truck. Working on getting him a metal carport.

2) Also an Animal lover...I am such a sucker for the injured, homeless or unwanted. I have been know to bring in any furry or feathered creature into the home and either nurse it and release or find it a wanted home. My biggest achievement is nursing a hummingbird baby to age of release. This is something my hubby tries to keep in check or I probably would open my own shelter! I firmly believe there is no need to pay boat loads of money for an animal, when there are so many in need already.

3) I talk to myself all the time. I know that is supposed to mean I have a screw loose and maybe I do, but I have done it all my life and I am very comfortable with it. I use it most when I am angry or upset. I carry on an argument with someone who can't answer and I get to say all I have been wanting to say without interruption or having to deal with their facial reactions. I get out my steam and solve issues or make myself realize I might be wrong. This system works for me and tends to keep me peaceful. Call me crazy, I don't mind!

4) Sense of humor...I tend to crack people up or confuse them or piss them off. My humor is usually very sarcastic, but I can be nice at times. Not many people "Get" me, but the ones who do tend to stay in my life for a long time. I use humor for crisis situations, probably not my best quality but if it is done right, the other person stops crying. That is my goal, tears can be necessary a times but lets not dwell on it and move on.

5) I am a woman of many ideas and most of the time I don't have enough knowledge or money to get them going or finish them. This doesn't stop me from trying to figure something out, even if it means doing something the wrong way or getting inventive with a solution.

6) I am hooked on yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets. I really enjoy finding nice things or even crazy things, at rock bottom prices. I once bought a dresser (from the 50's era) with a mirror for $30, then looked it up on the Internet and found the exact one without mirror for $380 on Ebay. Yes, I like to brag about my special finds!

7)I hate meds! I don't like the idea of taking medicine for every little thing that should ale me. I will put off taking headache meds, until I just can't take it any longer. As my posts about my tooth will speak for themselves, I put that off till I was desperate! I get told to take this or do that. I get very leery of putting all these toxins or weird remedies into my body. Which is really weird considering I take tums (like candy) and I used to pollute my body with drugs and I still smoke. Really that doesn't make much sense! I guess that proves that I really am crazy!

8) Since I starting blogging (here and previously on Myspace) about year and a half ago , the dictionary has become my most popular book. My spelling stinks and I'm sure the punctuation is awful. I am continually surprised people keep reading my junk, but that doesn't mean I'm not grateful, cause I AM!

9) I get distracted very easy! I start this post, I let dog out. Oh, I forgot the laundry, so I do that. Oh, yeah my post. Okay, I'm back. Oh, wait the race is on, I jump up to see a wreak. I get lost in the details. Oh crap my post. Hubby is hungry! I start grilled cheese sandwiches, come back to post. Hubby "what ya burning" oh man his lunch! Back to post again, the dogs are yelling to be let in. Okay that is it!! I'm done!

I could go on and on but this has taken me two hours already!

Here are my lucky favs...and the winners are...


2)Zombie Mommy


4) A Valdese Blog

I would give more but all the rest of the blogs I follow already have this award among others.

Thanks again, Spot!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Washing hands in kitchen sink

The other day Kathryn had a post about habits. (BTW..Note the first ever link. Yes, Aunt Heather can learn! Thank you Janet, for being my teacher.)

I felt the comment I left, reveiling a habit of mine, needed more clarification.

Here is my comment to her post: (the portion I want to clarify)
"I also out of habit, only wash my hands in the kitchen sink."

Kathryn's reply: (Concerning this issue)
Heather: If you only wash hands in the kitchen sink, does that mean you have to walk from the bath each time you pee to do it??

Well, the answer to that question is YES! I shake my head in shame. the story goes..

Hubby and I lived in our old trailer, (that hubby refers to as "Shack #1", we are currently in "Shack #2) for 17yrs. It was very old and out in the boonies, the septic probably wasn't up to code and we always had issues with it. Pipes always breaking, cause the ground was sinking or moving (it was a very sandy area). Tree roots clogging the pipes and giving us a hard time nearly every year. So on and so on...

