Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My December... Days 6-11

I know, I know...I am soo far behind. It has been one crazy week with dad in the hospital for nearly 4 days and as soon as he gets home my mom ends up in the hospital and still is. Hoping she gets to come home tomorrow.

Soo, lets see where I left off...

Day 6... Shopping. Well first let me point out that I am not a big shopper. I very rarely go shopping just for the heck of it. When I do go, I tend to have a list of exactly what I am there for and I get in and out as quickly as I can, I don't linger or browse. I don't like to walk around and dream of having this or that, especially knowing it is not in the budget and probably never will. I have learned over the decades that most of what I would ohh and ahh over is really stuff I don't even need and probably will never or hardly ever use.

I did however do some shopping online last weekend. Hubby got some new work coveralls and i got 2 new patterns! LOL! All practical items, no frivolous stuff for us.

Day 7... Bright. I am not too bright. LOL!! Sorry it was the first thing that came to mind. I do try to keep my mind fresh and challenge it from time to time but the ever mounting evidence that my hubby keeps stored in his brain proves that there are numerous times that I am just not to bright. This is not to put myself down, I am fully aware and hilariously amused by my "out there" moves.

Day 8...Ornaments. I wanted to make my own ornament for our tree this year and even found some great patterns but I'm just a wee bit lazy. Naw, just kidding. I am so busy with orders I haven't even managed to get the tree up and decorated.

Day 9...READ??? Does patterns count? LMAO!

Day 10... Wrapping paper. This is soo sad. I used to have soo much wrapping paper it would take me years to use it all. My sis was wanting some Christmas supplies and I gave her all that I had. I made my grandkids some presents and couldn't even wrap them! That is sad!

Day 11... Green.

♪ Well the green outside is dying.
The Kitties are all crying.
It's soo cold , it's soo cold, it's soo cold. ♫


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My December... Day 5

Our local weatherman Bill Taylor says it best... another chilly night on the way.... light jackets for this evening as temps dip into the 50s by 8pm. then we're on our way to a low of 46 in the city...upper 30s possible in the Hill Country. Sunny and Springlike tomorrow afternoon with highs nearing 80. BIG FRONT on its way for Sunday night. This is the weather I love the most during the day but at night it is friggin COLD! Cold makes my back hurt and that is never good, so far that hasn't happened yet but this looming "big Front" that is supposed to drop the temps to lows in the low 30's and highs in the low 50's is gonna hurt. Heaters on full blast PLEASE! Yes, I know it is nothing compared to all the Northern states but I am a admitted Texas wimp! LOL! Sigature,Heather

My December... Day 4

Joyous... well if you really know me than you would know I am joyous (not a word I use, ever) at how my little crochet business has kept me pretty and steadily busy for the last few months. A true blessing when one was needed.

I guess my biggest joy is that I have a hubby that doesn't drive me crazy...much (hehe). I talk to my mom every day and the things she deals with from my dad...lets just say... Oh boy, do I love the hubby! He would never do or demand like dad does. BUT then again, I would never do or demand like mom does. (love you guys) Just thought I would throw that in before I get in trouble! LOL!

Another joy I get is listening to my namesake in the evenings over the phone. I can hear her giggles, screams happiness and sleepiness. The joys of bath time, the squeals of delight over green beans, the screams that the cat took her crayons, the giggles of chasing said cat... the girl just makes my day! ♥

That is about all I can think of at the moment, the pain pills are kicking in so I best bid yall a goodnight.

Oh wait.... grandkids...It fills my heart up with joy every time I think about our beautiful and wonderful grandkids.

Okay, now it's a good night.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My December...Day 3

Yes, I am late but I really do have a super good excuse! I was sleeping. Still don't get why that is a good excuse? Let me see if I can clear it up for ya.

The topic for day 3 is Red. I saw plenty of red today, not the saying "seeing red" but actual red blood flowing from my mouth. Still wondering what the heck? hehe Naw, it wasn't bad.

I have what dentists like to call "Advanced Periodontal Disease" and over the years have had to have several teeth at a time removed (based on finances)due to exposed roots and loose teeth.

I had a loose tooth that had been bugging me for some time. Just bugging me, not hurting me enough to warrant spending nearly a hundred a tooth to go get it out. Well, that changed about a month ago. Just about the same time hubby was out of work and searching for a job. Great timing huh?! Never fails!

