Monday, November 30, 2009

Gluttons Anonymous

I feel like I should belong to the Gluttons Anonymous group.

As I mentioned, my fridge is overflowing with delicious leftovers. Hubby and I have done nothing but sit around for 3 days stuffing our faces. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies, chips and dip, turkey sandwiches and for dinner a full plate of Thanksgiving.

I feel like Templeton from Charlotte's Web!
I am over stuffed to the point that my tummy hurts..badly!

My mind even wandered enough to think about going for a walk, just to try to burn off some of the calories I have gluttoned. Now, that is hitting close to perverse, to be in that bad of condition, to have those kind of thoughts!

Sadly, I think it going to have to happen. If I must, the dogs are going with me! Will not suffer the exercise alone.

I have decided that tomorrow, I will be throwing away all leftovers except for the turkey. All junk and sweets must be gone from this house! I have no will against their incessant whispering in my ear.

I hate to throw away perfectly good food, but I don't think my tummy can handle much more, nor what used to be my waistline.

Is it possible to gain 20 pounds in 3 days? Sure does feel like it! I would get out the scales to check, but I'm totally Turkey!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Small Project Finally Finished

About six months ago I stopped at a yard sale. I saw some end tables and a small entertainment center. All three pieces were really ready to be smashed and burned, they were so bad. I bought one end table and the dilapidated entertainment center for a dollar a piece.

I fixed up the end table and it is in use already.

I took off the glass doors to the entertainment center, which were the only things holding the center together. I just knew I was going to be able to do something with them.
(Click to enlarge for better detail)

Two months ago, my niece had a fund raiser for school. I went through the online brochure and found some fabulous wrapping paper and went ahead an ordered it with the intention of using it as a drawer liner. I later changed my mind.

I knew exactly what I was going to do, I just had to wait for the wrapping paper to get to me. It was promised to be delivered Thanksgiving day. I called my sister three times to remind her and told her to put it in the car.

Thursday came and I asked for it. Nope it was forgotten! (Sister, What part of "Put in car" doesn't compute?) I then turn to my niece.. Where is my paper? She started to blame her parents for forgetting, I reminded her that I bought the paper from her not her parents!

What type of answer did I get from this 11 yr old? A big "Whatever"

Well, after having to go deliver Dad's oxygen tank, yesterday. I finally managed to get my paper!

I started my project last night, and finished today.
(Click to enlarge for better detail)

I am going to put them on my wall, as soon as I get my room going.

What do you think?

Friday, November 27, 2009

So Thankful that is Over!!

I know most of my readers won't be back to blogging till Monday, but just in case you have been waiting around for me to post (which I highly doubt)...

I am trying to wind down from the last 3 days.

It all started with the turkey..I am so clueless! How long to thaw, when should I take it out of the freezer and put in fridge? Mom says 3 days. Okay no problem! Just let me rearrange the frig and while I'm in there, throw away all the leftovers and clean it.

Now mind you, Mom doesn't really follow the package directions exactly, so I had to call her many times (in the past week) to make sure I got it all straight. I got it so crooked! In the end, I had a quadruple amputee bird! I don't think I ever found its wings, they might have ended up in the gravy!

With the head count at 16-20, I thought a 16 pounder would be perfect. Mom says..maybe not. So I go and buy an extra 5 pound breast. It never got touched. I have about 7 pounds of turkey meat left over! Me and hubby will never be able to eat it all before it goes bad, what a waste.

I started the pumpkin pies Tuesday. I had never done them before, Mom always did them. I was so lost! Mom should have just come and stayed with me for the week! I know she had to have gotten sick of me calling her! The edges of the crust got really dark, so of course I'm calling Mom. What did I do wrong? The aggervation seeping into the phone. My stove is not cooking at the right temp...grrr! Mom tells me to calm down, everything is okay. Yeah, but your not seeing what I'm seeing. As a testament to my "Not so great as Moms" pies, I made four and still have two left in the fridge!

Hubby had invited some of his family and I knew some don't like pumpkin, so I bought two apple pies. Only half of one got eaten, cause nobody from his side showed up. He was very peeved and upset.

I sent most of the left overs home with the family, but still ended up with a fridge full of food.

Hubby worked on the yard before everyone got there and had an asthma attack! Scared the bejebbers out of me. After sitting in his chair for about 20 minutes and still not getting any better, he finally broke down and used his inhaler. Stubborn old fart! Started feeling better in 10 minutes!

My baby sister accused me of being OCD! I started cleaning the place up as soon as everyone got a plate. Wellll, with 13 adults and 3 toodlers and 3 dogs following everybody around and a mountain of messy dishes! You bet your ***, I'm going to jump on the cleaning ASAP!

I didn't get to spend hardly any attention to my "Someday soon SIL", I am severly sorry about that.

Last time I did a turkey, I burnt my arm real bad. It left a super sized scar. I was getting through this one with just a tiny burn on my knuckle. I was feeling a little successful in this (don't hurt yourself) area. UNTIL...I was getting the first bag of trash ready to go out. I started to smush the bag and WHAM, I cut open my finger on a Green Bean can! Never fails! I WILL hurt myself somehow!

For about two weeks, I have been going through my stuff and storing this and that in the back of my truck. These things were supposed to be carted away with the family when they left. Nobody remembered! You would think out of 13 adults, someone would have mentioned the things I promised them!

And here is the kicker! My dad has a portable oxygen tank, that he has to take everywhere he goes. He left it here! So I will be seeing most of these people again later today. I was going to say tomorrow, but crap it's after one am already!

I better crawl my aching body to bed, talk at ya some more later.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gawd awful pics of me...

