Monday, May 31, 2010

Bird's Nest BBQ

Hubby asks: I wonder how long it takes for the babies to leave the nest?

Yes, this could be taken all kinds of ways, but I knew to what he was referring to.

The bbq pit has a birds nest in it, with 3 babies. We have watched this mother work very hard to build her nest and hubby almost messed it up by opening the bbq pit. He thought she was just in the process of building it, only to realise she had already lain her eggs. He fretted over it for days, wanting me to watch to be sure she came back. Yes she came back, thank goodness. Last week I caught her going in and out, bringing her babies grubs to eat. Wow she sure does work hard providing for her youngins. I could hear them softly crying every time she left and then go crazy when she came back with food. I get a lot of enjoyment from nature in the making right before my eyes.

Well back to hubby's question. Him asking this can only mean one thing, he has bbq on the brain. This surprised me! We have lived here for almost 2 years and he has only bbq'ed twice. I pretty much had given up on the idea of him ever bbq'ing again.

I asked what he had in mind to bbq and he was every wishy washy with his answer. But he did decide that he could use the other pit instead. Anyway no more was said about it and I basically forgot about it, until today when I went grocery shopping.

I figured a brisket could feed us for the week and he would get the enjoyment of getting to bbq.

I bring home the brisket and tell him it is ready for him to dress (you know, put all the fixings on it). He looks at me, smiles and says "I don't have any wood".

OH GOOD LORD!!! (Aggravation settling in) I wasn't upset with him, I was perturbed at myself for spending the money on a brisket that I'm going to have to cook in the house. This HOT house!! All the a/c's on at once is not going to make this any better.

I'm sure your thinking "What about charcoal?"

We have a charcoal pit and a wood pit, guess which one the bird and her family is in!!


Friday, May 28, 2010

What does the word "Family" mean to you?

Sister and I were talking about family.
BIL is having this thing (I can't tell) soon and had told sister that he did not want it to turn into a family affair, so he didn't want anyone to come.

If you don't get it, here is a hint..think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Where her family is large and loud and in your face..ALL.THE.TIME! Yeah that's my family, minus the extended part. Just Mom, Dad, kids and spouses and grandkids...the family is 17 and growing. Every event that comes along, the monarch of the family (MOM) insists that the whole family is involved.

I totally get BIL's decision.

I know a lot of folks that when they say family, they are talking about those who live in their house. All of us in my "family" wish (no..dream, no..beg) for this to be true for us, sometimes.

I recall another time talking to sister and she said they were going to have a family day, of course she had to specify that that meant just her, her hubby and Boo!
Isn't that sad!!

I also find it to be a little ironic that practically everyone of us kids have chosen spouses that are either from a small family or don't have or want close ties to family. Is that cause we secretly long for that type of family dynamic? Or is it that, we are ensuring we can still have our family as the super power in the relationship? BUT then the question is why did these poor souls chose us with the packaged deal? Was it cause they secretly wanted a large close knit family? Or were they thinking that they could help us break free from the insanity?

I think I need to revise the word family to the word MOM. LOL!!!
Yes I am totally digging my grave (one scoop of earth per word, that mom doesn't like) as I type! BUT hey, it's my blog!

My point...ummm, I don't think there is one. You have just stumbled into rambling questions that pop into my brain!

What does the word "Family" mean to you?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spin Cycle: Prom

Sprite's Keeper

I really don’t know what to say on this subject. I didn’t get far enough in high school to go myself and never had any kids to send off to the prom, maybe I’ll just have to wait till one of the grandkids get old enough. Then again that won’t work either, because 7 out of 8 grandkids are home schooled. Do they even have home schooled proms?

By time I got to my second go-around with the 9th grade, I got fed up with it all and quit. I had already done two rounds in the 7th grade and had been on probationary status since the 5th grade. Yeah school and I didn’t get along very well!

I was supposed to have been a junior in high school but instead I was still a freshman. All my friends had moved on and I was still stuck, making it to the prom was the last thing on my priority level.

Now to be fair, I wasn’t a bad student. I did great on tests and in class work, but as far as homework went…well lets just say it never made it out of my locker! I really do and did enjoy learning new things, but I knew taking homework home was a waste of energy. I never had the time to do it, not with three kids to take care of and a house to clean. No, not my kids, nor my house. My parent’s kids and house. My parents always claimed it was my chores and my responsibility as the oldest to help with the kids. So…needless to say homework was futile.

I guess this post just changed topics from the prom to my education. I mean, really you can’t have the prom without the education. Right? Anyway, sorry about that.

The word "Prom" evokes such emotions for me:
Lost opportunity
Joy (for others)
Plus many more...

To me it marks such a special event, that one has made it through the best and most difficult time in their lives. You all can’t tell me high school was a breeze!
It also marks friendship and boyfriends. I would imagine one would be so thrilled and get all giddy with their friends. Then there is the boy that asked to be your date or going with the boyfriend you are dating. Both of these things will be remembered for a life time.

There would also be the dress and stress factor too. What to wear, what to wear!
Oh and of course the dancing too. Now that I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t go! Just kidding! Although really, who would want to be subjected to my moves?! LOL!

I asked my mother if she had gone to her prom. She said yes, BUT she was the guy's second date! This kid thought for sure one of the two was going to say NO, neither did. I'm sorry to say I laughed my fool head off when she told me this. Okay fine, I'm not sorry. It is still funny!

My best thing that reminds me that kids really do go to prom, is the two pics I have. One of my step son and another of my step daughter at their proms.

