Friday, November 27, 2009

So Thankful that is Over!!

I know most of my readers won't be back to blogging till Monday, but just in case you have been waiting around for me to post (which I highly doubt)...

I am trying to wind down from the last 3 days.

It all started with the turkey..I am so clueless! How long to thaw, when should I take it out of the freezer and put in fridge? Mom says 3 days. Okay no problem! Just let me rearrange the frig and while I'm in there, throw away all the leftovers and clean it.

Now mind you, Mom doesn't really follow the package directions exactly, so I had to call her many times (in the past week) to make sure I got it all straight. I got it so crooked! In the end, I had a quadruple amputee bird! I don't think I ever found its wings, they might have ended up in the gravy!

With the head count at 16-20, I thought a 16 pounder would be perfect. Mom says..maybe not. So I go and buy an extra 5 pound breast. It never got touched. I have about 7 pounds of turkey meat left over! Me and hubby will never be able to eat it all before it goes bad, what a waste.

I started the pumpkin pies Tuesday. I had never done them before, Mom always did them. I was so lost! Mom should have just come and stayed with me for the week! I know she had to have gotten sick of me calling her! The edges of the crust got really dark, so of course I'm calling Mom. What did I do wrong? The aggervation seeping into the phone. My stove is not cooking at the right temp...grrr! Mom tells me to calm down, everything is okay. Yeah, but your not seeing what I'm seeing. As a testament to my "Not so great as Moms" pies, I made four and still have two left in the fridge!

Hubby had invited some of his family and I knew some don't like pumpkin, so I bought two apple pies. Only half of one got eaten, cause nobody from his side showed up. He was very peeved and upset.

I sent most of the left overs home with the family, but still ended up with a fridge full of food.

Hubby worked on the yard before everyone got there and had an asthma attack! Scared the bejebbers out of me. After sitting in his chair for about 20 minutes and still not getting any better, he finally broke down and used his inhaler. Stubborn old fart! Started feeling better in 10 minutes!

My baby sister accused me of being OCD! I started cleaning the place up as soon as everyone got a plate. Wellll, with 13 adults and 3 toodlers and 3 dogs following everybody around and a mountain of messy dishes! You bet your ***, I'm going to jump on the cleaning ASAP!

I didn't get to spend hardly any attention to my "Someday soon SIL", I am severly sorry about that.

Last time I did a turkey, I burnt my arm real bad. It left a super sized scar. I was getting through this one with just a tiny burn on my knuckle. I was feeling a little successful in this (don't hurt yourself) area. UNTIL...I was getting the first bag of trash ready to go out. I started to smush the bag and WHAM, I cut open my finger on a Green Bean can! Never fails! I WILL hurt myself somehow!

For about two weeks, I have been going through my stuff and storing this and that in the back of my truck. These things were supposed to be carted away with the family when they left. Nobody remembered! You would think out of 13 adults, someone would have mentioned the things I promised them!

And here is the kicker! My dad has a portable oxygen tank, that he has to take everywhere he goes. He left it here! So I will be seeing most of these people again later today. I was going to say tomorrow, but crap it's after one am already!

I better crawl my aching body to bed, talk at ya some more later.


mch3n said... [Reply to comment]

Hay I helped you with some of the cleaning.
You did a very good job at being the host for the second time.I enjoyed the extra time with you. I was up at 12:30am because Hannah had an asthma attack too.I got to go back to bed after 1:00am.

mch3n said... [Reply to comment]

Aunt Heather
I was there also ,but I was not running around like the other kids.I had a good time with all the famliy and the food was very good and the pumpkin pies were so good I was trying to eat a piece of pumpkin pie when my dad came and said that I had to come in and throw it away.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Oh dear we do obsess - but I'm sure everyone probably would have been happy with less food and more YOU.

Angelia said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness! We didn't get any turkey leftovers. His mom uses them in an overnight casserole. I'm salivating on my keyboard with your entire turkey breast left!!!! Mmmmm.

It sounds you like you had a quite a time of it. I'm glad it worked out (and it's over) and Dad got his oxygen, and hubby took his inhaler. Gosh. Maybe on your trip you got some of the things in the truck handed out?

Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Well, I hope your Thanksgiving memory-wound is healing nicely.

Shame you have to deal with that year after year!

Shall we place bets on Thanksgiving 2010??

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Sister...yes you were the helpful one, just a shame I didn't get you for longer. I was washing dishes till ten that evening.

Hannah Boo...Thank you and yes I knew you was there..geez. Sorry you had to throw your pie away. Maybe someday you will tell me why. Sorry you had another asthma attack, but glad you was able to handle it yourself.

Grace...Your right, I just don't know how to relax with company.

Angelia...Yup, Dad got his air and all goodies were handed out. The holiday is offically over.

Kathryn...I have a scar for each turkey I have done, I have come to the conclusion that turkeys are dangerous! No more cooking turkeys for me for a few years! All bets are cancelled!