Another reason to be thankful...

Be thankful that you only have to look at these once and then they will be gone, maybe!

Sorry if some get stuck in your mind.

The good food you are about to feast on might wipe it from your memory. One can hope, can't they!

Here are the gawd awful pics of me..

That was just mean of me, wasn't it?

Sorry to put a damper on you Thanksgiving mood.

You should all be "Thankful" you don't look like me! LOL

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Cutest Pics

In the Thanksgiving spirit, I am thankful for...

My dad being camera happy. If he hadn't been, I wouldn't have these photos to share with you. Yeah, Dad!

Well, I don't know if you care to see more, but your going to get them anyways.

The cuteness dies and Dad stopped taking pics. Thank Goodness!

One last pic for your eyes to scream at...

Now just remember that, this is the last time you will see me!

Okay, I'm done torturing your eyes.

Aren't ya Thankful!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Promises of Forever

I know Hubby and I can't be the only people, that find the following statements of gushing adoration in the form of promises to be ridiculous and actually lies.

They are in fairy tales we read to our children, a crap load of movies, even in a lot of peoples wedding vows, just to name a few!

These won't seem like lies, but if you really think about them, even in the best relationships, they are lies.

You be the judge:

I will love you forever...Oh, so that means when I die, you wont be taking on another spouse or even a lover. If I die tomorrow, forever is aloooong time!

I will be with you for the rest of my life...Oops I forgot, you might die before me. I guess if I'm to keep this promise, then I'm going to have to hang your ashes around my neck till I die or sit next to your grave for the rest of my life.

I will never leave you...That means we will both be dying at the exact same moment, Right?

I will follow you to the ends of the Earth...Oh, so the other day when I asked you to go to the grocery store with me and you said NO, you broke your promise! Where is the ENDS of the Earth, anyways?

Where you go, I go...In the end, if you don't stop lying, you won't be going where I'm going! AND stop following me to the bathroom!

I want to spend eternity with you...Ohhh so you are a vampire and are going to recruit me. So we can Live and Live and Live...

I will never love anyone but you...Not even your parents or even your children, NOW I know your lying!

They lived happily ever after...I'm sure Sleeping Beauty was not all that happy, living out the rest of her elderly years without Prince Charming. Which most women do out live their spouses.

I'm sure there is a whole lot more of these types of promises, I just can't stomach to think of any more.

Why do people subject their loved ones with this stuff?

I used to say such things to my first hubby and after that not working out, I realized...

Unless you have a crystal ball looking into the future...

How can anyone honestly promise something about the future?

If we promise our love forever, then marriage should be a breeze! There should be no such thing as divorce.

I mean really, how many past relationships have had these promises in them? If these weren't lies, then they wouldn't be past relationships, they would be current ones and you would have to die at the same exact moment to keep them.

I think life would get pretty stale, if we just knew for a fact based on a promise that our relationships were going to last FOREVER.

Hubby has to work for my love and I have to work for his. Everyday!

If you think I'm wrong, tell me so!
If you think I am touched in the head, well tell me that too!

P.S. Hubby and I are just fine!
This a topic we are in agreement on.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pressure I put on Myself

The pressure I have put on myself to get this house into shape for all my expected company this Thursday, is really working. We have found our niche, we work better under pressure (well at least I do and I drag his weary old body along with me).

Yesterday hubby and I got a lot done in my bedroom. Mostly moving things around and reorganizing boxes, compacting everything enough to get space for my bed.

You heard me right! My bed is finally no longer in the living room, it has made it into the bedroom! Not exactly how I was hoping it would go. I was hoping to get the new floor in and some paint on the walls before this, but hey, I'll take it for now.

Getting the bed out of the living room, opened up the chance to move some furniture into the living room where it belonged, instead of scattered through out the house. I was thrilled with all of this, I had been waiting so long for it. I spent a good while of the day, repositioning everything trying to make it look decent and functional for hubby. Not an easy task with what old crappy furniture I have to work with. I will probably still move some things today, it just isn't flowing well for me, just yet.

Moving furniture and cleaning, hubby pooped out on me after a few hours, but I got a lot out of him and then there is still today. He is going to be begging to go back to work, just to get away from me!

My dogs were quite confused last night when I said "lets go to bed", they looked at me as if to say "where is the bed?" I busted out laughing!

It was weird sleeping in the bedroom for the first time, but I'm sure we will get used to it.

Hubby and I are debating on whether to put up the Christmas tree now or to wait till after Thanksgiving. He wants it up and I'm just not sure, but I think MAYBE I'll let him have his way, this time!

He sure has been such a good sport about it all and such a big helper!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am such a cry baby or sentimental fool

I am such a cry baby or sentimental fool. Your pick.

Hubby was home all day yesterday, due to down pouring rain. He decided he was going to watch "The Patriot" on his big T.V..

I was hanging pics and things on the kitchen walls and started some super cleaning. I cleaned the frig, stove and microwave inside and out. Dusted and washed everything.

I was in my element, humming to myself and brain on overload.

Occasionally, I would here the movie. I've seen it soo many times, I knew exactly where the movie was at and who was talking. I tried to ignore it and keep up with my work, but I kept finding myself listening.

I knew it was coming, I tried to steel myself from it.
I was even finding excuses to get further from the sound.
I thought I had timed it perfectly.
I come out of the farthest room, thinking I was coming out on the next scene.
I came out right at the moment I was trying to avoid.

This scene gets me every time.
(sorry it's not a video, I have dial-up. Although I don't think I could handle watching it or hearing it again.)

At the moment this little girl decides to cry to her chest caves, my breathe is caught in my throat (resulting in instant lump, that last well past the scene) and the tears start to flow. At least a two tissue moment.