I would have to say that if I had gone to the prom I would have been the oldest kid there! Cause who knows how long it would have taken me to get to the 12th grade! LOL!

Now for much better spins and more authentic experiences, go to Sprite's Keeper!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


With the help of Sister J, I managed to get the stamps in the Memes tab to work properly.
Thank you Sister J for being my tech support.

While on the phone with her; sitting on the back porch, with my back to the door:
Whisker’s was pawing on the door from the inside. I put the phone up to the door so she can hear it and we both were laughing our butts off.
He does it all the time, but as soon as I come in he calms down. Crazy cat!

Hubby gets up from his chair and says “Goodnight Dear” and Taco and Stitch start growling. He comes over to my chair to kiss me goodnight and they come unglued and get real nasty. Hubby and I kiss with at least one eye on them. They calm right down when he walks away. As soon as hubby lies down on the couch, Taco goes over and snuggles up with him. Hubby tells him “I don’t want cha, you mean old dog!” But yet he lifts the covers for Taco to get under, as he says it! This is our nightly entertainment. We laugh our fool heads off, every night.

Hubby comes into the office where I am at, with the dogs on their pillows under the covers and says “Goodnight Dear”. Ha ha ha… hubby exclaims “♪You can’t get me♫!” We try to kiss, but we are both laughing too much at the growling on the floor. Hubby says “I’m going to start saying GND”. I am roaring with laughter and tears are flowing out the corners of my eyes!!

Hubby and I both use our TV trays in the living room when we are sitting down to supper. We always eat with an audience, like… three pairs of eyes on hubby first (till he announces “All gone” and pushes his table away from himself, then they all turn on me. Makes me laugh all the time!

I cooked hubby a nice steak dinner with sautéed mushrooms, (very rare for me to cook a steak) he is sitting there chowing down and drops a piece. Before he could even look to see where it went, it was being chewed on by Chaquita! She has the best spot in the house, she sits right under the table in-between his feet. Hubby says “No such thing as a three second rule around here!!” I laughed, but then I was thinking it is a good thing Chaquita got it, because if he had tried the three second rule I would have been grossed out!

I called hubby the other day and told him I needed for him to stop at the store on his way home.
Hubby… NO store!
Me… But I need you to!
Me…Well if I tell ya, you won’t want to do it.
Hubby…I already don’t want to do it!
(He hates to stop anywhere when home is his destination)
Me…Well, I need you to pick me up some…lady things.
Hubby…GO TO THE STORE!! The truck runs!
Me…Not well enough for me to trust it.
I didn’t go.
Hubby gets home and NO he didn’t go to the store. (It is really hard sometimes to tell if he is kidding)
Hubby…That will learn ya!
I laugh, but yet I’m a little puzzled.
Me…That will learn me what?
Hubby…That will learn ya to have a years supply so you won’t run out!
Hysterical laughter!!!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Stuff Around the House (with new camera)

Pics from my new camera:
Anyone know what kind of bugs these are?

Can ya see the bite holes on my fan?

My little springtime centerpiece.

I threw this pic in just to show you the comparision from old camera to new camera. This is the old one.

New one. Stuff on top of my pantry system. Elephants, green glass and metal tray.

I love my cookie jar! I bought it on Ebay after searching for months.

More green glass and the prettiest TV tray top I have ever seen.

More green glass and Mahogany salad bowl set from Haiti.

Probably the best pic I have ever taken of Whiskers.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Hottest seat in the house!

The night before Mother's day I was going through stuff in hubby's bedroom and came across this basket. It was the dogs toy basket, but I found it to not fit in my new livingroom very well so I bought a new one. I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I just put it in hubby's room till I made up my mind. One year later, I am wondering what to do with it again. I set it on the floor and walked away to do other things. Later I noticed Stitch was laying in it, so I made him get out and I put chaquita's blankie in it. Ever since then I have seen everybody using it. AND Peaches and Whiskers fight over it, but if the cats aren't using it you can bet one of the dogs are. Who knew a basket was going to be the best and hottest seat in the house?! And all this time I thought it was my lap!

(The last of the pics on the old camera)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tagged and Awarded by Jimmy!

I have been tagged by Jimmy over at Jimmy's Opinion

Easy Five, Five Times

Question 1. Where were you five years ago?

1. Going to my bf's everyday to help her get things done around the house, while she was going through chemo for breast cancer.

2. Planning our long (15 years) awaited wedding.

3. Re-adjusting to life with hubby being back to work after being home for two years due to injury.

4. Started weening myself off of my 20 year road of drinking , on to the road to quitting for good the next year.

5. Had my first clean pap smear ever! I know you boys really wanted to hear that, but I celebrated!

Question 2. Where would you like to be in five years?

1. Alive and older.

2. The winner of the Lotto (hey, I'm a dreamer).

3. If not: than right here in my little house, but all repairs finally done.

4. Smokeless (again, I'm a dreamer).

5. In a new truck!

Question 3. What is on your to-do list today?

1. This.

2. Catch up on my reader's list.

3. Laundry.

4. Mail out the money for a piece of pottery I am buying from Tinkerschnitzel.

5. Research how much a giant tire is worth and post it on Craig's List.

Question 4. What snacks do you enjoy?

1. Sunflower seeds.

2. Cheesy garlic bread.

3. Yogurt.

4. Cottage cheese.

5. Ritz crackers.

Question 5. What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1. Well If I didn't die from the shock, I would scream.