Well..about 7yrs ago, the pipe to the bathroom sink busted. Hubby being the handyman that only works on the house when it just can't be put off any longer, decided that the bathroom sink was not necessary. The kitchen sink will do just as well. I think he just got tired of fighting nature. It was a long ongoing battle between him and nature. Nature won!

So..for 7yrs I made the uncountable trips to the kitchen sink, to wash hands, brush teeth, ect..ect..

This is what formed the habit!

We have now been living in Shack #2 for a year and I have just recently become aware that this habit still exists, even though it is not necessary anymore.

We know have two fully functional bathrooms!

They (idk who THEY are) takes 3 months to form a habit, I wonder what THEY say about how long is it going to take to break this habit? CAN it be broken?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let me put on my face

Last night I saw a commercial with a girl trying to explain to someone that she doesn't wear makeup, next you see her in her wedding dress in full makeup.

When I was in my teens and twenties I was the one who couldn't go out in public with out my face on. Then I eventually took out the foundation and concealer. Over time it has dwindled down to just lipstick, eyeliner and mascara, but those are only brought out if I am going visiting.

I look back on those times when I would do the full face regiment and shake my head, I wonder why it was so important.

Was it that I was trying to hide behind it?

Was I trying to impress someone? If so, how did I come to think that that would impress anyone? Showing a fake ME.

Was I doing it to catch a man? That can't be it, cause most of the men I have known don't even like it. My hubby wont even kiss me with lipstick on.

I just can't seem to find the importance of it. All it ever did was waste my time and give me pimples cause I would go out partying and come home and crash with it still on. I can't even count the endless hours of my life putting on makeup and taking off makeup and curing the pimples. Not to mention all the money spent.

So...Why do we do it? I'm thinking most of us do it, cause we grew up watching all the women in our lives do it. Maybe we were influenced by television or magazines.

I know a lot of women will say "cause it makes me feel beautiful or better about myself".

I wonder if that would still be the case if makeup hadn't been so ingrained into society.

Imagine women never having started this process and then seeing someone with makeup, would we consider that person to be crazy or would we flock to it?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleeping habits of hubby

I have been considering this post for some time, so here it is.

Since moving to this new house and having to fix it from floor to ceiling, the bedrooms have been the last on the list. I have my bed camped out in the living room and hubby is still sleeping on the couch. I am convinced even if we were to get his room done, he would still sleep on the couch. Yes we will have separate bedrooms.

Every night, my hubby goes to bed around 8 or 9 pm. Sometimes earlier, but never later. I, on the other hand go to bed around 1 or 2 in the morning. The T.V. is always on while hubby is home, even when he is sleeping. He claims he can't sleep without it. I have tested this theory and he is correct. Within five minutes of turning the T.V. off, he is awake. So I continue to live with the noise of it.
I have even found myself getting used to it, if the volume is down low enough.

While sitting here at the computer, (which is located in the kitchen) I find myself listening to whatever is on the T.V..

Every night my hubby makes his trek to the bathroom around 11 pm or so. On his way back to his couch, he turns the channel. No regard as to whether I am watching it or listening to it. I get very frustrated at him for this. I have even tried to hide the remote from him, this only makes him fully wake in a panic mode that the remote is lost!

I asked him this morning "Why he continues to do it?"

His response: I don't like whatever that show was doing to my dreams!

LOL, every night, every channel, every show, messes with his dreams!

Well if that is the case wouldn't it be better to just turn it off!

Nope, then he can't get to sleep! LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mestizo? Really?

Go ahead and get your dictionary out, I had to.

About twice a week my niece calls wanting help with her homework. I'm still at a loss as to why she calls ME. I quit paying attention in school around the 6th grade. By time I managed to get to 7th I was more focused on boys or skipping WITH the boys. I was not the model student, by any means. I repeated 7th and how I made it to 9th I don't know, but had to repeat that too. I then gave up. So as you can see I really only made it to the 6th grade, mentally.