No matter how hard I try I can't make it past this scene without tearing up.

Does this happen to you?

If so, What movie and scene really gets your tears going, no matter how many times you watch it?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Belated Thursday

Since I forgot yesterday was Thursday, I will pretend it is today.

My Spread the Word Thursday..persons of the week are..

Stephanie! When I was over at Myspace, she was the most popular blogger I had the privilege of following and enjoying. I was checking out Funny is the New Young and saw her pic in the comments. I had to check to be sure and sure enough it was her. I was surprised and happy to had found her here in blogland. It was like finding an old friend! I think her writing always has a tinge of thought provoking, witty and sincere. Not the greatest description, I'm not too good with my adjectives.

Check her out! I think you will like her.

She surprised me last night, I was playing catch up with everybodies blogs (I missed 2 days worth). She had linked me because of one of my comments and created a post out of it. I was in shock and excited, the blood rushed to my face! I was so childishly giddy! I'm pretty sure that if I had been taped, I would have won on Funniest Videos. Hubby was looking at me like I had lost it! I still get freakishly giddy when little old me gets linked, silly I know but I can't help myself!

I was over at Technical Parent's blog and was directed over to Crown of Thistles. He has a thing going on, on Thursday's called "TMI Thursday", it is a day to write your embarrassing things. Technical Parent has decided to give it a whirl, very funny! Crown of Thistles has done a lot of them and they are also very funny!

Well, I guess that is it, for this belated Thursday.

Now go check these people out!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Barking at the wind!

Well, I just don't know about my roommates! Roommates being 3 dogs, 2 cats and one large hubby!

All of my roommates get mad at me when I start moving things around and cleaning, disturbing their peace and routine.

Well, would it really kill them to...

Stop shedding hair for a week, I picked up a kitten and puppies worth of fur.

Make their beds once in awhile, although every now and then I will catch Stitch trying to. Good boy!

Put your toys back were they got them, toys are fun but COME ON! Do they have to be a permenate decor! Hubby is included..remote contolled helicoptor!

Stop sliding the little rugs all over the floor, they are not flying carpets!

Wipe their paws on entry to MY house! That goes for the big guy too!

Keep the Cat litter in the box, not a trail all along the bathroom floor!

Stop fighting! Can't we all just get along like a happy family!

These things would lighten my load, soo much!

How about a little apreciation for the one who feeds and cleans up after them.
AND lets them run out the door barking wildly at the wind blowing or "SQUIRREL"!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm the one barking at the wind!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vegetables I Miss

When I was very young, living in Maine.

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandfather and I used to love this one type of vegetable, I even went with him once to pick them. I would later learn it was Fiddleheads. Delicous, especially with butter!

My mother used to have me go out into the yard and pick the leaves off of the dandelions and then she would make soup with them or serve them as a vegetable. Oh my, those Dandelion greens were good!

All my growing up in Maine, we had Rhubarb pie. Anyone from the north knows this is good stuff! Very few people in the south even know what Rhubarb is. I just learnt (right now) that it is a vegetable. I was eating a vegetable pie all those years and never knew it. Man my parents were sneaky!

Then there is my mothers Creamed Cabbage. She came to stay with me once while I was recovering from surgery and I made her make me a huge pot and freeze the leftovers. It was that good!!

What kind of foods do you miss from your childhood?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Old Myspace Blogs

I am very empty headed this morning. It is too cold to think straight! What happened to our beautiful Texas fall weather? Over night it is gone and so are the remaining leaves that were trying so hard to stay on their limbs. Now I look out my front door and the porch is covered in leaves, I try not to look at the yard. Soo much raking in my very near future (like tomorrow).

Anyways..with nothing on my brain today, I thought I would send your attention over to my other blog. I started it just a little while back. I started blogging over in Myspace about a year ago and I thought I would bring them over here for the world to like or hate. I was just a beginner to the computer age, so some of them are really bad! I'm sure that some are worth a laugh or two at least.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Freecycle Girl

Here is the post on Freecycle that I couldn't ignore:
We have just relocated here and are horribly broke. I have two kids. My son is nine and daughter is sixteen months. I don't have anything for the Christmas season.

I'm in DESPERATE need of an artificial tree and decorations. Anything will help.

As I had previously posted, I dug around in my Christmas stuff and came up with 4 full containers and 5 rolls of wrapping paper, to give to this girl.

I commented on her post:
This is my first time actually answering a post, not sure how this works.

So, your post has made me go through all my Christmas boxes and I have come up with at least 4 boxes of stuff...balls, one large strand of lights, garland, 5 rolls wrapping paper, cards, bows, wreath and hanger, gift boxes and Christmas nicknack's, stuffed animals for the kids, ect..ect..

My truck isn't working very good and I live way on the SW side. I could meet you halfway. Let me know.

She replies back with a phone number.

Freecycle girl has now turned into Stephanie.

They are from Washington (the state) and had decided to move here, in search for JOBS. (I know the economy is bad, but to leave your area in search of jobs. My heart was bleeding) Thankfully she has a brother here, so they do have a place to stay. Stephanie's hubby found a job in his line of work, but is having to start out on the bottom of the totem pole. It's a job, at least there's that. She is grateful and now that I am acquainted with, them so am I.

Her brother has nothing in the way of Christmas. He is a bachelor and had never felt the need to do or buy anything. (Very sad)

I asked her if there was a specific color she was hoping for?
Blue and white and silver, she replies.
Perfect, I have a bunch of that.
She was getting excited. (It was like..I could see her mind working with what she could do with all her new stuff.)
This was soo much fun!