I was going to wait till after income tax time to go in and get all 8 of my teeth out at the same time. Sorta like...get the pain over with all in one shot! Sometimes it is like my plans and my body are at war with each other and very rarely ever get along.

So, I broke down and called the dentists office this morning with the intention of just getting that one tooth removed and pay for it out of my craft money. They set me up an appointment for 1pm. Hubby called at 11am to check how I was going and says go ahead and see if they can get all 3 (bottom front) done at once. I did and they said yes but gosh I hated the idea of spending that money especially since he has yet to get his first paycheck from his new job. Pain vs damage to the finances...hard call, but..whats done is done..oh well.

There, that is my version of "red" for this December 3rd, not very Christmasy is it?! LOL!

If you want another version of red... the tip of my index finger is red from making kool-aid and dropping the package in the water and having to retrieve it. Hehehe!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

My December...Days 1 and 2

Apparently I need to relearn how to blog! It has been soo long since I even thought about just blogging for the heck of it, I don't even know where to begin.

I ran across this photo challenge and thought it would be fun to try to write a post about each day using the prompts listed , hoping it will get me back into the swing of things.

Soo since I missed the first day and nearly catching the tail end of the second day, I will do both.

On the 1st... My view was really awesome! Hubby was outside racing the lawnmower all over the yard, he misses Nascar already! I can already tell it is going to be a long wait till February for the racing to start again, BUT in the meantime I will have freshly mowed leaves and dead grass! LOL!

I also just love to see all the red and yellow leaves all over the back yard. We have trees all over the place and the one in my back yard is the only one to turn such lovely colors. I have no clue what kind of tree it is.

On the 2nd... I would have to say my ultimate most favorite holiday movie is "It's A Wonderful Life". I can watch that movie every year and every year it still makes me cry. Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Berrymore's performance in that movie was just nothing short than spectacular. As most of you know hubby and I watch alot of old movies and we have seen lots of performances from all these actors but this movie still ranks pretty high on our list of great ones.

But speaking of movies... We watched the 1949 version of "Little Women" with June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor this evening and hubby stayed up till it was over. I was silently laughing to myself at the thought that "this" movie had his attention and wouldn't let him sleep! LOL! I have seen this man sleep through horror and action movies and even scientific and history documentaries (all his favorites btw), but yet this "chic flick" "date night" movie has him up. Yeah I was dying to laugh out loud! 


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Being Grateful for our Blessings

I've been sitting here thinking on how blessed we are and all the things we have to be thankful for. We live a very simple life and yet we don't really hurt for anything. We still have a roof over our heads, even though sometimes it leaks it is still there. More than some can say, especially in these times of hardships across the country. We haven't had any automotive issues lately and that alone is a great blessing. It doesn't hurt that the hubby is on top of regular maintenance like a fly to glue paper (almost to an annoyance (hehehe)). No big health issues to report. For that alone I am extremely grateful. Sure we have our aches and pains and hubby's coughing/breathing issue but no trips to the doctors or hospital for a good long time. Even though hubby was unemployed for 6 weeks and things were getting pretty scary for the pocketbook, we are thankful to report hubby has a job and starts work Monday. Hard times are still ahead but I am confident that once we get past the holidays things will look up and the pocket book wont be stretched as badly. My little side business Southern Gal's Crochet has been going good and has blessed us with some much needed extra funds in our time of need. Every sale no matter how small helped. I am grateful that I was blessed with the knowledge to crochet and have found a way to help my hubby. I am grateful for my family and friends. We never had to ask a thing from them but they were always there to help provide. My pantry may not look like much to most people but it is filled with love. Many a meal was provided by the wonderful people in our lives. I'm sure I have posted something very similar to this post before, but I never tire of sharing what we have to be so grateful for. I could go on and on but I wont. Be grateful for the big and especially the little blessing you have in your life. Sigature,Heather

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family BBQ

Good Morning!

Ha, haven't said that in awhile. My mornings usually start cloudy headed and groggy but this morning I am actually thinking...hmm, maybe last nights headache damaged me, I should NOT be thinking this early!