2. Take care of my parents so they can live happy and not have to worry about money anymore. Dad can have his junk yard and mom can have a place separate all nice and pretty. I'll make sure there is a fence down the middle with a gate! LOL! Love ya mom!

3. Travel the world and take lots of pics.

4. Collage funds for the next generation (so no one gets left uneducated like most all my friends, family and me). Houses on property (so no one has to move cause they can't pay their rent or the land is being sold out from under them). Cars/trucks/vans that are reliable and no worries of not having a ride or being stuck out in the boonies and can't get anywhere unless you walk.

5. Donate to charities that serve the needy people and animals.

OK now for the tagged ones to be named:

Lucy@Day to day life
Kendrasue@Life in the slow lane
Mrsbear@Outnumbered two to one
Laufa@Morgan's Madness
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Jimmy also gave me this beautiful award!

I'm to tell yall seven things about me. Hmmm, what don't yall know already?

1) The good neighbor was out by the road weed eating and I ran out there and pointed down in front of my gate and he got that weed I keep forgetting. I couldn't pass up the opportunity!

2) I just helped my dad learn how to put his pictures on a cd.

3) I walked and walked yesterday (taking pics with new camera) just out of curiosity of where the road goes. When hubby got home we went and measured how far I went..3 miles round trip.

4) I'm horrible about remembering to take some thing out for dinner. Let me go do that right now while it is on my mind.

5) I still get breakouts like a teenager.

6) I was researching ancient ruins and was horrified to see pics of great ruins with graffiti all over them! Mad me mad actually!

7) I am in love with my new camera!! It takes such great pics compared to my old one. Such great color and even great pics in my dark house.

Now I am supposed to pass this on to 15 bloggers, I'm a rule breaker and am only going to do seven.

Mindy@Suburban Life
Tinkerschnitzel@Zombie Mommy
Jen@Starting Over
Jen@Sprite's Keeper
Erica@Pines Lake Redhead
Kaylen@It's Serious this Time
Jen@The South Dakota Cowgirl

Phew, that is done! That took hours!
Yall have a great day!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Birthday Weekend and Day!

I really didn't expect a whole lot for my Birthday, I usually don't do anything special. Most of the time it is just another day, no cake, presents or party. Sometimes I do buy something small to mark the day, but those times are rare.

My mom started the birthday celebration when she sent me a birthday card along with my mother's day card. I guess she was making sure she didn't forget by sending it early.

Hubby started asking where I would like to eat if I was to get the chance. Of course my reply was Red Lobster or Olive Garden. That was two weeks ago, I had forgotten by now.

Saturday I was researching for cameras. I was trying to find something that would give me the Macro feature. I posted on Facebook wanting folks to tell me what was their favorite camera. Angelia at Living, Loving, Laughing... responded with such a super generous offer of a camera she had. I was blown away! It should be arriving later today, so that counts as a birthday gift!

Monday Jimmy at Jimmy's Opinion gave me this award:

I promise to do it tomorrow! Thanks again Jimmy, nice birthday present!

That is just the beginning of my birthday bash.

Monday night it rained pretty hard. Hubby kept telling me I needed to go to bed. I don't usually go to bed till after he gets up in the morning. I stayed up and did my blog post, read some blogs and messed around in google searching out some ancient ruins. At 2:30am I was making his lunch and again he woke up to tell me I needed to get to bed. I thought this was puzzling and asked why? Cause it's raining, I'm not going to work today and you need to get up early. How early? Well earlier than noon! Well if I go to bed now then I can be up by nine, is that early enough? It will do.

Soo..I griped myself out for getting the coffee and his lunch ready and promptly went to bed. I should have thought about the rain and realized rain and work don't mix in his line of work. I just wasn't thinking.

Chaquita wakes me up six minutes early and HE is still asleep! After he gets up he hands me the gift card he won for getting a "No violations D.O.T. inspection". His first ever in 30 years of truck driving (they are very hard to get)and he gave it to me for my birthday! One hundred smack-a-roos to spend at Wal-Mart. I was in my clothes and ready to go in 2 minutes!!

He, on the other hand was taking his sweet time. He had a strategy but I didn't know that at the time. I was antsy and eager to go! I was getting a little miffed at him. You don't just give me spending money and expect me to sit on it! Not when there are sooooo many things running through my mind that I have been needing. Like all that stuff I don't get cause it would be selfish to buy over the things that are needed for him and the house. Mainly being clothes for me.

Just after we finally left he revealed to me that he had taken a vacation day for my birthday, we requested it three weeks ago! The man still finds ways to surprise me.

He asked where I want to eat and guess what comes out of my mouth...IHOP! Yes folks I was in the mood for some pancakes! Lovely hubby that he is, didn't even mention my other two choices two weeks ago. Yeah I'm a money saver and a cheap date!

He took me to the Dollar Tree (Every thing's a Dollar), I love that place.
I bought:
Supplies for SIL's baby shower
Wicker basket
New pot holders
Cups for the grandkids for when they visit
New fake grapes that line my kitchen window sill.

On to Wal-Mart:
New sheets for my bed
New bra
Tennis shoes
Nice office boxes
With $23 left on the card for another day

Then he dropped me off at the Fantastic Sams for a haircut!
First time I have had it cut by someone other than me in over two years. LOVED IT!!

Then on the way home he went a different way, a way I had never been before. I saw all kinds of fabulous scenery and many photo opportunities, but didn't have my camera. I will be going to take those photos soon with my new camera!

He then stops at the Dollar General where I picked me up a pair of capri's and a shirt.