We agree to meet at a gas station on Saturday, 4 days later.

Now, my experience with Craigslist is:

1) They will find a better offer and not call and let you know.
2) They will change their minds and again not call.
3) They will just not show up for said meeting.

I was very apprehensive about how this was going to play out.

Thankfully with Freecycle, they really do want the items they post for.

Saturday finally gets here and I realize we didn't exchange our looks or type of vehicles. How are we going to recognize each other?

I call her back. (I secretly wanted to confirm they were actually coming) She had thought of the same thing and yes they are coming. Relief Washington plates..dah, sometimes I wonder about my head

Hubby as I said, was moving really slow due to the show he was watching. We are about halfway there and I look at the clock.

I grumble "were going to be late".
Hubby..You said 4 o'clock, didn't you?
I..Yes, but I didn't mean for us to get there right at 4 or after (I hate to be late and he knows it).

We pull into the gas station and hubby starts getting gas and there they are. They had just gotten there, they had gotten lost. I let hubby off the hook cause it all worked out.

I had all the stuff in clear plastic containers.
She exclaims..The containers too!
My hubby..No point in taking them out, now is there?
We all got a pretty good laugh out of that.

She could see the blue and silver garland in the container. Her eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree! Oh, I am so excited! I'm going to start decorating as soon as I get home!

The meeting was brief, but will last me a lifetime!

I got this from her yesterday:
I just want to thank you've helped sooo much.

I love to give, more than receive!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas in November

Hubby got his Christmas presants already.
I ordered them, but one came to the house: 3 pairs of biballs...

and the other was shipped to the store and was ready to be picked up. A 32" LCD

A step up from this 20" box tv. (not a great pic but really, how many people take a pic of their tv's?)

We already had to go to town to meet the girl from Freecycle. (I will post about that tomorrow.) While waiting for 3pm to come around, I checked my emails. Perfect timing, his presant is ready. I really did want to save it for Christmas, but this would be my only chance into the city for about two more weeks. They would have sent it back by then.

Hubby had been watching the Mad Max trilogy and as we were about to leave, he is even peeking in at the tv through the crack of the closing door. He says, Why am I going? You can do this yourself! Do I really have to go? I had already told him his presant (not what it was) was waiting to get picked up! At the word "Presant", I am soo there! He puzzles me sometimes, Mad Max is more important than a presant. I think to myself, Hmmm...Mel Gibson on a 32" would be so much better!

If I had known that the newer tv's were so light I would have gone by myself. I figured they were just as heavy as the tv we had or even more, since it was bigger. I thought I was going to need his help.

We stop to get gas and I signal to him that I'm going to walk to the store, meet me over there.
He...No that is a long walk and the traffic is getting heavy.
Good point but daggummit I'm so excited!
Me...I'm more excited about your presant, than you are.
He..well if you will tell me what it is, maybe I would be too.
Me..I give in and show him on the reciept what it says
Now that got him, pace picks up and nothing but grins!

I had to reign him in, there for a moment. The very first tv he saw in the store was this gigantic, monster of a tv (I don't even think we have a wall that big). His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head! I had to inform him that that is NOT it. Very sad moment, but it didn't last long. They rolled out HIS tv and he stood there looking at the box in the most loving way...I think I should have been jealous!

His final comment after getting it set up:

The race sunday is going to be AWESOME!!!!

AND he is still grinning!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Preparing for Thanksgiving

I'm really starting to feel the panic, for getting this Thanksgiving together.
Last year when we moved into this larger trailer and land, I volunteered us for this years Thanksgiving dinner. This will be only my 2nd hosting of the dinner, the first one was about 10 years ago. We lived in such a small place for so many years, there wasn't the room for everyone nor any parking.

When we moved here, I didn't think it was going to take this long to get this house into shape. I didn't even think about the fact that we would run out of repair money. There is just still soo much left to be done, I can feel the anxiety welling up in my chest. Things are just not going as planned. I planned for my house to be done and beautiful and organized, we are only halfway there.

I also wanted to be able to do all the cooking by myself. Due to the financial difficulties, I am having to have each household bring one item. I don't like it, but there it is. Organizing who's bring what and who is actually coming has been quite the challenge.

My hubby has informed my that he has invited his mother (who shouts out to the family that SHE IS NOT COOKING THIS YEAR) and siblings (with possibly their children and maybe even their grand kids). Can you feel my migraine yet? I don't even think I have a big enough turkey!

We do have a bigger yard and more parking space, but not for that many! Some are going to have to park in the street.

One big blessing is that my baby sister has said that if she gets to come she will bring an extra turkey, Thanks sis.

My other anxiety is that...once all the cooking and preparations are doubled, who's coming? That would really be nice to know! His family..they are invited but no confirmations, as of yet. My family is still in limbo also, my parents van was going to be the primary transportation for a large part of the family. Now the van has broke down and the funds to repair it are not there. GRRRR

If this keeps up, my nerves are going to bust! And how to you get a man motivated (on his day off) to help me get this house done at least a little bit more, is beyond me!

Is it too late to say Thanksgiving is cancelled? LOL

Friday, November 13, 2009

This Little Old Lady

My first attempt at poetry, I hope you like it.

I was walking along and what do I see?
This little old lady looking at me.

I try to not make eye contact,
But I couldn't help but look at her back.

Who is she? Do I know her?
I felt a shiver run through my spine, Brrr.

It isn't a very chilly morning, this day.
Why is she just standing there in that way?

Does she need something from me?
My feet inform me, that I must go see.

Two more steps and we are eye to eye.
Her eyes well up and she begins to cry.

I've been waiting for you, my dear!
Did you forget that I was here?