I just got through sending out invites to the family for a get together bbq. Yes I am wondering about my sanity, why thank you for asking.

I get to see my family maybe 3 times a year (on average) but most of them see each other all the time. My gas guzzling truck doesn't allow me to do a whole lot of traveling. I feel pretty lucky to see them more than 3 times, when I do.  I wanted to find a time that we got together for NO holiday, NO birthday, just for the heck of it. AND yes, I am having them come to me this time.

Who knows..maybe nobody will show and hubby and I can eat on a brisket for a week! LOL!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bits of this and that...

Well here we are again almost two years later and I am headed back to the eye doctor for those bifocals that I needed but didn't get. Wondering if I should go for a different look or stick to what I like best. I'll let ya know how it goes.

I was getting a whole chicken ready and stuffed for the oven. I put the stuffing in and sewed up the skin to hold it in. Hubby has asked me a few times over the years...if he was ever to need stitches, would I sew him up? My response has always been a HECK NO!! Well, he came in the kitchen just as I was sewing up the bird and said...You will never be able to get away with saying no ever again! HA, wanna bet! LOL!

Since our sudden change in smoking habits since April, we have been doing good. Although hubby did start smoking again, he is still down to half a pack a day, like me. It really helps that I have implemented a no-smoking in the house rule. I truly believe this rule is the only reason we are doing so well, it forces us to have to go outside and in these temps...you have to REALLY want one! LOL! I also noticed that it has brought me and the hubs some good quality chat time, sitting on the porch together instead of competing for attention over the noise of the television.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Hope yall have a good week!   


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Me doing Electronics

So since we have practically stopped smoking (compared to what we used to smoke), we now have a bit more money available to us. We have been with out a VCR for a very long time (and have hundreds of tapes) and have been using the portable DVD player that is supposed to be in hubby's truck to watch any movies. Those long waits while waiting in line to get unloaded can very boring, so he really needs it back in his truck. I took the little extra money we had accumulated and bought us a VCR/DVD player! Yeah for us! But I let it set there in the box for nearly 2 weeks. hahaha

 Today while talking on the phone with mom I decided to get it out of the box and see if I could hook it up. I don't know why messing with things like that intimidated me so but they do...ALOT! Mom is still on the phone and I am getting a little frustrated because I did it just like the diagram said to do it and it is still not working. She says...Who are you talking to? Me? The mom who can't even figure out how to use her computer? I think you need to talk to your father AND promptly hands the phone to dad! I can hear Dad bellowing in the background.. What? Talk to her, Heather is having trouble hooking up her VCR. (Daddy's happy zone is talking electronics) I tell daddy what all I did and he tells me to move the yellow, red and white wires. Still nothing was happening, I put in a movie, made sure the tv was on the right channel and still nothing. I had my face down in front of the VCR and said...hmmm maybe this would help. Daddy says what and I busted out laughing and snorting!

AND yes it did help and I was still laughing when I told daddy what I did....he hung up on me!

Always remember to push the POWER button! LMAO!!!!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Precious memory or Junk?

Yesterday was a big cleaning day and I tackled my closet for the first time in a year. I try to do it every year around spring cleaning time but sometimes I push it off for a few extra months, like this year.
After getting it done and put back together, I had a long sit down outside under the stars. Yeah it was a long 12 hour day, no it wasn't all on just the closet. While sitting there and reviewing what all I had gotten into and saved, I got to wondering about what will happen to all my stuff when I die.

I've always been one to know that yes I could die at anytime. I might not wake up or I might have a tree fall on me or worse I might cut myself so bad that I bleed to death before help could arrive. My point is you never ever know just how or when you will go. I guess this thinking process has come to mind cause hubby's coworker went home to find his wife had died of a stroke at 45 last week.

I have watched families fight and pick over loved ones possessions sometimes to the point of fighting. In a way I understand that, the item has precious memories attached to them or they know it was something precious to their loved one.

I look around at my "stuff" and wonder does anyone know why this or that was precious to me, why I continue to keep it and not just chunk it away. Well to tell ya the truth I really don't know why I keep somethings cause when I do die it is just going to be a house of junk that no one will understand and will probably throw it all away.

As I don't have any children of my own that shared in the memories of why I have what I have, I wonder the logic of keeping anything at all. Maybe I should wrap up my items individually with a note as to why it was important to me.