New hairdo, new shoes, bra, pants and shirt! New camera and a lovely award! What a Birthday!!!

Exhausted we both take a nap!!

Thank you all for the many many birthday wishes!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today is my Birthday is my birthday.

I have managed to survive another year.

I can recall the days when I never thought I was never going to make it to ten. I was overwhelmed with adult responsibilities and each day was a challenge, but I did finally make it to ten.

Then there was the "I'll never make it to being a teenager". As if becoming a teenager was going to make all my problems go away and I would suddenly be all grown up. NOT! None of that happened and for some cosmic irony all got worse!

I just knew I would never make it to fifteen! I thought for sure one of these days my father was going to really kill me. I pushed the old man's buttons ever chance I could get. It's a miracle I survived and he did too!
Why sixteen was my next goal I don't know but it was a day to celebrate while my Aunt was away.

Seventeen! I made it at last! The day I had been waiting for..FREEDOM! No rules, no parents, just me and my friend parting the nights away. Some where in all that I thought I had arrived to adulthood with all the knowledge there was for me to know. I thought it so deeply, I got married. What did I know, I was just a kid!

Twenty-one..I had done so much, see too much, been hurt too much and experienced so much. AND yet I was alone, confused and looking to to drown in the bottle and escape from the world. The possibility of seeing another year was not in the plan.

Twenty-two..Yup I made it through, surprisingly enough. I was swept away by a stranger to another city, never to go back again!

Twenty-eight..Bored and itching for more to life, than what I had always been doing since I was a kid... I left my happiness behind and drove into hell and met the devil himself. I was begging to die and again seeing anymore birthdays was not in the plan.

Thirty-three..Suddenly I woke up from my nightmare and went back to happiness.
I felt like I had been reborn on that day. My perspective of things were finally clear and my love for life had been gifted to me. I was no longer searching or drowning, I had finally found peace within myself. It was a long journey to get through, but hey I made it and I am a better person for it.

Forty-one (where the heck did that number come from), yup I said it for all to marvel at. I am no longer hiding in the past, the future is all I want to see. is my birthday, with a bright future ahead of me.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Dog Attack!

Since November I have tried and tried to be friends with the neighbors dog. It hasn't been going well. She is a medium sized blue healer and very territorial and doesn't understand just exactly where her territory begins and ends. They let her run loose, their gate is open and she roams the neighborhood all the time. The mailbox in on the other side of the street directly in front of their gate. I have had a few incidents with this dog at the mailbox and thought we had come to a slight agreement. I ignore her (but keep my eyes on her) and she just barks her fool head off.

Well back in February they added two puppies to the mix. At first these puppies were extremely friendly and would let me pet them, but if she saw me reach for a puppy she would come unglued on me. In the last few months she has been teaching these puppies all the bad habits and they are getting to be as vicious as her. I have had to yell at her to back off and that just makes her madder. I think adding these puppies into her life as made her extra protective of them and more ferocious.

She has launched at my legs before and did scare me a little, but I really thought it would pass over time. This has not been the case, it has gotten worse. Like she has gained bravery, now that she has her posse backing her up.

Last week...
I was working in the yard, all hot and sweaty. I was fanning myself with my wicker fan while I was on my cell (waiting for that repairman) with my bf. I decide to walk over to the mailbox, hoping for the next disc in the series Tudors from Netflix. (I was wanting something to distract me from the yard work! LOL!) I didn't even get halfway to the mailbox and they had surrounded me. Barking, growling and snarling. Like a pack of wild dogs or starving coyotes.

Sorry I forgot to tell ya, Nikki is her name. Nikki was being even more aggressive than usual and I was inching my way to the box. I had my wicker fan hanging down in front of my legs, trying to protect myself. I was also waving it back and forth in front of me trying to deter them. Nikki lunge at me, I screamed and hung up with bf. She didn't get me, but she did take a bite out of my fan. I was trying to inch my way back my gate. She lunged again and again only got my fan. I manage to get back to my gate and squeezed in, but as I was shutting it she just had to try one more time. This time she got a face full of metal, that pissed her off and so she took it out on the mudflap we have attached to the gate that closes the gap so my dogs can't get out.

Phew! I made it! Even unharmed at that, but extremely shaken up! I know I shook for a good ten minutes! I had told hubby on many occasions that I'm going to have to report her to their landlord, but I never did. Well not anymore, I have had it with this dog! I called the landlord and turned her in. He calls me back minutes later and says that they are going to tie her up. Well they didn't do that, instead they started shutting their gate.

This did not work because their gate is so bad and has gaps all over the place. As soon as they left all three dogs were out in the street again. Although they did do their best to retrieve the dogs as soon as they got back or noticed them leaving the yard.

Thankfully my dogs have a nice fenced in yard and are never allowed out when the gate is open. I just don't understand how someone can have a dog/s and not give a hoot if it gets into the street and could potentially get killed or harm someone. It really doesn't take much effort to be responsible for our four legged friends.

Hubby and I went grocery shopping and left the gate open. When we got back Nikki and one of her posse was in our yard. I stayed in the truck till hubby got her out of the yard, not an easy task with a dog that likes to try to take a bite out of you. I thought it was just me, but that girl has mental problems. Hubby was out there being as big as a great dane and she could care less, she was trying to get at him too. He was yelling and the stupid neighbors were witnessing it all. They didn't even try to call be back! Again she tried to take a chunk out of the mudflap!

They have so many people living there and are coming and going at all hours of the day and night. I'm guessing they got tired of hassling with the gate cause Nikki is now tied up, but her posse is still allowed to do as they please.

