Friday, October 9, 2009

Efforts to mow

Hubby started the mowing process 2 days ago and got about 1/4 of it done before the lawn mower started acting up. He says the yard is going to have to wait till he fixes it. I am just not that patient! Today I decide I would take my chances and see how far I can get before it acts up. One row! I messed with it and managed to get another row, repeated the process and got 1/2 a row. Finally I gave up! I was getting to frustrated with it and the humidity is outrageous!

I cool off and decide to do what I can with the weed eater. I didn't get hardly anywhere and the last of the string flys out. Grrr! I hop in the truck and go to the hardware store, friggin $10 for string! My budget is on its final drops. I need to do it though, I have got to get this yard mowed before it starts raining again.

While loading the string on the spool I noticed the outer casing was cracked, oh well, I've got work to do. I was right down to one corner in the front by the gate and a small stretch in front of the shed behind the house. The whole spool goes flying across the yard with the string curling itself around the shaft. What a mess, it took me awhile to get it all untwisted and in the process broke my nail down past the meat. Now I am bleeding and hot and sweaty, the flies are landing on me, the mosquitoes are biting me and I didn't even get to finish! I am not have a good day!!

That was yesterday. Today hubby took me shopping and I now have a brand new lawnmower! My first ever! I am so thrilled, I want to go get that bit I had left done. Unfortunately it hasn't stopped raining since this morning.


Monica said... [Reply to comment]

Man that is one very bad day. I would not like that to hepped to
me.Good thing you got a new lawn mower.

Love ya!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

My dear sister, you are so awesome!!