Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seven Things About My Bad Day

Yesterday was awful! I was moody, cranky and very short with my hubby, family and even my pets.

Lets talk about these "pets". Your probably wondering why the quotation marks on pets. Even if you weren't wondering I will tell you anyways. Told you I was cranky!

Usually on any other day they would be called My Babies!

Intros...L to R
Taco Bell (Old, sweet and most of the time laid back. Also the daddy of..)
Stitch (Loud, playful, and instigator)
Chaquita (Miss bad***, hubbies little girl and Stitches back up)

1) I was jerked out of sleep by a loud bark in my ear at 7am. Way too early for my taste I am instantly aggravated! I jump up out of bed Crap it's cold and open the front door to see what is the matter, it was just the neighbors making noise.

The neighbors...They are very close and any noise made inside their house or even outside. Send my dogs into a barking mob. Their daughter, hubby and 2 babies have moved back in, so the noise level has increased. Apparently the SIL has to do something under the hood of his van to get it started. The slam of the hood is what got Stitch going this morning. Oh and they have a new outdoor dog, that mine can see and drives them crazy! Bark, bark, bark and 100 more!

2) Bumped into this and that, stumped my toe, spilled my coffee all over the floor. I got some leftover Chili out for lunch and mirco'ed it, while taking it out Fumble I had to catch the falling HOT bowl before it hit the floor, Splash all over my shirt. HOT HOT HOT! After showering, I'm like..maybe it's time to try to recapture that hour Stitch stole from me.

3) Today was my parents 33rd anniversary, I had tried to call them earlier (in between the coffee and chili), no answer. I had just gotten snuggled in, was almost asleep and the phone rang. Caller's mom. I lay there and gave my wishes and hung up. Not even 3 minutes's dad! Ever since dad got his computer, he has become a long talker. I chanced it and took the call, thankfully he was busy with the grand kids. Finally I am back under the covers and sleep comes at last! 20 minutes , that is all the DOGS could give me! Grrrrr...

4) Bark, bark, bark...What is it now?! The trailer on the opposite side is up for rent and the landlord is showing it. Slamming doors, the roar of a four wheeler and strange voices. Will Yall Please Be Quite!! I even brought out the flyswatter, no spanks but the threat of one. I know...bad momma.

5) I thought...maybe if I turn the T.V. on and find something good to watch, I can calm down and get my zen back. As I am randomly punching numbers of my favorite channels, punched up 163 (instead of 168) and got this page saying it was loading an update. I'm like..what the ***? I think maybe I upgraded our package to the next level by mistake. Oh no no no no no! I hope not!

6) Hubby calls at 3:30, he will be home in 10 minutes. Home early again, grrr. Where is all the work? I let the dogs out to do their business, before I have to put them back in the house so I can open the gate for hubby. Thankfully there is a fence between us and the neighbors. Their new dog was laying against the fence and my dogs went into attack mode. Hair rising on their backs and well you know..bark, bark bark! I had to slap two plastic bowls together to get their attention! Broke a nail...Grrr...

7) I hurriedly get the roast going. 5 o'clock I pull it out and ohh it smells good! I'm thinking finally something is going right, WRONG!! I cut into it and CRAP it's not done. I forgot to reset the temperature!

I gave up and hubby took over. Sweet hubby knows when I have peaked my limit.

Sorry to have laid this bad day on yall. Writing it out, calms me.


Spot said... [Reply to comment]

Aww...poor Heather. Furbabies can be just as bad and demanding as real babies sometimes! I know, trust me. I only have one dog though, and she's a hunting dog so she lives outside. I'm also terribly allergic to dogs so even though I would like to bring her in, I can't. And once, I put supper in the crockpot on a very busy day and when hubby went to stir it for me, found out it wasn't even plugged in!! I cried. So I feel you girl. Crap days~ we all have 'em. Blog them, get them out and then breathe.

hoping it's a better day for you,

Janet said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sorry you had such a tough day yesterday! I hope you have a nice, calm, relaxing, injury free weekend!

Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

Aw, thank goodness for Hubby!
Hope tomorrow's better.

Angelia Sims said... [Reply to comment]

I love reading rants. It makes me feel more normal. I have bad days and sometimes I'm scared to say so but they happen. They make me appreciate the good ones. :-)

I have only giant dogs. They don't bark at every sound. Thank God!

However my mom has 5 LITTLE dogs inside her house. Two Pappions, one half Pappion half poodle, one Shitzuh, and one Yorkie.
THEN, she has (I'm not making this up) a collection of strays in the backyard. Barney a black lab, Momma a cow dog and her two puppies Boy and ??, plus another cow dog named Sweetie - all dumps. Bloodhounds Rosie, Sunshine, Charlie, and the vast collection of foster bloodhounds. One of them had puppies and I believe she still has four of those.

My point.....when they start barking.....ALL of them start barking. It feels like the roof of the house is going to fly off. I have never heard such a thing. OMG!

Hope you have a GOOD relaxing happy day! Chocolate works wonders :-)

mindy@thesuburbanlife said... [Reply to comment]

Funny...there must be something in the air. I posted my bad mood too. Thought it would help...bad news, still in one! =) Hopefully you've kicked yours in the butt!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry I didn't get back to everyone. Thanks to all for the well wishes.