Now honestly it breaks my heart to see a dog tied up, it is no life for a dog to be stuck in one place. If they would just fix the fence/gate then the neighbood would be safe and the dogs could still have some sense of freedom.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Creating New Tabs For your Blogger Page

I have been wanting to address a question in my head.

Well as most of you know I am using dial up as my Internet connection. I know it is ancient technology, but it is all I can get in my area and surely I am not the only person left on the planet with dial up (Gawd I hope not).

The more pictures you have on your main page the longer it takes for dial up to load and sometimes it wont at all. Now yes I know it is my problem and why should you change your place to accommodate one person. By NO means is that my intention here. Everyone has the right to have their page as they see fit, heck it IS your page. I'm not complaining, not really. I visit your pages no matter how difficult because I find yall to be fabulous people. Lets just say my curiosity has been peaked and puzzlement has taken over.

I was just talking to a fellow blogger about this, that is why it is so fresh on my brain.

I know a few of the folks I follow have added new tabs to their page, so I guess this wouldn't apply to you.
This also only applies to folks who are using Blogger as their blog source.

My question is...Do you know how easy it is to add a tab?
If not I will tell you. (If you know this part, skip to the bottom)

Step 1) Go to "New Post"
Step 2) Go to "Edit Pages"
Step 3) Click on "New Page" or "Create Page"
Step 4) Name your new page, like... Awards, Buttons, Poems or Recipes. Whatever you feel like.
Step 5) Hit "Publish"

Voila! You have now created a new page. It takes all of 3 minutes at the most. High speed folks, probably less than 3 minutes! Easy Peesy!!
You don't have to fill it in all in one shot, a little here and a little there. And you can even change the name of each tab later on. It lets you have up to 10 tabs!
Now for those of you who did know and still have opted to not go with it.

I was wondering if you could tell me... Why?
I am very curious and interested in what the answers are going to be.

It's not that I am trying to influence you (Okay maybe I am), I was just wondering why everybody isn't on board to all the features blogger offers.

If you are worried about messing up your existing template, like ones specially made. Then just copy and paste it into a word document or click on the "Download Full Template" before you start.

I have only had a computer for two years! If I can do it, I know yall can!

For those of you are bored by this or already know it:
Please feel free to view what I have written in the About Me tab above.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something I Have Been Working On....

Well while I have some internet I will try to get out a post. I know yall have to be sick to death of hearing about the phone issue, so I will try to find something else in my brain to share. It's going to be hard to seperate by brain from the aggervation I have been under, but I will try just for you. LOL!

Well after ten minutes of not being able to seperate my horror for something humorous, I will give you a taste of something I have been working on.

I hope you enjoy!

I was very lucky to have had my dad in my life.
He was my most favorite person in my world.
I didn’t get to see him except for on the weekends.
I lived at the babysitter’s house during the week and even went to school with her kids.
She lived in a little town nearly halfway between the town where my grandparents lived and the city where my dad was.
Unfortunately or fortunately I did spend a lot of weekends at my grandparent’s house.
My dad didn’t have a license or a car, so it was difficult for him to come and get me.
But when he did, oh boy it was the best!
We moved to a new place and that was strange and different but as long as I was with daddy everything was okay.

Then one day I was given a surprise, a surprise I wasn’t really ready for.
I was introduced to a woman, who was apparently my dad’s girlfriend.
I had known him to have a couple of women in his life, but girlfriend was a new word.
She was nice to me and I was starting to like her.
She wore a bright yellow shirt with a rose right in the middle with words under it.
Just right after that, she moved in.
I was mad and shocked and hurt that daddy would bring a woman in to interfere with our lives.
I was even taken away from the babysitter’s house to never go back again.
My world had been turned upside down and they were doing it on purpose!
I still liked her but wanted her to go home and leave me and daddy alone.

There was a wedding in the works.
I didn’t even have a voice in this decision.
I was to be the flower girl and got to watch this woman and my dad sew a miniature white wedding dress.
I was excited about the whole pageantry.
Not realizing it had a whole new meaning to it all.
I was receiving a new mother.
I was happy, scared and uncertain about that.
She did things with me and was most of the time in a good mood, so she was worming her way into my heart.

It wasn’t long till she changed, maybe it was hormones due from pregnancy, but I didn’t like it!
She was ordering me to do things, like clean my room and do the dishes.
I was slowly regretting that she was here and in my life.
I wanted to go back to the babysitter’s house!
I was getting angry all the time.
I tried everything I could think of to make this woman leave or have daddy throw her out for treating me like that.
Daddy didn’t do his part in the plan and neither did she.
I was doomed and alone.
Then we moved again, into a teeny tiny apartment.
I had to sleep on the couch!
I had to change schools again too.
I was only 8 years old and this was my 3rd school.
It was hard to make friends.

The day my sister arrived I was soo happy.
I loved having a sister, for the first week.
I was soon in charge of helping with the baby.
Do you know how gross a baby’s diaper is?
AND I lost her belly button!
We moved again but at least this time it was just up one floor to the roof of the house.
I finally had my own room again.

This new apartment was awesome.
All the rooms were so big and airy and with lots of light.
The living room had two sets of stairs that met together at a large double door window.
I had heard someone say something about it having been a captain’s house.
My room had an upside down V ceiling and had drawers lining the base of the super short walls.
My dad had to hunch over just to come in to my room.
It had a small window with a seat.
It was the best place we ever lived.
It wasn’t fair (to me), but we moved again.