That washcloth isn't just any washcloth, it was knitted by my blind great grandmother!
That rose necklace (yes it was from AVON) used to hang around my grandmother neck.
That purple rock in the shape of an egg was given to me by the hubby's father.
That green scratchy baby blanket was mine made by my birth mother. 
That 80's skin tight dress was from me and my best friend back in our teens.
GAWD forbid if anyone EVER throws away my Bon Jovi t-shirt!!! (I think I will request to be wearing it!)
ect..ect.. So many things to the unknowing that will be just junk.

Soo, for those of you with children to pass your precious items to, let them know what they are and why they mean something.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Canning for the first time!

A little continuation of "Blessings on the Table".

I sit here and I am just beaming with warmth from the generosity my landlord keeps giving. When we had to move in 08', we were thoroughly blessed to find this place and to have such a wonderful couple to rent the lot from.

In the last month he has given me bags of zucchini, squash, tomatoes and plums. The first batch of zucchini and squash he gave us was mostly all eaten but sadly I did have to throw some away cause they were starting to spoil. The bag of cherry tomatoes he gave to hubby were nearly all eaten but again some spoiled. This bothered me...alot. I hate throwing away food especially in these hard times. Most of the time we eat what was prepared till it is gone, even if it means eating the same thing for a couple days. That is how much I hate wasting food!

Another bag of zucchini was left on the gate and yes I do love zucchini but I was burnt out on them by this point. Soo...

I figured it was high time to get over my fear and ignorance and learn how to do Home Canning. I'd been talking about it, thinking on it and wishing I knew where or how to begin. With some help from my friends pointing me in the right direction and sharing some cool links, I figured out what all I was going to need and where to get it. Hubby then surprised me with a shopping trip to get supplies for canning, I guess that was his way of saying "Stop talking about it and just do it already!"  Fear is a big thing...I let the supplies sit there for a day just trying to muster up the courage. I was so afraid I was going to ruin the zucchini and then it would have been all wasted...we all know how much I hate wasting food! I had to remind myself that if I don't at least try they are gonna go bad anyway.

Bravery on a Saturday afternoon! I turned the second batch of zucchini into Bread and Butter zucchini pickles! 

 I was soo excited when I finally started hearing the pops of the lids sealing, I was high 5'ing the air and doing a little dance! A success! Now my brain was working...what can I do next? (personally I think canning may be addicting)

The next day I decided to make jam with the wild blackberries (some folks call them Dewberries) I picked earlier this year and froze in quart bags. It was even simpler than the pickles (honestly I was surprised how easy but I did mess with the recipe a bit cause OMGoodness it called for ALOT of sugar) and yes I was again dancing in excitement at each lid popping. Mostly I was grinning from ear to ear cause, I mean..LOOK, I did this!!

The following day the landlord dropped of some plums. Now I am not a big fan of plums, matter of a fact I have never bought any and hadn't eaten one since I was still living with my parents (mom loves them).  I had NO idea what to do with them.

I wanted to make some plum butter butter after reviewing the recipes and realizing I don't have the spices and the recipes are nearly exactly like jam I opted to go with jam instead.

Let me tell ya the mashing of the plums through a strainer was kinda time consuming but I managed to get'r done! I wanted to make some plum butter butter after reviewing the recipes and realizing I don't have the spices and the recipes are nearly exactly like jam I opted to go with jam instead.

I just love the taste! Some of the plums weren't completely ripe so the jam as a sweet and slightly tarty taste...yumm! We have already gone through a jar! I gave the landlord and his wife a jar of each and received a call last night from them giving me rave reviews and in return I got another bag of plums! LOL! Hmmm...any suggestions???

 Let me give a shout out to Jen over at All Because 2 People Fell In Love. She was my inspiration to really get on the Ball and do it. (sorry about the pun, I couldn't help myself..LOL!)

Friday, June 8, 2012

A little morning with the Furries

I roll over and look at the clock. 6 hours, that's all. I am soo not going to get up. I lay there, eyes wide open. I look down at the cat laying on my feet, he's staring right at me, probably waiting to see what I am going to do. Stitch noticed I waved to Whiskers. Yup, I'm awake but I ain't getting up! Haha oh yes you are! Lick lick, bounce bounce, step on your hair! Okay okay, let me up. Giggles.
What is it with a dog, as soon as they realize your eyes are open you MUST get up! LOL! Makes ya wonder how long they have been laying there watching you...I just got a creep vibe. Maybe it's best not to know!