My niece is now in the 6th grade and I was already having difficulty helping her with the 5th grade homework.

Last night we flew through the English, find the definition and use that word in a sentence. No problem, as soon as she got the meaning, she was coming up with sentences on her own. I like helping like that, just a supportive voice on the phone. No brain pains involved.

She then threw a Science question at me and of course my answer was I DON'T KNOW. I was particularly bad in Science. She got frustrated with me, but yet moved on to Social Studies. Determined to get all she could out of me.

Her assignment was to find the definition of words pertaining to Mexico. Then rewrite the definition in her own words. Why am I on the phone with her? She can do this without me!

First word...Mestizo..a person with mixed blood, such as a person born from two different races.

Really? Please! Why would anyone need to know that! Oh okay, maybe a super scientist.

After my sister and I get through kidding around about the necessity of this word, My niece gets all huffy with us. She shouts in the phone (to both of us) "You went to school, you should know this stuff!" My sister and I are rolling with laughter mixed with tears. My niece grabs the phone and informs me "Aunt Heather, you need to go back to school! Oh, and "What happened to college?" By this point I am in hysterics! She is so funny when she gets mad at us. LOL

Who knew I was going to have to know what Mestizo meant? LOL

Monday, October 19, 2009

New template and such

As you can obviously see I changed the template, added some new features and got rid of some.

Some people would consider me, still a newbie in the computer world. I got my first hand me down computer, just a year and a half ago. I really enjoyed Myspace, especially the blog part. I learned a lot through trying to build pages for the profile and blog. With the help from my brother and Janet I felt confident enough to set up pages for 3 of my family members. I eventually ventured on to Facebook, I was disappointed with not be able to do anything with the page, but loved that all my family is there. I decided to get back to writing blogs, (just everyday stuff) like my 150 blogs on Myspace. So here I am!

When I first got here (last month) I was lost! I had no clue what I could or could not do with the page. After browsing through the tabs, I learnt I could use a template from another source. In my haste to get something up, I grabbed the first pretty one I saw. It was pretty, but just didn't feel like it was ME.

I avoided trying to dig any further into the settings, in fear of messing something up. I did have to fix some minor issues, (I thought they were minor) like the problem with the comment box. Well, thank goodness for issues. In trying to fix them, gave me the confidence to mess with other things.

In viewing other peoples blogs, I was seeing lots of neat features. I particularly liked the clock feature and went to the websites blogger suggested. I tried and tried to get this on my page, with no luck! I ended up settling for another through the blogger/google add ons. I think it worked out quite well with the background I chose.

I hope that the new comment box will make things easier for my readers. It better! I had a heck of a time getting that!

All in all, eleven hours of labor and this is what you get. My beautiful new baby! LOL!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dogs and Kids and Solar Lanterns

Today my grandson called to ask if I felt like having company. My mouth was feeling a little better and even if it wasn't, I couldn't say no to the guy. They arrived about an hour later, just long enough for me to get the house child proof as best as possible.

They just got a new dog yesterday, a four month old black and white cocker spaniel. They brought her with them. I was very anxious about how my dogs will react, I have seen them surround a dog like a pack of wolves or be very friendly. It was a very tense moment, thankfully they took to her quite well. I was so relieved! She (Daisy) had no troubles finding all the necessities, food, water and even Stitch's (one of my 3 dogs) bed. Stitch was not to happy about this, I think he was worried that Daisy was moving in. All of my dogs were glued to me like they were trying to get reassurance of their position in my heart. It was very precious and annoying!

Grandson #1 and I was playing ball. The neighbors dog (Wacko, a pit bull) just adores ball and was doing all he could to get to it when it got to close to the fence. Wacko HAD a box spring mattress that he was using as a bed. He got so excited (over the ball) that he started attacking his bed and within no time he had it torn to shreds. We were all watching with awe and amazement. I'm glad no of our dogs saw that, they might of gotten bad ideas.

