Monday, October 19, 2015

Rambling Monday

I haven't even had my coffee yet and I have cleaned up hubby's mess in the kitchen, made 2 gallons of kool-aid ,the man drinks way too much kool-aid, but I guess it is better than sprite.
Feed the critters, indoor and out.
Checked my Etsy page, no sales. This new vendor mall I joined doesn't seem to be panning out so far, I'll give it a little more time, wait and see.
Ugh here is the water bill I was supposed to have ready for the hubs this morning. I open it, well at least the price is predictable, it is good to know some things are reliable and consistent. Geez they sure don't give much time to get it paid, I look at the calendar, oh just a week, I thought it had only arrived 3 days ago. Boy Heather, you are slipping. I can remember when I would pay the bill the day it arrived. I haven't seen those days since May, I miss those days of not really having much to do but dream up things or clean house or work in the yard. Haven't been able to touch the yard in some time, I cringe every time I look out there and see the untamed wild creeping closer.
 I wonder if I should sew the wallet and bag I have had cut out all week waiting for a day off to tackle it. Well today is a day off but in the world of Heather it is still a work day just of a different sorts. I could pop in the Netflix movie and finish the tiger that needs to be done by Friday, actually it needs to be done before Brusier realizes it is there and pieces come up missing.
Hmmmm how about some coffee for a little more clarity on the decision. *pause for a 2 minute break*
Ohh before I forget, I need to do some work for my brothers company! I quickly call a client AGAIN, waiting for her to confirm an appointment time. Must call brother for some scheduling thing that he left a message about 2 days ago but I was too tired to think straight.

 Oh well all is lost for at least a few hours.... talking to my mommy! And then my sis, then my brother, then the hubby.. then face booking with a distant relative on how to get her business started, yeah like I really know, I don't feel like I am getting anywhere in my business but hey if I can help I will try.

This day is slowly slipping by and I haven't gotten anything accomplished yet, except for one invoice. Sounds like the movie and crochet are the winners for the day.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Just a little update...

I don't think anyone reads this anymore and yes that is my fault.

 I just wanted to write that things are crazy here with my new job after hubby gave me the second scare in a year. I had to find a job and boy did I get a whopper of a job with all the hours I can stand. I'm not fully taking advantage of that but pretty close. I could be doing overnighters but instead I am doing 11 - 13 hr shifts. What do I do? I assist the elderly. We do companionship, care, errands, housekeeping, cooking and dr appointments. Pretty much all the things I have been doing all my life, just for someone else and getting paid to do it.

Well anyway, it is time for me to get to bed for a 11 hr shift tomorrow. If anyone reads this, I hoe you have a great day!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hubby's b-day

Some times I think I need to officially move the hubby's birthday to a different month.

Here we go again, hubby's b-day/Valentines day is upon us and it is right at the time that we have the least amount of funds. It happens every year, it's sad really, I can't remember the last time I got him something other than Reeses for his birthday. Not that we really do birthdays around here and thankfully he really does like Reeses but I was hoping I would be able to do a bit more this year. After all he gave me a big scare last year and I would like to celebrate that he has made it to another birthday. I just can't think what to do this year with the limited funds and he AIN'T gettin NO Reeses! When I say limited I mean I got $10 stashed away, I did have $30 but car inspection ate up most of it.

Am I complaining? Maybe a little bit but mostly I'm just trying to rack my brain into coming up with something cheap and brilliant. Do those two words ever go together? LOL! I'm thinking about what kind of man he is and the answer might be... no.

And I swear if he comes home saying he needs an oil change... well then, I will just have to trash the whole idea.

Suggestions are welcomed!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Senior moment? Probably.

What has been going on with me? I was sitting here browsing through the net trying to find some purse handles in bulk and at a good price. I saw a bag pattern called "Steph in the City". Hmmm wonder what has been happening for Stephanie's blog named "Steph in the City"? I search, where in the world has her blog gone? This is the second time it has gone missing from my readers list, grrrr. Am I the only person this happens too? I am sure no one has been messing with my blog, it is still empty from neglect. Am I having a split personality or senior moment of not remembering coming here and messing with things? And if soo why would I delete more than half of the blogs I follow? Well, I found Stephanie and all is good but I am still stumped. Soo I guess I will get back to searching for handles. Sigature,Heather

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spending less from less

I know it has been a long time since I have posted. It has been a slightly stressful year. I am once again trying to figure out how to save some money out of not much money. I think I go through this every year about this time when review the years finances and realize you are barely getting by with your bills paid. I do miss the days when spending an extra 60 - 100 a week on whatever without much thought to how it was effecting the bank book. Those days are gone. The trucking business is not what it used to be, the loads are cheap and getting harder to get with lots of over the road drivers turning to local work. 10 loads to 60 drivers is getting ridiculous but it is the career my hubby has and knows like the back of his hand. With just 7 yrs left before retirement it looks like we are just going to have to adjust more than we already have over the last few years. I just don't know how. I have watched our yearly income drop from 45 to 26 with help from family and yes even some from the government. I feel frustrated and overwhelmed at times. I used to know how to live on 800 a month, but that was no phone, computer, tv and not going anywhere except to dr appointments, those were horrible times and impossible now. So I have spent the evening looking for anything that will help me cut expenses. Blogs about not buying anything for a year has been my focus this year. I have to admit there are some things I have purchased this past year that I could have gone without. I'm looking right at the packages that come in the mail a few days ago.. a new foot for my sewing machine and some cotton cord for making my own piping and of course 2 yds of fabric. Are you making the same excuses I am... but those are for your crafts, your going to be making things with those. Yeah, I justify things like that BUT I totally shouldn't. I have fabric, I could make stuff that didn't require piping and then that would have eliminated the need for the piping foot. The point is some purchases could be avoided if I truly tried hard enough. I can't say that it will give us great savings BUT it could put an extra 20 in my pocket at the end of the month. Hey, who knows I might save enough to make an extra car payment! I wasn't having much luck with with the sites I was reading. I mean seriously... one guy saved 44 grand in one year by not spending a grand a week one god knows what! Or the girl who had a shopping addiction to buying clothes or shoes or eating out every night with her besties and saved nearly 10 grand. I never seem to find the posts that I can truly relate to. Like the fortune 500 lady that is going to forgo buying new clothes and cosmetics. Hahaha, as if I buy clothes and cosmetics!! I am making my resolution to not spend any "extra" money on things we truly don't need. The birds can find their own food and so can the deer. The dogs can do without doggiebones and the cats don't really need treats. Hubby doesn't need ice cream and I can do without... I want to say craft supplies but I know that wont do cause I already have an order waiting to be filled, shipped and paid for. I'm not sure what I can do without, I guess that extra yd of fabric that I really didn't need, just wanted. Sigature,Heather