I cautiously put my weight on my knee...hmm seems to be fine so far, this might actually be a good day. (Just in case ya didn't know, my left knee has been pretty bothersome for awhile now) I stroll out to the kitchen... coffee, microwave, computer, dog out, bathroom, back to microwave, back to computer for one click, coffee fixed up and out to the porch I go. (yes, I am still smoking only outside. It's going well and still down to smoking around 8 - 12 cigs a day.)

Good morning momma (kitty)! We sit there sipping, puffing, petting and purring. Grr..that black cat is in my yard again. I can't run it out cause of my knee and being barefoot. I look down at momma and asked "Why you keep letting that cat in my yard?" she purrs. (eye roll with a giggle)

Chaquita comes out, stands there at the top of the stairs and scans the yard. She sees the neighbors dogs and growls, barks and runs. I busted out laughing! She sees these dogs EVERY single day and yet she acts like they are complete strangers. Cracks me up!  

I come back inside, Whiskers is eating. I start this post. I can hear Whiskers getting some water, I can hear Whiskers urping (throwing up) (he does this often).  Ohh man...Whiskey. I grab a paper towel, clean up the mess, pat him on the head and tell him...I don't know how you are soo fat when you do this all the time! LOL!

You wondering about Taco and Peachy? Well they still haven't gotten up yet. I take my blessing when I can get them! Haha


Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Have I done anything significant in the last ten years?"

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the day hubby should have been killed by that pipe that whacked him across the head and cracked two vertebra in his neck, busted his eardrum, broke his ear and a hairline fracture on the skull. This has left him in a strange mood today. I'm sure it didn't help matters that he had to put our cat down today, I know how much that pains him to have to do that.

He asked me a very powerful question that I at first didn't know what to say to.

"Have I done anything significant in the last ten years?"

I hadn't realized it had been 10 years since the accident, I didn't grasp to what he was referring to or looking for. I asked stupid stuff like...you mean around the house, for us or generosity towards others?.

In general, he says. Like what have I done with the 10 years I shouldn't have had.

I was stumped.

But then I blurted out... you've been wonderful to me, you provide and are constantly doing things for me! AND hey we ended up getting married 6 years ago, that wouldn't have happened if you had died. PLUS you've had grand babies, to which he replied with a "that would've happened anyway". I countered it with "that you have been able to see and they have had the opportunity to love you. You also might want to think on this...it would have been torture for your parents to have had to bury their son.  After a few moments of reflecting on these he agreed I was right.

AND now that I have had a few moment to reflect on this, I have come to the conclusion that it really isn't a matter of what you have done with your time it is that you were here for that time and just your presence has an impact on those around you.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blessings on the table

Sitting here and feeling very blessed.
I get something out for us to eat and I think of the person that gave it to us...

Cereal..my mom
Pancakes and syrup...also mom
Peanut butter sandwich...brother and sis
Zucchini...our landlord
Tomatoes...also our landlord
Venison sausage...trucking buddy
and so much more...

Just soo many blessings and they keep coming, makes one wonder what I have been doing right lately...I have no answer for that. I guess that is why they are called blessings, the unexpected return on something you have no clue what it was. All I know is that I am grateful for the blessings and the people in our lives that bestow such great kindness on us. 


Monday, May 14, 2012

What's on my mind this morning...

Well I am quite concerned of hubby's health. Him not smoking has left him with some major coughing spells and some deep wheezing in his chest. Things that he already had before but not as severe. I know it is his body trying to release all that junk in his lungs but dang it gets pretty scary. AND I hate to see him in such pain.

My kitchen area is a disaster! I have 6 large bags of yarn sitting here on the floor waiting to go to mommas house. I also have 2 bags of groceries to take to daughter's house AND the table is covered with my bags of stuff to take to the arrival of my niece. Which none of this can be loaded into the car till the time to head out...