We have a dead tree that I should have done something about by now, but most of the time I forget its even there. Well grandson #3 decided to climb on it, within no time he was screaming...ANTS!! They were all over him, inside and outside his clothes. We peeled him out of them super quick, right there in the yard. His brother (#2) a hushed whisper, with a hint of a giggle..."He's naked outside". Even in the urgency of the situation, I let out a giggle. We hosed him down and #1 got him a towel. He was over and over again saying "Tank you", which was so precious in his 3 year old language. Okay, we got the first crisis (there is always a crisis, where talking about BOYS) out of the way, hopefully that will be all.

While Daughter and I were talking and doing things on the computer, the boys were watching cartoons and running in the kitchen to munch on some crackers (no eating in living room), they went through two rolls of crackers! Note to self: "I'd better restock those, it seems to be their favorite".

We were having such a lovely visit, things were going along very smoothly, with the exception of the ants. Grandsons 2 and 3 were out on the porch playing, I suddenly heard something. I rush to the door and was shocked at what I was looking at. #2 had the plastic bat and was beating, crushing or pulverizing Pawpaw's solar lamps! I rush out there yelling "NO NO NO What are you doing?, OH NO NO NO. I just couldn't stop saying it, I was in shock or something. I was mentally trying to see pawpaw's face as I tell him what his grandson had done. I just started picking up the pieces and shaking my head, shock not wearing off as quickly as I would have liked. All the times they have been here they only tryed to mess with them once, I just never thought I should have put protection on them! Where is Tony Soprano when you need him? LOL!

What a day!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Sorry, there might not be any blogs for a few days. I finally found a dentist who had some decent prices (compared to others) and had that tooth pulled.

I am doped up on Vicodin and can't function or stay awake. I am a mindless, drooling zombie!

Will try to catch up, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Jerry Jaeckle

Having to hunt down a new dentist is torture!

It is times like these, that we here in this house reflect on just how lucky we have been to have had a family dentist for two generations.

Dear Dr. Jerry Jaeckle, it has only been 4yrs and oh how we miss you!
Your ability to take care of us like we were family and not just money walking in your door.
You had the uncanny ability to know and remember all of our names.
You would always inquire about our family, "How is so and so" and "tell them I want to see them (in the authoritative grandfather voice)" or even the stern lecture when you felt it was warranted.
Your equipment had the fifties style written all over it...I read the labels while you wasn't looking!
You never wasted your patients money on unnecessary upgrades, or on over extravagant facilities.
You even kept all of our records on little index cards!
You had the same employees the whole time, who I would say adored you.
Your prices (in the 15yrs I knew you) where phenomenal!
They hardly budged and that was your way of saying "I care about YOU!".

I hope after all your self sacrifice, frugalness, sweet respect and love for your patients, has been as greatly appreciated by others as it has been with us.

R.I.P. our dear, sweet, old friend. The best "down to earth" dentist!

Obit: Dr.Jerry Jaeckle, DDS

Dr. Jerry Jaeckle
Born in San Antonio, TX on Feb. 14, 1926
Died Jun. 18, 2005 and resided in San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Jerry Jaeckle, age 79, a lifetime resident of San Antonio, passed away Saturday, June 18, 2005. He was born February 14, 1926 and the son of the late Hugo and Lucille Reitz Jaeckle.

Jerry attended Catholic Elementary Schools having graduated from Central Catholic High School where he was selected as an All City football player and leader of the ROTC.

His formal education took place at St. Mary's University and Baylor University College of Dentistry. Jerry graduated at 21 years old obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree.

While in dental school, he was in the V-12 Navy Program. Seven years after opening his dental practice in 1954, he was called into the military service out of the Texas National Guard and became a member of the famed 36th Division of the U.S. Army. He served two years in Nurenburg, Germany with the Field Hospital as Head of the Prostetic Department.