Thankfully we had moved not far from the place we had lived at when my life got messed up.
I was back in the school I actually had friends at.
This made me happy and things were really getting better at home.
I was starting to like her again.
I found her a new friend and things were going great.
She’s pregnant again.
My sister and I spent the delivery time with my grandparents.
Grammie taught her to walk!
When we got back there was a new brother.
This time she was real good about taking care of him while I took care of sister.
I thought things were perfect, but again we were on the move.

This time we moved out of the city.

To Be Continued...Don't ya just hate that!


Woes with me!

Just a quick note...
Phone issues is still unresolved! Ever once in a while I can get online, but it is a crap shoot as to how long it will last. Yesterday it was 20 minutes and then again for a whole 30 seconds. I am at my wits end as to what to do. The repairman says he has been here twice! I have been working in the yard for two days staight and have yet to see him pull into my driveway. Why he is lying is beyond me!

I will be back when ever I can. I feel like I am stuck in a time loop that has no end! I'll just be here going round for round with the insanity of it all!

If I can't get back before the weekend...have a good one.


Monday, May 10, 2010

My Weekend

Sorry I haven't been around. The phone issue was freaky and uncertain at best. I could log in during the day but not at night. The buzz in my phone got louder and louder to the point of not being able to use it at all. I spent all weekend with no Internet.

But I got a lot done. Just further proof that the Internet has interfered with me getting things done around the house.

Visited with best friend and had a real good time. That evening I reorganized my dresser and closet.

My brother and SIL came to visit. BUT before they got here, of course I cleaned up the house. They stayed and had supper with us. Pretty cool I was able to feed four people for just over a dollar. Mashed potatoes and free bass fillets, hubby got from BF's husband. YUM!!

I gave them stuff for the baby (who is going to be my namesake), stuff for the new apartment and some food.

If you will remember I won the giveaway over at What passes as sane on a crazy day
When I entered the giveaway, I never intended to use it for myself. I knew right off that I would give it to brother and SIL for the new baby.
I know yall are just so curious about what they picked from the site

A crib and mattress (mattress sold separately).

Out of pocket expense for me: $41! What a fabulous deal! Thanks Spot!

Well while they were here, my brother starts looking around wanting to see what things have been done to the house since he was last here. Sadly I was embarrassed that I really haven't done anything noticeable except for the office. This was weighing on my mind after they left. Sooo, I broke out the tiles and glue and started doing the hallway and bathroom floor at 1am to 3am. this morning!

I worked extra hard in the yard while waiting for the so called phone repairman. I weed eated the patio bricks and sprayed weed killer into each and every seam of each and every brick. When I tried to stand up, I thought my back would never be the same again!! I am sooo feeling the burn in the back of my thighs! I might not be able to move tomorrow! LOL! I then moved on to weed eating the other trouble areas, like the flower bed I put down last year and was over grown with the toughest grass I have ever seen. I decided to tear it all up and move all my rocks. I don't think I will try that area again any time soon.

About that soo called repairman...I wanted till 2:30 and called the company thinking they could easily find out where their man was and how much longer. Nope all I got was a vague UP TILL 8pm. I told her he had better not show up at 8pm, cause my hubby is going to bed at that hour and he will come unglued! It fell on deaf ears. I took both phones to bed with me for a nap. I figured when the guy came knocking on the door the dogs barking would wake me up. No barking ever happened and I didn't miss any calls. I call them back and she says he has been here and didn't find any problems, so he left. He never even tried to let me know he was there or to check to see if the phone was fixed. That pissed me off!

I checked if I could get online and well here I am! I will be here for ever, cause I'm too scared to go off line, I might never get the connection back again! LOL! AND my phone still has a hum in it!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have Issues!

Sleeping issues:

I have been getting maybe 5 or 6 hours of sleep, except for Teusday when I slept for 10 hours. I am soo off on my sleeping hours! A little here and a little there. It's getting pretty tiring! Last night I stayed up to get hubby off and then stayed up till nine in the morning! (More on that later) I slept till noon, let the dogs out and slept till two. Seems like I slept the day away but really it was only five hours of broken sleep.

Internet and phone issues:

The reason why I stayed up till nine in the AM..
Yesterday around two, I tried to log into the internet and got nothing. I figured all the numbers where having difficulties from an overload of people logging in. I decided to forget it and moved on. I eventually noticed a real loud hum in my house phone, but really didn't pay it much mind. Later in the evening I again tried to connect to the internet and it said that all the access numbers were not getting an answer. I called the internet company and the guy came to the conclusion there was too much interferrence with my phone and that was causing the failure to connect. I called the phone company after checking all possible interior problems and concluded the problem was on their end. They guy sets me up with an appointment for 8 am.

8AM!! By time that rolls around I am feeling nauseous, weak and like the walking dead! My dogs were very confused as to why we wasn't going to bed already. Baby girl kept sitting pretty and trying to get me to follow her to the bed. She was just looking out for me, so sweet! Hubby called and woke up sleeping beauty/beast at 8:45. Yeah I made it till 8:20 and passed out on the couch!

Hubby says "Hey there is no static!"
Hmmm, that's interesting. (In the slurr of someone barely thinking)
Hubby..Did they get there already?
No, I wouldn't think so. I was only asleep for 20 minutes and they said someone had to be here. So I'm guessing he would have knocked on the door. The dogs never barked.
I guess I need to call them an see what's up.

I call them and asked if he had been here. I found out that the so called appointment was for today, but anywhere between 8am to 8pm! How can they call that an appointment!!