From my blood you are alive.
Remember all I taught you and you will thrive.

I stand there frozen to the ground.
My heart refuses to pump and pound.

Grammie dear, is that really you?
How can that be? Your life is through.

The tears are coming from all the memories.
She touches my face like a gentle breeze.

I close my eyes with our sweet embrace.
My heart finally picks up pace.

She drops her cane, I steady her from falling.
She smiles and says "Now their calling"

I'm always here, just think of me.
I will help you, to better see.

Without a chance to to beg and plead.
She walked away from me.

I suddenly saw a big bright light.
She opened her wings and took to flight.

Be honest, tell me what you think.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Name That Stays

First let me direct you to my pick for "Spread the Word" Thursday

I was going through f8hasit picks for awards and came across this post Funny is the new young. Something every parent with college kids should read or even younger kids to prepare for the day when they are college kids. It can also be used for those unforunate parents that have adult children come back home to live. I loved it and I pretty sure you will too.

Another shout out to f8hasit..Thanks for leading me to some great blogs! Although I still haven't finished with all of the winners (took me all night to do 7 of them), some are right up my alley. Thanks again.

Now on to the title of this post...

My super good friend, sister-in-law Janet and I were chatting on the phone, just random stuff as usual and this subject crossed my mind. What is this subject? I will do my best to put it into words for ya, cause my brain tends to lean towards pics instead of words.

Hold on got to wake up Taco Bell, he's snoring to loud for me to think.

Okay, I'm back...

Words that we use to name something that is the generic version of the name brand. Yeah that didn't come out right! Maybe if I give you an example you might understand my meaning, so here it goes:

Onesies...(Janet's word, BTW) The word Onesies is actually a name brand, but most everyone I know uses the word for all simular outfits.

Are you getting the idea? I hope so, cause that was the best description I could come up with.

Cheerios...(my word) For me this relates to ALL little round, dounut looking, oat, floaties in my milk. No matter what company actually made it. I don't go around saying "I'm going to have a bowl of Hill country Fare: Toasted Oats" LOL

Aspirin...This one is the opposite. Every pain reliever in my house is refered to as Aspirin, wether it be Motrin or Tylenol or Advil. Weird, right? Oh well...

Surely, you get my meaning by now.

So, what are some words you can come up with?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Digging for Freecycle

I joined my local group for Freecycle, after being told about it by f8hasit. It's an organization that is set up to save things from going into the landfills. If you don't want it or don't need it anymore and was planning to just throw it away, go to Freecycle and post it or see if someone else has already asked for it. No money is exchanged at all, everything marked as "offer" is FREE and everything marked as "wanted" they want for FREE. Why not give out of the generosity of your heart, to someone in need?

I get emails from Freecycle all the time showing me what people are offering or wanting. It's been two weeks now and none of the previous posts was something I could do. Until yesterday.

This girl wrote she and her 2 kids just moved to this area and have nothing for Christmas, like...tree and decorations.

This got me to thinking of the mountain of boxes of decorations I have. Pink and gold, red and white, blue and silver, clear and pale green. The various different color themes of Christmas's past. I am a huge after Christmas sale shopper, so I am very well over stocked and even have a lot of items that still have the tags on them. Surely I can get together some things for this girl!

I spent most of yesterday going through my room (currently my storage area) just to get to those boxes. Hello hubby, still waiting on my storage shed! Ohh my goodness, the junk I have!

I found 16 boxes of Christmas card! WT* is up with that? I only have maybe 30 people to send cards to!

9 boxes of Christmas stuff! 2 containers of wrapping paper, enough to last for five more Christmas's! LOL! I cant believe I had that much, how could I possibly use all that for one Christmas? I don't! I just really like having options...hmm what color Christmas are we going to have this year? Now that I think about it's just kinda silly, considering so many are in need. I feel soo much shame for my Christmas addiction.

I was up till one in the morning, before I finally finished. My back and feet were killing me but I felt great because I knew this stuff was going to someone who really needs it. Instead of sitting in boxes, taking up space, for who knows how many more years, till I decide to have that color again.

I managed to get 3 boxes of decorations for her.

Now, what to do with all those Christmas cards?

I've talked to the girl and we will be meeting this weekend.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Show Finally Remembered

For many many many moons now, I have had this one kids show stuck in my mind. I could never remember the shows name nor the actors that was in it. I've probably asked every person I have know over the years if they remember it. Everybody says NO. I would do my best to try describe it to them, my efforts where always not that great. Considering I hadn't seen the show since childhood.

It was a funny show with a male and female dressed in silver robot looking suits with a box on their chests that had blinking lights and they had a very small space ship, there was also a young boy and a teenage girl. That was my best description, not much to go on, I know. That's probably why I always got a NO.

Well, my agony is finally over! I hate not being able to remember things, so they haunt me till I finally get an answer. Thank you TCM and the Internet! Watching one monster movie, brought another one to my head. Which then connected in my brain to another movie and then finally a name, that then connected to another name and voila! Her name was Ruth Buzzi!

I google her name and went to wikipedia and there it was... probably was there the whole time, the name of the show that had been driving me one step closer to nuts...Drum roll please

The Lost Saucer

Remember it? Probably not! It was very short lived series. I can't believe I remembered it at all.

Strange, how some things so insignificant can be stuck in one's head for so long.

Any strange things stuck in yours?

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Weekend and Early Christmas

As everyone knows Friday was awful. Saturday was okay, thank goodness. We worked around the house doing little things like cleaning, mowing and oil changes. Everything went fairly fine, but I was still in a funk.