Upon his return to the U.S.A., he resumed his dental practice in San Antonio, where he practiced on the south side for over 56 years.

Jerry held membership in the San Antonio District Dental Society, Bexar County Dental Society, Texas Dental Society and American Dental Society. He was a past President of Oak Hills Country Club, a member of St. Pius X Catholic Church and St. Joseph's Society.

Jerry was an avid golfer and had a great love of big band, jazz music and antique clocks. He enjoyed repairing clocks for friends.

Jerry is survived by his loving wife of 58 years, Mary Rose; his daughter and son-in-law, Jenny and Bob Buchek; his son, Jeff of Bristol, England; five grandchildren, Robert Buchek and wife, Alecia and Amy Buchek; Justin, Dominic and Georgia Jaeckle; two brothers, Dr. H. M. Jaeckle, D.D.S. and wife, Helen and Dr. Richard Jaeckle, M.D. and wife, Blanche; and a sister, Mrs. Carol Burns and husband, Ron.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Double Surprise Birthday Party

My daughter #2 called last weekend to invite me to a double surprise birthday party (for yesterday) for her two oldest boys, #1 will be 10 on the 20th and #2 will be 5 on the 30th. I asked her "why so early?". Turns out her husbands parents where coming and going to stay for 4 days, so they will have ALL their granparents there for the first time. "I'm so there, just tell me what time"

I'm going to veer off the subject a little:

Hubby has 3 children: Daughter #1, Son, Daughter #2

We have always have good relations with daughter #1 and got to be in her life, not as much as we would have liked but still we were happy for what we got.

We had no contact with son or daughter #2. This was very painful for hubby and in turn painful for me to watch him go through year after year, wondering.

Hubby was blessed to have both of them come back into his life, along with daughter #1 his family has finally been put back together . I still catch that gleam in his eye every so often, when we are talking about them or the grand kids.

I (not having any kids of my own) am having a blast! I feel so blessed that all the kids have welcomed me in and have included me in their lives.

Back to the subject:

So...when I get phone calls from daughter #2 (who lives the closest to us), I probaly look like some freak cause I am about as excited as I can possiably be. I have fallen for all of the kids and (well yes) expesially the grandkids.

After our "shopping for toys" awhile back, I knew just what I was getting for them. I still had to get something for #3 (who is 3yrs old), I didn't think it was right for him to have to sit there and watch his brothers get stuff, I'm sure there would have been a fight. Although eventually he will have to sit and watch and not throw a fit, but I think he is still to young to understand.

Yesterday, I get there and meet the out of town grandparents and we all start setting up while the men and boys have all gone to get lunch.

I was surprised I was the only grandparent with a camera!

The men are back, the door opens...Grandson #1 stands there frozen...with mouth open and eyes buldging. I cracked up laughing! I couldn't help myself, that face was priceless! Grandson #2 wizzed by me so fast, I didn't even get a chance to see his face! I'm not sure he even knew I was there, till I grabbed him for a kiss.

The party was great and the presants were all hits. Everybody had a great time! I went home happy and exhausted!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bar Harbor

After reading latest blog. I was drawn back to my childhood.
Shortly after my father remarried, we went on a (I guess it could qualify for a vacation) trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. I think we was there to visit a branch of the family, but I don't remember. I do remember playing in the sand and trying to build a sand castle.

I also remember a spot that we went to that had an observation deck that went out in between two very large rugged rocks forming a V. While standing on the deck you could look down and watch the water rush in, hitting the rocks with such a force that the spray of it would come up and get you wet. I was fascinated! I probably would have been content to have just have gone there for that only, it is one of my favorite memories.

I was fascinated! I do believe this is when I got interested in rocks.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Portraits

When I was growing up, I remember seeing in a few of my friends houses and on tv a wall or hallway dedicated to family portraits. I always thought they were neat! Generations of photos lined up like a family tree, to have all that history in one place. I was very envious. None of my grandparents or my parents did anything like that, I don't even think they had those kind of photos.

