Monday, January 31, 2011

The Cardinals

Four pairs of Mourning doves are pecking the ground looking for anything that might be edible. Along comes Mr. Cardinal and his lovely mate.

Look dear, all them doves seem to be finding good things to eat. Lets go and check it out.
Mrs. Cardinal being of the nervous type, chirped in that she just didn't know if it was a good idea.
Mr. Cardinal being unafraid, leads the way.
The pair land in the tree and Mr. Cardinal says.. Now dear you just stay up here and keep watch, I'm sure these doves won't mind sharing.
He leaves her up on the branch, her protests could be heard by all the surrounding watchers.
The brave feats of Mr. Cardinal were well know among the cardinal community and many had come to watch.
He lands on the ground and looks around, hops over a few steps and still finds nothing.
Mrs. Cardinal is yelling...Careful, careful. She flutters from branch to branch to keep a better eye on him. What she sees alarms her. The doves are getting closer and closer to her hubby and he's not paying attention. It is beginning to look like they are surrounding him. She is in full panic now and yelling even louder. Enough! We can go somewhere else!
Mr. Cardinal flies up to her and tries to calm her. See dear, the doves are not even bothered by me, if they were then they would have drove me off by now.
Mrs. Cardinal calms herself and agrees that he is right, but her nerves wouldn't let her relax.
She asks did you find anything good to eat? Trying to find something else to focus on, which wasn't hard cause her tummy was hungry.
No, nothing. I just can't understand what these doves are finding that is soo good. I am going to give it one more try and then we can move on.
Once again he leaves his nervous wife in the tree and ventures down to the ground.
This time he thinks he has found something, he takes it up to her and they crack the shell. She takes one bite and says..this is awful!
He goes down again and still finds nothing new. Distraught over finding nothing he ventures away from the area a little bit.
He heard the rustle of the doves flying away and turned to see what was up. He was frozen in his spot by the stare of a huge orange CAT.
Suddenly he remembered his wife and all their friends were watching and he ruffled up his feathers and willed his body into motion.
His delayed response was almost the end for him. The cat leaped and barely missed his tail feathers, by a tooth. Mr. Cardinal felt the cats breathe on his tail and thought for sure this was it, the last day to fly, ever again.
When he landed on the tree branch, he was soo surprised he squawked as loudly as he could! He turned to look at his wife who had flew to his side, she was soo shocked and scared she was utterly speechless.
When Mrs. Cardinal finally got her feathers smoothed out and found her voice again. Dear do you think we can move on now? I have had enough of your risk taking ways for one day.
Mr. Cardinal agreed. Yes dear, this day has been a bit too much for me. I am ready to go home and nestle down for the evening.

And they were off.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Making it through the winter chores...

There is just something about the winter months that keeps me soo busy.

First it's the holidays and all of it's hoopla, get ready for, then doing and then there is the recooping. Then we move into the switching over to the new year, for me that is a big deal. Switch out all the previous folders of bills and reciepts, tally the expenses of the year, file away all this junk and throw away the stuff from years past (but first go through it all and determine that it is throw awayable). Then there is all the stuff that was in storage that we are going through and repackaging, organizing and downsizing, what a chore. AND lets not forget TAX season, what a big stresser! Naturally I had to add to the mess with taking on 6 crochet projects to be finished before the warmer weather kicks in, which happens fast here in Texas.

Well I made it through all the paperwork and craziness and managed to get it all done. My desk is finally clean and my drawers/folders are ready for the new year, finally. The holidays are finally behind me (except for hubby's upcoming b-day)and the crocheting is more than half done. Still working on the storage stuff.

Maybe now that I have eliminated a large portion of it all, I will be able to think straight and get back on track with this blog and all my friends.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Busy Weekend

This has been a very busy weekend.

Saturday... I went to my best friends house and picked her up in the sloppy mess of weather we have been having lately. We ventured out into the abyss of people in the caos that is Walmart. Our mission was yarn. What a huge disappointment. The one color we was most certainly after, was not there, as it should be. The one thing that made the trip bearable was getting to see bf's greatgrandkids, who met us there for a brief visit. We were off to the next closest walmart to do another search for that one color. This time the selection was good, much to our relief. We loaded up our buggy with as much as my card could stand.