I later watched a movie "Sweet November" with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. Fairly good love story, with a strange ending. Throughout the movie Charlize's character wore a shawl/scarf, a different color to go with what she was wearing. I studied it and decided to give it a try. I started crocheting it that night.

Sunday..the day I have been waiting for. Hubby promised we would go visit our best friends. Something I did Saturday, threw my back out. I still don't know what I did. I rolled out of bed, sat on the floor for a good 10 minutes. Hubby served me coffee on the floor. With the help of hubby, I finally made it to the chair. It started to rain pretty hard, but I was determined that my back nor the rain was going to keep me from getting to go to my BFFs. I havent seen her in about two months!

I had to go to the store first, to get some yarn. I have asked my BF to do a baby blanket for my nephew, due in January. She does this stitch, that I have tried but looks nothing like hers. I tried to get hubby to go in for me, but he is stupid when it comes to yarn. I was kinda peeved with him for not even thinking that maybe I might need his help cause of my back. Oh well, can't expect too much.

I was showing my BF my new project and suddenly she comes out of her room with a present for me. It was a shawl! She's funny you came over today, I just finished it last night. Ironic, I started mine just about the time she finished hers.
Here's my present:

My BF and I started playing a game and about an hour later my head felt like it was going to explode. A migraine had snuck up on me.

Hubby was outside with the men watching the race in the "Man Shed". He is usually the one to come and get me, asking if I am ready to go home. I felt weird going out to ask him. I felt bad about not staying for supper as we usually do, but seriously my head hurt so bad I could barely open my eyes. I still haven't figured out, what triggered it.

I really need to put some meds in my purse! After we got home and I took some meds, my migraine was down to barely exsistant. If I had had them in my purse I wouldn't have had to cut our visit short.

Anyway, isn't my present pretty?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seven Things About My Bad Day

Yesterday was awful! I was moody, cranky and very short with my hubby, family and even my pets.

Lets talk about these "pets". Your probably wondering why the quotation marks on pets. Even if you weren't wondering I will tell you anyways. Told you I was cranky!

Usually on any other day they would be called My Babies!

Intros...L to R
Taco Bell (Old, sweet and most of the time laid back. Also the daddy of..)
Stitch (Loud, playful, and instigator)
Chaquita (Miss bad***, hubbies little girl and Stitches back up)

1) I was jerked out of sleep by a loud bark in my ear at 7am. Way too early for my taste I am instantly aggravated! I jump up out of bed Crap it's cold and open the front door to see what is the matter, it was just the neighbors making noise.

The neighbors...They are very close and any noise made inside their house or even outside. Send my dogs into a barking mob. Their daughter, hubby and 2 babies have moved back in, so the noise level has increased. Apparently the SIL has to do something under the hood of his van to get it started. The slam of the hood is what got Stitch going this morning. Oh and they have a new outdoor dog, that mine can see and drives them crazy! Bark, bark, bark and 100 more!

2) Bumped into this and that, stumped my toe, spilled my coffee all over the floor. I got some leftover Chili out for lunch and mirco'ed it, while taking it out Fumble I had to catch the falling HOT bowl before it hit the floor, Splash all over my shirt. HOT HOT HOT! After showering, I'm like..maybe it's time to try to recapture that hour Stitch stole from me.

3) Today was my parents 33rd anniversary, I had tried to call them earlier (in between the coffee and chili), no answer. I had just gotten snuggled in, was almost asleep and the phone rang. Caller's mom. I lay there and gave my wishes and hung up. Not even 3 minutes's dad! Ever since dad got his computer, he has become a long talker. I chanced it and took the call, thankfully he was busy with the grand kids. Finally I am back under the covers and sleep comes at last! 20 minutes , that is all the DOGS could give me! Grrrrr...

4) Bark, bark, bark...What is it now?! The trailer on the opposite side is up for rent and the landlord is showing it. Slamming doors, the roar of a four wheeler and strange voices. Will Yall Please Be Quite!! I even brought out the flyswatter, no spanks but the threat of one. I know...bad momma.

5) I thought...maybe if I turn the T.V. on and find something good to watch, I can calm down and get my zen back. As I am randomly punching numbers of my favorite channels, punched up 163 (instead of 168) and got this page saying it was loading an update. I'm like..what the ***? I think maybe I upgraded our package to the next level by mistake. Oh no no no no no! I hope not!

6) Hubby calls at 3:30, he will be home in 10 minutes. Home early again, grrr. Where is all the work? I let the dogs out to do their business, before I have to put them back in the house so I can open the gate for hubby. Thankfully there is a fence between us and the neighbors. Their new dog was laying against the fence and my dogs went into attack mode. Hair rising on their backs and well you know..bark, bark bark! I had to slap two plastic bowls together to get their attention! Broke a nail...Grrr...

7) I hurriedly get the roast going. 5 o'clock I pull it out and ohh it smells good! I'm thinking finally something is going right, WRONG!! I cut into it and CRAP it's not done. I forgot to reset the temperature!

I gave up and hubby took over. Sweet hubby knows when I have peaked my limit.

Sorry to have laid this bad day on yall. Writing it out, calms me.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Pillows

Warning this post may bring yawns! Sorry in advance.

How often do we think about the bed pillows?

Me, once a year!

Not because I want to, but because I have to.

Every year, I have to replace our bed pillows.

They get so flat that you can fold them in half, not quite to the point of staying folded but close enough.

I was watching Oprah, one day..many years ago..when I used to watch her..I don't anymore. Anyhoo..the program was about "When you should replace things" (I can't say that is the title of the program, but that is what my brain remembers), according to her and her little expert, bed pillows are supposed to be changed EVERY YEAR! Well, we are all supposed to know about the dust mites and such, so to be "healthy" we should throw them away.