Question is are these types of walls still in style or not? I so want one but I think maybe it would be to overpowering for my little space.

I am so sorry for the "no title' and stopping so short. My mother interrupted me and made it sound urgent.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sympathy in Gestures

My tooth started up again last night. My hubby has been so sympathetic and generous today, it has amazed me.

I remember he woke early and started his coughing and hacking. I put the pillow over my ears cause he can be very ear piercing at times. I fell back to sleep and he woke me at 10 am saying he couldn't sleep any longer. He went back to sleep so he wouldn't keep coughing or want a cig and make his coughing worse. How sweet!

He was scrolling through the tv listings and I saw the movie "Sarah:Plain and Tall" was on the Hallmark channel, I must of made some kind of noise cause he stopped and pulled up the info. It had been on for an hour already, which usually means a "no". If we can't watch it from the beginning, than forget about it. I asked if all 3 parts: Sarah: Plain and Tall, Skylark, and Winter's End were going to be on and Yes they were. To my surprise he put the tv on a movie I wanted to watch and left it there (for 5 hours) for the duration of all 3 parts.

When he is home on his day off, he prefers to lounge around and not do much of anything and really doesn't even like to get dressed if it can be helped. His perfect day is: lay around in his robe and watch a race and of course have complete control of the remote. Which he strives for this perfect day every weekend.

Today he went outside! He put together the new lawnmower and played around in his shed (doing what? I don't know!).

He then came in and did the dishes and even let me watch another movie "Riding on the bus with my sister" but this one he watched with me and actually liked it!

He has been just so amazing all day! I feel so blessed!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Efforts to mow

Hubby started the mowing process 2 days ago and got about 1/4 of it done before the lawn mower started acting up. He says the yard is going to have to wait till he fixes it. I am just not that patient! Today I decide I would take my chances and see how far I can get before it acts up. One row! I messed with it and managed to get another row, repeated the process and got 1/2 a row. Finally I gave up! I was getting to frustrated with it and the humidity is outrageous!

I cool off and decide to do what I can with the weed eater. I didn't get hardly anywhere and the last of the string flys out. Grrr! I hop in the truck and go to the hardware store, friggin $10 for string! My budget is on its final drops. I need to do it though, I have got to get this yard mowed before it starts raining again.

While loading the string on the spool I noticed the outer casing was cracked, oh well, I've got work to do. I was right down to one corner in the front by the gate and a small stretch in front of the shed behind the house. The whole spool goes flying across the yard with the string curling itself around the shaft. What a mess, it took me awhile to get it all untwisted and in the process broke my nail down past the meat. Now I am bleeding and hot and sweaty, the flies are landing on me, the mosquitoes are biting me and I didn't even get to finish! I am not have a good day!!

That was yesterday. Today hubby took me shopping and I now have a brand new lawnmower! My first ever! I am so thrilled, I want to go get that bit I had left done. Unfortunately it hasn't stopped raining since this morning.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Future Roomates

My dad has been on borrowed time for many years already. He is a stubborn old man, that is probably why he is still around. He has a drawer full of meds he is supposed to take everyday, he doesn't like to so he argues with my mother over this. He has large and portable oxygen tanks, he is supposed to use all the time but it makes him dizzy so most of the time he doest use it unless he is ready to pass out. He has 3 electric wheelchairs, but he prefers his cane. He has had numerous mini strokes and a few heart attacks! He has scared the begebbers out of all of us many of times over the last 10 yrs or so.

My hubby coughs his lungs up every morning, while in this coughing fit he turns red and has the most difficult time breathing. He is supposed to be on an inhaler and a anti-inflammatory for his air way. He has opted out of this. Yes I know, the word for this is DUMBA**! He also has a hernia on the top of his (what looks like a beer belly, but is not) stomach, it gets inflamed during this coughing fit.

My mother and I have had no success in convincing these boys of what is good for them, they know their own limitations and know more than us! HA, my eye! They are both going to end up dead for being so stubborn.

