About Me

I am a wife to the man I have been with for 19 years. We recently got married just 4 years ago.
I never had any children, but was blessed with 3 step children and 8 grand children.

I am tall, big and clumsy.
Salt and peppered hair, cows feet and plenty of wrinkles.
I am very comfortable with myself.
I stopped hiding myself behind makeup and hair dye, finally.
I am a recovering addict and acoholic.
I live to make people laugh with my wierd sense of humor.
My sense of humor is an aquired taste, few really get me.
Although my hubby and most of my family think I am hilarous.
My neice finds me rude and mean! LOL!

I was and still am (somewhat) a tomboy.
I don't do dresses, panty hose or heels!
I was a difficult child with major issues or so I thought at the time.
I have been poor all my life, I didn't and don't enjoy it, but have accepted it and probably wouldn't handle not having to stress very well.
I am the manager of of all housewife duties.. money, supplies, cleanliness, ect...
I was a truck driver and a biker chick.

I am hard about somethings and a huge softie about others.
I think it is a blessing for someone in sever long term pain to finally pass.
I sure hope I do and nobody better cry about it. Cause you should be happy I'm not in pain anymore. Tears are for yourself, not for the person who died.
People call me harsh and unfeeling in this subject.
I would give all I had if it could help someone else. Unfortunately I don't have much.
I abhour violence of any kind. Give me rainbows and daisies and puppies instead.
I love all animals..except for snakes, rats, large spiders, possums and the nieghbors dog.
My favorites are frogs, lizards, TURTLES, hummingbirds and elephants.
I perfer a pick up truck over any other vehicle. Although growing up I wanted a beetle, nova or jeep. The "Thing" was cool too.
My radio station is classic rock. Although I do have an appreciation of opera, classical, easy listening and 80's to mid 90's rock. I also LOVE George Strait!
I love history, historical architecture and historical paintings.

That's all for now..


Paula said... [Reply to comment]

Anyone who loves turtles is all good in my book. My best friend is married to a Welch.