And especially if you can fold it in half and it wont bounce back!

And every year I tell myself that when I do get new pillows, I am going to buy the high quality ones, not the $6 ones x4+tax.

But alas, when the time comes, I just can't force myself to pay those high quality prices. My $26 seems far more reasonable than say $70 to $80.

Why should I pay high quality prices, if I'm supposed to be throwing them away every year? (I try not to throw, I recycle for puppy beds)

I'm still not convinced that Oprah and her expert are right. I mean they have boocoo's of money they can makeup what ever kind of rules they want.

I would still like to buy a pillow that would give me the option to recycle or not.

Do the high quality pillows last any longer than a year? or should I say 3 to 4 years? That's how long it will take to break even.

What do you think or know? It's sad to say, but I could use a little help here.

Do you change your pillows every year?

Feel free to tell me if you yawned! LOL

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Award from Maureen

I have been graciously given another Kreativ Blogger award from Maureen. Which I am very happy to accept!

Kreativ Blogger Award

I would like to thank Maureen for recognizing my efforts to keep this blog at least a little bit interesting.

I would also like to thank all of my readers for being so supportive and not thinking or telling me that I am boring and for voicing their responses. I in turn do my best to answer all comments. Something I learned from watching others with their own blogs, thank you for teaching me blog etiquette.

What I am supposed to do is write 7-10 facts about me, then pass the "Kreativ Blogger" award on to other bloggers I like.
So here we go...

1) I have 3 Chihuahua's and 2 cats, they and hubby are my world.

2)I am a klutz, I can trip up the stairs just as easily as tripping down them. I can even trip myself with my own feet! I bump into things all the time. I can look down at my legs and count 3 bruises on my calves, but those are tiny. I have done worse! I once got a super sized one by walking into the leg of a bed frame that was leaning up against the wall on moving day.

3) I have recurring nightmares. Example:

I was napping today and had a familiar nightmare or napmare. The plot: I was at a old friends house visiting and had my dogs with me. Upon leaving after dark, one of my dogs run out the door. I'm yelling and running only to get to the door and see my dog being maulled by a wild dog. I of course wake up from the horror.

The people some times change and the location are never the same, but the plot remaims unchanged. That was just one example, there are more plots that do this to me.

4) Some of you may know this already: I was a runaway teenager. I am of course not proud of this, but it did teach me a lot of things I would never have learnt

Some men can be nice just for the sake of being nice and not want someting in return.

That my family really did care about me and not just want me around for the sake of being a babysitter and maid.

That my Aunt was the coolest woman in my life at the time.

5) I have made a number of friends here that most all want to write or have written a book. I feel so out of place. I probably make all English teachers cringe! Due to my youthful lack of interest in school, I regret that now.

6) My mom and I have become real good friends. That didn't happen over night! It took a lot of drunken nights of calling her and proceeding to lay all the blame on her, for EVERYTHING! We finally came to a truce about 7 years ago and we have gotten closer than ever, ever since.

7) I am the "go to" person in my crazy family. I get phone calls from all in the family, either just to yak or to vent about someone else in the family. It is a very difficult task to try to keep the peace, but it's my job and I give it my best.

8) It drives me INSANE to hear the news people saying: "Americans are holding on to their money, instead of spending it". I would like to know where I am holding it, both of my hands are empty! Maybe I just forgot where I hide the hundreds or even thousands of dollars I've been holding onto. Would make a great presant to find IT!! If I had IT, I would definately spend IT!!

That is about it for now.

Now to pass this on to other worthy winners:

Kristin A new find. She's just come back to blogging, so far her posts have been good reads.

Life in the slow lane Another new find. Her writing is interesting.

The suburban Life Another new find. Very funny!

Lulu A newcomer. Her post are funny, interseting and well written. I think. Althought she is super sick right now, I'm sure she will continue to keep posting.

Spot, does this count as a "Spread the word Thursday"? I should be good for a month right? "No"...well I had to give it a shot!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

V 83' vs V 09'

Okay ladies, be careful and don't slip on my drool!

In preparation of the premiere of V, syfy has played the 83' version with Marc Singer.

Most commonly known as "The Beast master"

I knew who Marc Singer was right away, because of Beast master. Love those hunky shows, mostly just for the view.
I must admit I didn't even know the was a older version of V. Am I alone in this?
It was originally a 3 part mini-series, then turned into a show with a couple of more movies to follow later. We got to watch the mini-series version. I sorta liked it but there were too many screw ups in the voice alterations and even in the scenery. BUT..come's MARC SINGER!! As long as you just look at him and let your mind wonder, who cares that the plot is about aliens!

While watching part 2, He was being escorted out of a room by guards and the back pockets of his jeans were much darker then the rest of his jeans.

I asked hubby..Did they tear off his back pockets?
He says..No, why?
Cause that is what it looked like. me a raised are sooo busted!
What? with mock innocence
You were soo checking out his butt!
I can not deny.
Hubby tried to convince me that he wasn't good saying..His eyes are too close together! LOLOLOLOL

The new V, aired last night. Did you even watch it or did Biggest Loser win the evening?

They definitely did some changes to the story line and some real cool updated technical effects. I really didn't get into it as much as hubby. I found it sort of confusing as to who the main characters are. If Marc Singer was the stud in the first one, who is the stud now? My only guess is Joel Gretsch.

I know him from "4400"

He is good looking, but is no Marc Singer! His part in the show really didn't impress me. I was expecting him to be in a strong male role, not as a confused priest.