Truck Issues:

Hubby called yesterday and suggests that I take the truck to the car wash, to get all the pollen off of it. I debated this in my head and had told myself NO! I did not feel like getting dressed and then getting soaking wet washing the truck. I sat and tried to ignore the nagging going on in my head, needless to say I went to wash the truck!

I noticed there was something not right, just a few miles down the road. The truck was increasing its speed with out my help and even up hill. It was freaking me out and putting pressure on the brakes to slow it down took all my leg power. Something to mention to hubby, mental note. I then took it to the gas station and when I went to get back in it to leave, it didn't want to start. It eventually did, Thank goodness, but again something to crap hubby's day out with. I was scared but thankful to get it home. I was very upset, not only is hubby going to be upset, but if it is something major..I won't get to go to spend time with mom on Mother's day.

I would say yeterday and this morning were something I would like to soon forget. Maybe tomorrow will be better and MAYBE my truck will fix itself like my phone did! LOL!!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I got this great email and thought I would share it with yall for mother's Day week.


Real Mothers don't eat quiche;
they don't have time to make it.

Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils
are probably in the sandbox.

Real Mothers often have sticky floors,
Filthy ovens and happy kids.

Real Mothers know that dried play dough
doesn’t come out of carpets.

Real Mothers don't want to know what
the vacuum just sucked up...

Real Mothers sometimes ask 'Why me?'
And get their answer when a little
Voice says, 'Because I love you best.'

Real Mothers know that a child's growth
is not measured by height or years or grade...
It is marked by the progression of Mommy to Mom to Mother.....

The Images of Mother

4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mommy can do anything!

8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!

12 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother doesn’t know everything!

14 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother? She wouldn’t have a clue.
16 YEARS OF AGE - Mother? She's so five minutes ago.

18 YEARS OF AGE - That old woman? She's way out of date!

25 YEARS OF AGE - Well, she might know a little bit about it!

35 YEARS OF AGE - Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.

45 YEARS OF AGE - Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?

65 YEARS OF AGE - Wish I could talk it over with Mom.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
because that is the doorway to her heart,
the place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she
shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spin Cycle: Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

She was eight years old. Her and her family was living on the third story of the house on the corner. It was Mother’s Day and they were all getting ready for church. She had gotten her baby sister ready and was waiting for her parents. The apartment had a long stairway that lead down to their front door, opening to the second story. She sat on the top step and was worrying that her new mother would think that she didn’t like her, because she had no Mother’s Day gift for her.

She snuck out the door and down to ground level. She was just going to wait outside. While walking around on the grass that framed the corner, she spied some pretty flowers up close to the other house on that corner. She knew those would make a great Mother’s Day gift. Who doesn’t like flowers?

She walked over and gathered a fistful, stood there admiring them. She turned and started walking back, all the while thinking of how happy her new mother was going to be. She was very pleased with herself for a whole minute.

She soon realized someone was coming after her! Fear crept in and she started to run and cry at the same time, all the while still clutching the flowers. She rushed to the front door of their apartment and the man had caught up to her before she could get the door opened, she screamed with all her might!

The man had her and she couldn’t get away! She had never been so scared in her whole life. She couldn’t understand why he was after her. What did he want?

While holding her by her dress he was going to knock on our door, but her daddy had heard her scream and flung it open. The man’s hand was still in the air and inches from her daddy’s face. Her new mother was just steps behind her daddy and rushed down and grabbed her arm and pulled her in to the apartment. She heard the stitches in her dress break from being yanked from the man’s grip.

She was still in a state of shock and crying hysterically, wrapped around her new mother’s waist and safely hiding behind her daddy. She heard the man tell her daddy about her stealing flowers from his wife’s flower bed. Suddenly her fear of the man turned into fear of her daddy. She tried to explain the desire to have something for her new mother for Mother’s Day; it was difficult for them to understand because she was crying so hard.

Her new mother sat down on the steps and asked to see the flowers. She held them up and gave them to her. Her tears were starting to calm a little. Her new mother took them and looked up at her and smiled. That was all she was after, was that smile and she couldn’t help herself from falling into her arms and letting the tears gently roll.

Her daddy and the man were watching them and they softened from grizzly bears to teddy bears. The man then requested that she was to go to his house and apologize to his wife. Her eyes pleaded with her parents to not make her go, she was still scared of the man. Thankfully her new mother took her by the hand and walked over there with her.

She knew she would be in more trouble if she protested, so she walked clutching to the only person she knew to protect her. Her mind was all over the place trying to think what was going to happen to her. Was she going to get beat for stealing or worse get locked away for it?

They were escorted into the living room of the house and the lady was sitting there glaring at her. She tried to hide behind her new mother’s body, but her new mother pushed her out in front of her, like saying “Here is the guilty, do what you will with her”. She was stung by this gesture and looked up at her new mother pleading silently.

She stepped forward and said she was sorry, in a whisper. Her new mother made her say it again, but louder. The lady asked why and all she could do was shrug her shoulders and turn her face away, the tears were coming again. Hot ones, they were burning her face. Her new mother sent her towards the door and told her to go home and wait for her.

After getting a real good lecture on stealing, she was sent to bed exhausted.

Her new mother and that lady became best friends for many many years. That was the best Mother’s Day gift she ever accidentally gave her.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Alert Alert!! Your info is up for Sale!!

I am sorry to interupt my regular posts but this is extremely important!

I was alerted to this site this is a new online phone directory with a huge amount of your personal information up for sale for just 3 dollars a year!

