Monday, December 27, 2010

Dizzy Randomness

Most of ya know already by Facebook, but just incase you don't know...

We ended up having to get us a newer car/van. It truly wasn't a popular desision in this house. We were both scared out of our minds, still am actually. This was hubby's second time going through a dealership, my first. Hubby's first was back in 77', so in a way he was a newbie at it too.

The loan asspect of it all has me frazzled more than anything ever has. I am sooooo not used to these super high numbers. Hundreds scare me, thousands freak me, tens of thousands...I am losing my mind!!! I just don't know how people do it without panicing. I know lots of folks that turn thier cars in for a newer one all the time and it doesn't seem to phase them all that much. I am a "What if" kinda girl but yet can't afford all those "what if's", which in turn throws me into an even bigger frenzy. It's a vicious cycle with no end.

I have been crunching numbers all morning and still don't feel any better. Cancel this and that, pay off this and that. If I use the money I have now to pay on this, will I be able to find this amount again in just a month. OMG!! I can't stop! I so wish I had some calm right now. Even the sweet birdie at the window ain't getting it.

Okay, hold on...let me try to refocus my thoughts. Back of the brain please, BACK OF THE BRAIN, I SAID!! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...Did yall watch that last night? I did. Hubby was asleep within the first 30 minutes! Musicals are just not his thing.

We had a good time at my brother J and SIL J's for Christmas. Just a food get together for some of the family. Thankfully there wasn't the added pressure of gift giving, but I did get to deliver the blankets that I did for them.

Hubby gave me a new hand mixer, fry daddy, blue jeans and a sweater. I got him a shirt, new longjohns and something from the sports store. AND then there is the van. I give. The brain won't stop thinking about that car and all the stress that comes with it.


I guess I better sign off now, before I drag yall through the ring around the rosie's going on up there in my mind.


Thursday, December 23, 2010


While sitting outside on the porch, this is what I heard:

Dog growling

Squirrel barking

Birds singing

Woodpecker pecking

Kittens mewing

Traffic roaring

Water dripping

dog scratching

Leaves rustling

Wind blowing

Doves cooing

Windchime chiming

Hawk screeching

Train whistling

Fly buzzing

Crickets chirping

Trees creeking

That was only in ten minutes.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Watching the Lunar Eclipse


For the first, time I got to see the lunar eclipse. Yes, there have been many partials and and totals in my lifetime, but for the life of me I don't ever recall seeing one before.

Apparently last night was a once in a life time event for us, unless we figure out how to live hundreds of years. The last total eclipse to happen on the day of Winter Solstice (first day of winter) was 372 years ago.

Hubby and I knew it was coming and were watching the clock. Hubby crashed out on me at 9pm (way past his bedtime). I stayed vigil in my quest.

12:30am come and I was outside looking up at the sky. Slowly, there was just a smidgen of a shadow in the southwest edge. I guess I thought it was going to go by fast (silly, now that I think about it) cause I went and woke the hubby.

Shortly after 12:30am

We were standing on the porch with heads held back, eyes to the sky. Waiting...Watching...
Hubby's head started hurting and my eyes were losing focus. Lets go in and wait a few minutes. But before we could get to the door, suddenly we was surrounded with the howls of what seemed like every dog or coyote in the area. It was very strange and eerie. Chaquita, who went out with us, got really scared. (so did I)

Around 1am

Around 1:30am

The fog has rolled in pretty thick and the vision is getting harder to see. This really tested my knowledge of my camera to get any visible shots.

Around 3:00am

That is it, folks. That is all we were able to see. By the time that we should have been able to see the reverse side the fog was so thick we couldn't even see the trucks in the driveway.

Nothing but the street light was visible

Hubby said...That was cool and thanks for waking me.

Pretty neat.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Christmas cards are done.
The second blanket almost finished.
Christmas is 10 days away and I'm not ready.
The sky is gloomy and the air is way too crisp.
The trees are bare and the ground is crunchy.
One truck is broke down and the money is not to be found.
Family drama continues on, season doesn't matter.
I'm feeling a little scroogie. Bah humbug.

Well now that I got that dreariness out of my system, lets move on to better things.
I finished the first blanket of the season.