So far I am not inclined to watch it again. I really didn't get drawn into it enough. The question is..Is hubby going to forgo NCIS for V permanently?
I hope not! I don't think I could go long without Mark Harmon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Good Friend Eddie

Sorry today's post is not a funny, I told Spot I would post it.

Here is the post that I wrote in July 2008.

A long long time ago:

When I was with my ex (monster), he had a friend named Eddie. I met him shortly after the relationship started. He turned into one of my biggest allies in that screwed up relationship.

When my monster and I would fight he would be the guy in my corner telling me that my monster was wrong or crazy. Eddie would move in with us when he and his woman were fighting which was often, so he was a constant in the relationship, almost like having a good friend always there. Eddie and I did have our issues just like any other friends do, I hated how his woman treated him and embarrassed him all the time. She could not drink without getting horribly drunk, worse than I had ever seen and I worked in a bar and drank. Eddie would get so upset with her, they would fight and he would move in. I was happy to have him there, but sad for his relationship. I always felt that, he felt the same way about my relationship.

Lots of times he would tell me, he wished he had meet me first and maybe we would have saved each other a lot of heartache. I would say "that it would never have worked because I would always be mad at him for leaving and not coming home for days." He says "I would never have left you cause you would never treat me like my woman does." I say "that is so true!" Then we would laugh our fool heads off, we both knew we were just joking.

Many of times Eddie was the one to talk some sense into my monster, which was probably the deciding factor in whether or not the guy was going to kill me or not. I truly believe Eddie saved my life on many occasions, for that I will always be grateful.

Even on the times when he didn't live with us, he was always there because they both worked at the same place. The only big issue I had with Eddie was the fact that he would always volunteer himself to do extra stuff, not only at work but also to his friends. Then he would complain that he didn't get paid for it or that he was so exhausted. I would always tell him to stop saying you'll do things unless someone else asked you to and it is okay to say no every once in awhile, but he couldn't do it. Which was one of his most endearing and frustrating qualities.

Eddie had again volunteered to go help the boss's father in law with a flat tire. The father and sister in law were stranded on the side of the freeway. As Eddie is practically under the truck changing the tire, the sister in law was sitting on the guardrail and the Father standing close by.

A passing truck had a trailer hitched to it and somehow the drop hitch came unbolted and the trailer came and crashed into the father in laws truck. The crash threw the father in law over the guardrail and pinned the sister in law between the guardrail and the truck, tearing open her back. Eddie ended up being pinned between the truck and trailer which had made it's way half way up under the truck. His leg was cut opened from the knee down to almost the ankle, it was very gruesome to see. We got to the crash site right before they rushed him to the hospital.

This accident caused him to move in with us and brought his woman back. It was a privilege to be able to take care of HIM this time, instead of the other way around. His leg was healing nicely so he and his woman went back home.

Eddie's father passed away from colon cancer that had gone to his bones and brain. We hounded Eddie to get checked.

My relationship ended, finally! I lost touch with Eddie.

Years later I found out that he had finally gotten checked and the results were positive. He fought it for a long time but the colon cancer finally won.

I was informed that he has passed away today at the age of 50.

Eddie you was loved and was a great friend, you will be missed!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pick-up Lines

In my time I have heard many different very lame pick-up lines.

From the most general...

Where have you been all my life,
God sent me an angel,
It's my lucky day to have found you,
You want to go to San Antonio?..I'll show you the Alamo! (that one worked)

To the disgusting...

Can I press my body to yours..I want to see if we match,
I bet you are superb in bed,
Can you stick out your tongue and twirl it for me?
I bet my Blank, will fit know where

Those are just a few, but you get the idea.

Well, I thought I had heard them all.

Now mind you...I haven't looked great since my late twenties, I've gained weight, lost many teeth and my hair has a lot of grey.

I was not in a bar, I was not drunk at a friends house...

I was at the...


In the produce section getting bananas. I had to wait for a man to move out of the way, we made eye contact for a brief micro second. I ran into him again in the bakery and again he was looking at me, making the hair stand on my neck. I was starting to get a little creeped out by the time I got to the meats. While looking at the turkeys (the bird, not ppl), this man approaches and asks...

Have you ever cooked Chicken Fried Steak? Ahhh..yeah.

Thankfully my face was never good at concealing my thoughts, I'm sure it conveyed to him that I thought he was insane! He left my presence and thankfully I didn't see him again.

I can safely say I have never heard that one before!

WT*..?? That was the best he could come up with?
Was it a test to see if I was a good cook?
That is how it felt, like he has to make sure a girl can cook above anything else.
What did he think, that micro second was an invite? Geez!!

Hubby and I had a real good time laughing about that one!

*Sorry about the bad words*

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old Blogger Page

About a year and a half ago, I started a blogger page. I did it so I would be able to comment on my step daughter #1's blog. I had done a few (3) posts on it and one in particular was very dear to me. I found Myspace and I jumped into writing all my blogs over there and completely forgot about the one I had started here.

When I finally did remember that one particular post, about eight months later I tried to login but I had forgotten all of my login info and had lost the post-it-note that it was written on.

When I come back to blogger two months ago, I had to create a whole new one and try to go on as if the other was never there or chalk it up to a loss.

Step daughter #2 informed me today that she had difficulty finding my blog. I just knew it was cause of the old one.

I took up the task of going through every scrap piece of paper in my files, quite a daunting task considering I get distracted very easy.

Many hours later, I found that little piece of paper.

I've found my old blogger page at last!

I noticed right off, that I had used the exact same name: Welch Happenings on both pages. No wonder she had a hard time.

Well all is fixed now and I got to save that particular post that I was sure was lost.

I don't know how many "Welch Happenings" there are out there in blogger world, but at least now I know that I only have one.