ATTENTION EVERYONE---There's a site called that's a new online phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB or web, your approx credit score, home value, income, age, etc. You can remove yourself by first searching for yourself on their site to find the URL of your page and going to the Privacy button on the bottom of their page to remove yourself. Copy & repost

Available Results May Include
Personal Information
Marital Status
And More
Contact Information
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Email Address
Social Networks
And More...

I copy and pasted all of that straight from their site!!!!

If you are one to worry about having your personal info just floating out there for everyone and anyone to get a hold of, remove yourself from the listing ASAP!!!


Hubby and I had a Fabulous day Together!

Well I knew we were going to go visit with Jim an old coworker of hubbies, which he had recently run into at a job site. It had been about 8-10 yrs since they last hung out together. I was lagging behind, just sitting around in my pj’s, drinking coffee, having a real hard time getting going. Jennifer calls and wanted to know if we can come over, this got me going. Yup, can’t pass up a chance to spend time with the grandkids.

We are on our adventure!

Hubby tells me of a dagger he had been spying on the side of the road. He does this A LOT! He has exceptional eyesight to be able to see things way off in the distance, put something right under his nose and he has to have glasses on. We get off the interstate onto the median; hubby reaches down and swoops it up. HA! It wasn’t a dagger after all! It was a very large bread knife! I was laughing my butt off; he did not find that to be very amusing. Later he did find the humor in it. He had been seeing it there for over a week and he truly thought it to be a dagger. He says “I guess I was seeing what I wanted to see!” LOL!

So we are back on the road again heading to Jim’s house, suddenly he yells out “A creeper!”
Me…What? What the heck is a creeper?
Hubby…You know the thing you lie down on to work under the truck.
Me…Go back! Go get it! We could really use one of those.
Hubby started to calculate how to turn around and decided to fluff it off, cause it would really only be good if we had an actual driveway.
This got the convo turning to what it would take to make a driveway. But I know you don’t want hear about that.

We finally get to Jim’s neighborhood and I noticed a look on hubby’s face. You know that look of uncertainty.
I asked “Do you know where he lives?”
Hubby…Sorta, it’s been a really long time and I was totally wasted last time I looked for it. He surprisingly (to me and himself) found it, unfortunately Jim was not home.
I asked “Didn’t you say yall had this planned”
Hubby…I said that, but really I just told him I would be by this weekend.
I really should have known, hubby doesn’t always plan things out.
Hubby…Isn’t it funny how I searched and searched years ago all messed up and now clean and sober I found it with no difficulty. He loves when he sees the irony in things.

On our way back and over to his mothers, he passes up the exit. I’m like…Where are you going? Hubby…I have decided to get that creeper after all, it can come in handy at work.
I can use it to get up under my truck or checking on the air brakes on my trailer.

So we swing back around and he slows over to the cement wall and stops. He had passed it up. I was looking out the front window at the curve in front of us and then out the side mirror at the curve behind us. The traffic was very heavy and going 60-70 mph! I must say I was getting a little panicky. There was no room for either of us to open the door enough to get out, but more importantly there was no room to get up to speed safely.
Hubby slightly opens his door, reaches down and swings the creeper into the back of the truck. Then he says “Brace yourself!”
He steps on it and I had my eyes closed, stiff as a board! I think my knees locked up and the stiffness in my legs took awhile to go away! I am writing this, so YES we made it!
Even though I still feel like hitting him for scaring me so bad!

Well we get to moms and again nobody is home. We went in (mom has an open door policy at her house), hubby went to get the funnies his mother saves him out of every newspaper. Me, I went to the bathroom. Suddenly I hear a glass breaking! I come out of the bathroom and find him picking up a picture of his great niece. Yup, he broke it.

We were just about to leave and his sister showed up, next thing I know I am standing there wondering where they went to. I looked all over, but really I was just strolling along looking at all the pretty flowers. His mom and sister are amazing gardeners; they even have their own greenhouse. Finally I found them and then me and his sister started talking flowers and she gave me one. We were again going to leave and then his mother showed up. They chatted briefly and then finally we was on our way again.

Before leaving the driveway, hubby asks where I would like to eat. I was surprised by this, we rarely eat out. Every time we go anywhere, we end up coming home starving.
We went to Schlotsky’s Deli! OMGoodness, they have the best sourdough sandwiches!
It was soo nice! We even sat down and eat it there, instead of getting it to go.

The whole time we were out and about, I kept trying to get hubby to go to this store or that store. He was having none of it. I jokingly said “Oh look a mall, soo many stores!”
“And look there is a parking spot!”
Hubby…Yeah, nine miles from the door!
Me…Snort, LOL!
Hubby…Did ya happen to see a lung transplant station between there and the door!
Me…Dying in my seat, roaring with laughter! Snorting so hard my throat was starting to hurt!

Now we are finally headed to Jennifer’s. We had a lovely time with her and the grandkids. Unfortunately they were the last on our drive and we were both getting pretty tired. I did get to play some Hide and Seek with 3yr old Bryan. As of right now he has one spot for hiding! LOL!

Heading back home, chatting away….

OMGoodness, did you see that?!
Laughing uncontrollably, he acknowledged he had.
Turn around! Turn around! I got to get a picture of that!
Amazingly enough, he did turn around!

Here ya go, something to make you feel better after reading my super long post of a great day!

OH! Look at my fabulous new signature! Jimmy over at Just My Opinion did it for me! Isn't is wonderful! That was soo sweet and oh my, I love it!