The torment of the day was the rumor that walmart is going to discontinue their yarn sales. This has us greatly distressed. Walmart is the cheapest place to get yarn and soon we will no longer be able to get it. Okay maybe we will be able to get it, but at a much higher price. A blanket that once costed $40-50 to make is now going to be around $65-90, depending on where you get it. "They" say crochet and knitting is a dying art, well when forced to fork out higher bucks and search at length for places to buy, that really just might happen. Very sad.

Okay, enough of that pity party.
Soo we are driving along and I see this batch of black cows just standing around, I guess they we holding a meeting or something. I suddenly burst out laughing. My mind comes up with the stupidest stuff and amuses me greatly. Hubby says "What's soo funny?" Okay soo what I saw was one of the cows face was half white and he or she was the only one with any white on them. My mind wondered...I wonder if that cow knows that it looks like that? Has the other cows told him that he was different? Do they not let him play cow games? LOL! It's still funny, at least to me. Then I got to thinking about all the other animals in the world...How do they know what they look like? Do my dogs know? Do they judge each other by looks as people do? AND there ya go...the mind is a curious thing and super funny at times.

Sunday...We spent the whole day cleaning out the spare/storage room. I told hubby that in order for us to save $40 bucks a month to go towards this **** new car payment, we were going to have to clean out that room and bring home everything we have in storage. I said that a week and a half ago and all I had done to begin this process was to fill up the back of my truck and left it sitting there all week. I was determined to get this done TODAY! Hahaha, the joke was on me. Kinda like the eyes are bigger than the stomach thing.

I got up and opened the door to the jungle of the spare room. Sigh. Okay heather, just move one item at a time and all will be okay. First I begin at picking up an item and expamining it, do we really need this? Is it broken? Could I possiably get away with throwing it away? Could I find a perament place for this item? Before I knew it I had made a dent. Then the unexpected happened (secretly expected), hubby got up from his lazy sunday position in front of the tv and joined in on the expedition. I say secretly expected cause it is sooo easy to get him to join in. All I have to do is ask questions about this item or that item and the response is almost always the same... What are you doing? What are you throwing away? LOL! AND up out of his chair he comes! He just makes it way too easy. LOL!

I told him I was wanting to find at least 20 items that could be trashed. We ended up throwing away 74 items. I was very impressed! We worked hard and the room looks soo much better, well for now it does, cause I still got plenty to fill it back up again. Ohhh I sure do need a linen closet. Sigh.

That is about it for now. I need to get back to my crocheting.
Yall have a great one!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Soo I finally finished blanket #3 of this winter season. Yes I am thourghly pleased with myself for working so hard this year. I think I might be able to get at least two more done this year before the warmer weather kicks in, if I keep at it. I would post a picture of this last blanket, but the recipients are watching/reading and I want it to be a surprise.
We have had two deaths in our friend circle (hubby's and mine, not ours here in bloggy land). First a long time friend from back in our truck driving days, died last week from a long illness. Now, a friends sister (very dear to me) had a freak accident and suddenly died. I am waiting on bated breathe to hear who's third. They always seem to come in threes.
The IRS are nuts, if they think I can remember what I did or did not recieve last year or the year before! Seriously? I can forget to go to the store as I am driving to the store. How the heck am I supposed to remember something from years ago. Audit me if they must, but I'm checking "No" since they don't have a box for "Maybe" or "I don't know".
I have a loose tooth. I was thinking maybe the tooth fairy would give me money for it, till I was reminded by bf that adult tooth faries are the dentist, they don't give..they take and take and take. LOL!
I finally posted some new pics on my other blog, just incase you missed them.
My show is on, gotta go.
Yall have a good one!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gone to Doggie Heaven

Dash's daughter, who looks just like him


Yesterday morning I learned from the landlord that our neighbors lost two of thier dogs within hours of each other. Dash and Brownie. I know I have taken a dozen or so pics of Dash, but can't seem to find any. I guess I thought there was more time to get a better pic.

Dash was here the day we moved in and greeted us. He was a friend from the beginning. My dogs loved him like part of the family. He would come over and scratch on the door asking for the others to come out and play. Nearly everyone that has come over to our house has been greeted by Dash either by barking or tail wagging depending on wether he had made up his mind about you. He was Chaquita's "want to be" boyfriend, he was very persistant in trying to get her to join his harem. He was so much more than all of this and we loved him. He will be missed greatly.