To my bf's surprise (and my own) who is always on me about finishing things. The last blanket I did (for myself) took me two years to finish and the one before that three years. Yes, I am a very slow crocheter and do procrastinate ALOT.

The second blanket of the season:

Just two more stripes and then I can put it together and trim it out. Must finish before Christmas.

Currently waiting on my order of a series of books by Patricia Hickman. She writes religious novels set in historical time periods. They are so well written, I sometimes I forget they are fiction. As most of you know, I'm not big on religion but every now and then I dabble.

Just in case I don't make it back by Christmas, I hope you all have a very merry one.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One of these Days!

One of these days I am going to be down one less cat! The monster Whiskers has been at it again and OMG I am so friggin MAD!

Apparently the birds are out and about trying to feed up for the winter or something, cause there are a crap load in my yard and driving Whiskers to run from window to window. Like here he is now, he just jumped up on the desk to chase ...what? A bird, a lizard, the tree branch is moving in the wind...who knows!

Thank goodness I don't need my mouse at this point, cause his butt is on it.

I'm sure your wondering why am I so mad at him...
Well, see that window there, note that it no longer has a screen on it.

That's right this stupid cat seems to think that if he body slams the screen in pursuit of a bird than he will catch it. Instead the bird gets away and he is hanging from a very old screen that rips from its seams and comes crashing down.

Chasing birds is fine but when it tends to destroy my house, then it is war!

There are about two dozen doves out there under the tree.

It is going to be a long day. I wonder what else he is going to destroy. Gawd I hope it's not my curtains! He wont live if it is!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tidbits of the Vacation / Holiday

Miss me? Well even if you didn't, I missed blogging.

Vacation is over for now and I am much happy to be done with it. It was 10 days of laziness. Laziness is good sometimes but I was sooo ready to get back to our regular routine. Hubby would differ in that opinion, he was whining that it wasn't long enough and went by tooo quickly. Awww, poor baby, now get back to work and outta my hair! Just kidding folks! It was fun and I do love having him around (but only if I can get some work out of him). Okay I'll stop picking on the boy. Maybe!

Sooo, what did we do on our vacation/holiday? Let me just say it was nothing like we had planned for the first half of the year. Plan was to do a triangle of the state of Texas. To do a whole lot of visiting with family and friends throughout the state. We had such lovely plans...sigh. Well life had other plans. Things broke down, extra expenses came up and before we knew it the money we had saved back was gone. Sad.

We instead had a staycation here at the house. Although we did spend a lovely time at his niece's for Thanksgiving. Resigned to the idea of having to stay home, I had visions in my head of all the things we could do at home and possiably get done. I guess I do tend to get carried away with my ideas, cause they didn't match up with hubbies ideas at all! LOL!

Hubbies ideal staycation is to sit around in his chair and be glued to the tv. Syfy all day baby! Sleeping in late with no alarm clock buzzing him awake (yes, I admit that was nice, realllll nice!).

The biggest difference of opinion came about four days into it. I was informed that I was slacking on getting the coffee ready for the next morning. LOL!
Me...that is cause I'm on VACATION!
Hubby...NO I'm on vacation!
Repeat this several times back and forth and we was roaring with laughter!
Needless to say..If he wanted coffee before I got up (which was the whole vacation), then he had to make it himself.
Okay I am cracking myself up (I'm such a mean old lady), lets move on.

Excuse me while I go change out the washer and dryer.

We had our first freeze the other night and stupid me forgot to put my plants up or wrap them. Some survived and some didn't. It wasn't a harsh freeze just right at freezing temps. We had to dig out the heaters for the first time and in response to the artifical heat, my hair now looks like I rubbed a balloon on it. It's not a pretty sight and is driving me insane! Okay fine, it's not a long drive but I am sooo there!

In the crocheting news...
Bf and I pledged 8 scarves for the Special Olympics and have 14 ready to mail.
I am four days away from finishing my brothers 7ft x 7ft blanket.
I have been asked to do a king sized blanket for other brother and his lady's first place together.
Currently waiting on some yarn I ordered to come in, so I can finish the lap blanket for my chair.
@ Kaylen...Wish I could have donated some yarn for your drive, but the expense to ship was too much. Sorry. Glad to hear you got the hooks though.
Looks like I'm going to busy for the rest of winter.

I guess that is all I got for today, talk at cha later.
Yall have a great day!