So mom and I have come up with a plan to move in together after these fools have expired. My hubby will definitely live longer than my dad and hubby has made his wishes clear, mom can't move in till he is gone. He will not live with my mother!

Any ideas for a solution?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My sister's painting

My sister did this painting about 10 years ago. I have a few of her paintings, but this one is my favorite. When I look at it my brain instantly wonders "Why do I like it so much?", then I start thinking "What is it, what was she thinking or feeling when she painted it?"

For some unknown reason, at the time she didn't even like it. The phrase "Artists can be their own worst critics" is so true when it comes to how she feels about her paintings. I have yet to hear her say she likes this one or that one.

I decided to post this one (with her permission, of course) out of curiosity of: How does this painting look to everyone else? What does it make you feel? What does it make you think of? Am I the only one who finds this painting to be amazing just because my sister painted it?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ouch, my tooth!

Well it is official, I miss the health insurance or should I say the dental insurance!

About a year ago hubby's work started doing all kinds of changes, which left us with considerably lower pay checks. In order to compensate for the lower income, we had to drop our health coverage. This action put back into the budget $400, which still left us $200 worth of bills to cut. The coverage was expensive and still didn't yield 100%. The dental plan that was included was awful, most everything was only covered at 50%. A crown cost me out of pocket two hundred and fifty. Which at the time I considered ridiculous and still do!

Recently I have had a tooth giving me minor irritation, this morning it hurt so bad it woke me from my dreams.

I don't know about everybody else but I don't have hundreds of dollars just sitting around. My mattress is not full of money and nobody has generously given me a money tree.

What happened to the good old days when going to the dentist was only 30 or 40 dollars? How did I miss the jump to 80 to 100 dollars? I miss the good old days and so does my pocket.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I just watched a BBC mini-series called "Aristocrats". It was in six parts, two per DVD. It followed the children and grand-children of a prominent family in England in the 1700's. The storyline of it gave you a different perspective to the Revolutionary War. While America was beginning to go up against England, other countries such as Ireland was also trying to begin a revolt. The Aristocrats of that time were having their lives turned upside down, much in the same way as the High class southerners of America having to give up their way of life in the Civil War.

I found this mini-series very interesting and very well done. I did a times find difficulty in keeping tract of all the grandchildren. I found myself hearing the child's name and then in my mind trying to remember who that child belonged too.
Unfortunately it is not suitable for children, that particular era was well know for its open sexuality. Affairs a plenty and the makers of this movie did not forget to put that in the movie.
Other than that it was an eye opening experience to look at the other side of that war.

Livingroom completed

I feel like celebrating, but since I don't do that anymore I will just have to blog. I have finally finished the main rooms of the house: Living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom. I am so thrilled! I look at the living room and smile. I know my house doesn't compare to others, but I have great pride in the fact that we have taken a trailer that should have been destroyed and have transformed it into a home. Lots of people would have gone about the repairs in a different manner, but I did the best I could with my knowledge and what my finances could afford. I know I am boasting and I probably shouldn't, I am just sooo happy!

I now have the opportunity to focus my thoughts to organization. When we first moved I got things somewhat organized, but in the last few days all the counter tops and tables are covered in tools, paint supplies, pics, frames, and knickknacks. Very anxious to get everything back in order.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Livingroom is on it's final stretch

It has taken me all week but I am on the last piece of the painting of the living room (which I will tackle tomorrow).

I have been having to move everything away from the particular wall I am going to do that day, then paint 3 coats of paint on that area (with drying time in between) and then redecorate that area. Then have the house back in order before the hubby gets home from work. I have done this process 3 days this week.

My feet feel like they need to be replaced.

I have finally hung my first picture in the living room!

Which is kinda sad considering we have lived here for a year already. Slowly but surely this house will get done.

I had a deadline, but it looks like I need to pick a new one. After the living room is finished, I am going on another break.