Brownie was Dash's mate. She was shy at first and was hard to get to know, but she came around as frequently as Dash, they were a pair and was always together in all that they did. She had such a sweet face and if you was lucky enough to touch her she would jump all over you as if you were golden, till the next day and you had to start all over with her. LOL! She was funny like that.

I did this post about them back in March of last year.

Apparently they either got into something that had antifreeze in it or the unthinkable happened and they were posioned. No evidence of where they got it has been found.

I do hope it was all an accident, I would hate to think that we have evil people living out here.

Soo yesterday was spent morning the loss of these wonderful dogs and also in fear of how their demise happened.

I'm going to miss his little bark.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Hope to Beat This Smoking

Soooo, yesterday at 1pm I suddenly decided I was going to quit smoking. Excuse me while I yell at myself...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? The responses to said announement was amazing and very helpful, but yet sorta like peer pressure. I definately worked for like the fist 7 hours and when I did slip, I was all like "Should I tell them? I need to tell them." I was disappointed in myself and fearful of disappointing all my cheerleaders. I got over it real quick, I mean yall are all great and such good sports to support me in this.

The way I see was only one cig compared to the pack I didn't smoke. For me that was huge! I am a pack and a half a day smoker and have been smoking for 30 yrs. Lets not lose sight of the little miracle that happened yesterday...I decided to quit smoking. That in itself is words I never thought I would think more or less say and then try to do. Yes, I AM patting myself on the back, even though I am stumbling.

My hands are shaking, no make that my whole body is shaking. My head is killing me, no pain reliever has been able to touch it, so far. WHY have I decided to put myself through torture? Well for a few reasons...My breathing for one. Over the last few years I have noticed the difficulting in breathing has been getting slightly worse each year. To put into a nutshell, I'm scared.

The secondary reason is the expense. The expense has been a concern for some years now, but never has that been deterent enough to force me to quit. I have rolled my own, when times have called for it. Unfortunatly the "Money" I would be saving, won't be seen till next month. Just last week I bought the cig supply for the entire month.

Soo I have 4 cartons of cigs that are taunting me and driving me crazy! There is NO way I am going to throw them away, I mean that's like $165 bucks sitting there. IF hubby follows suite and quits too, then I guess I will have to find something to do with them, but if he doesn't then I guess I won't have to buy anymore for some time. Then maybe I will start to see some benifit.

As of right now, there is no benifit, there is misery, there is pain. Thinking of the future or even just down the road, isn't helping tha quake of right this minute.
Quitting drinking wasn't even this hard and I drank heavy for 23yrs!
Quitting drugs..yeah this is equal to that, if not more so.

Off to bed with my throbbing migraine...


Monday, January 3, 2011

I Slept through the New Year!

Wow my first post of the year, you would think it should be grand or something but really not a whole lot has been going on around here lately.

Hubby came home super sick last Monday and by Thursday I was into the flu full blast, thankfully he was on the mend. New Years Eve came and went in a drugged out blurr of load noises and shaking dogs, as I was snuggled down in the covers and asleep by 10pm. Even though I was awake every few hours as the drowsiness of the nyquil wore off, I still missed everything. By mid New Years day my fever finally broke, that truly was a relief. There is just something about a fever that just zaps all energy from your body and just trying to lift your arms is exhausting.

Well the cloud has lifted and I can sorta think now. Although thinking might not be such a great thing, cause there is a mountain of paperwork waiting for me on my desk. Yes I pushed it aside just for you, temporarily. Tax season is such a drag! Then there is the cleaning out of my desk and preparing it for the new year, categorizing, collating, filing away. Yes, I'm a freak.

I've been super busy trying to get blanket #3 done (except for the days of being sick), looks like I might get it finished in the next two weeks. Yippie! I think I will be taking a break from crocheting for awhile, other things need my attention.

Surely yall have noticed I haven't been posting any pics on my other blog, well that's cause I haven't been anywhere. Seriously, the last time I was away from the house was Christmas day. I seriously don't have anymore new photos to show. Sad, I know. I think this Sunday I'm going to hijack hubby's new ride and go somewhere... anywhere! I am truly sick of being confined. I can't count how many times I thought of just going for a walk, but I am allergic to the cold weather. LOL! THAT IS WHY I LIVE IN TEXAS!!!! Or so I thought. LOL!

That is all for now, time to stop staring out the window and get some house work done. Yall have a good day!