Which leads me to when is that kid going to arrive! Nobody knows, whenever she darn well feels like it! haha, She is in a rush for NO one, she is currently now past her due date. Yes this one has been on my mind for the last 3 days...pins and needles, pins and needles.

I have 8 teeth left in my head and naturally one of them is loose and hurting. Not super bad, more like an annoyance really. Ohh, I long for the day when I will never have another toothache! Just 8 more $75 visits to go!
Ugh, NO! Money get out of my morning!

Sitting here looking out the window and thinking maybe I should mow today. LOL! Yes, I probably should, but the probability of me actually doing it is very low. haha. BUT then again it's not like I have anything else to do today but sit here and wait for that phone call...
Silly kid didn't get the memo that the oven timer has already gone off!

Well it's time to head outside and see what I can get into. Yall have a great day!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cigs are in my brain...

The whole process of smoking has really got me on edge and a slump. Not really sure those two feeling can coexist together but it sure feels like they can and are.

Since the hubby is going on 2 weeks tomorrow with no smoking, I have been taking my smoking to the great outdoors instead of torturing him by smoking in the house. This has me down from about 25 cigs a day to right at 8. I am on edge! I fidget in my chair, I can't seem to get comfortable or sit in one spot for too long. I am getting snippy with the animals and feel like I am going to blow my top at them any given moment for the slightest little thing. I think about going outside nearly constantly... in the rain storm or blazing sun, even the mosquitoes don't stop me! It is exactly like quitting drugs...Torture!! And I'm not even quitting, just slowing down.

The slump part is from being unable to keep my focus or interest in what I am doing. Even if I am busy, I feel slow, like everything I am doing is in slow motion and unsatisfying. At first I was crocheting like crazy to keep my mind and my hands busy but even that hasn't worked in two days. I find myself just sitting there staring off in space...think about going outside for that cig.

 Even this post is taking longer than normal cause I keep pausing trying to collect my thoughts and keep them on track. ....bye, thanks for listening to my scrambled brain.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Laughing through the sickness...

Wow, what a week! I am so glad that is over with and I survived, although there was a few times when I wondered if I would.
It all started with (I'm guessing since I never go anywhere) the Fiber Fest I went to last Saturday. Monday evening I noticed a little tickle in my throat, no matter how many times I tried to clear my throat the worse it got. Hubby got up and I told him I think I caught something. He responded with the usual...I better NOT come down sick, cause if I do...I'm going to have to murderize ya. Haha!
By Tuesday my throat was on fire and I was definitely full blown sick. I hardly remember Tuesday or Wednesday, I slept through both days. Thursday was a more alert day but not by much. Hubby called me (as he usually does when he is on his way home) and asks...What is you choice of weapon?
How do you want to die? (scratchy throat voice)
LMAO!!! Your sick?
Knife, gun, bat...?
Stop it! Your killing me! (I was laughing so hard and coughing at the same time.) You forgot to mention laughter!
Later that evening I glance over his way and he is glaring at me.
I love you.
Oookaay. (spooked)
You know the only reason your still sitting there is cause I love ya.
LMAO!!! Good to know! Dodged a bullet on that one.
He lights up and moves like he is going to get up...Bullet you say...that's your weapon?!!!
All in good fun folks, no evilness in this funning.
Friday was 50% better than Thursday and I even managed to get some chores done. I posted the kittens on craigslist and even managed to get all three of them rehomed. On my way home from the grocery store I noticed this car behind me looked alot like our car. I glanced at the clock and it was only 1 pm, I shook my head and told myself it wasn't him but it turned everytime I did. Finally on the last turn I just knew it was him, the poor sick boy was sent home from work.
Spent the last two days watching him sleep and when he is awake.. boy oh boy is he a baby! I sit here wondering if I was that miserable or is it the "men are babies when sick" syndrome. Poor guy, I really shouldn't pick on him but he's so cute and helpless when he's sick.
The only good thing about him being sick is I got two whole days of being the Remote Queen! I'm gonna miss that. LOL!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Disclaimer...this post is NOT for picking on my brother (I love him dearly), it's just to show how our little convo on facebook got me to thinking.

He shared this: (sorry for it's slight vulgar-ness)

I responded with this: Call me a grammer idiot but what is the point of bothering with "You're"? Why not just write "you are"?

His response: Because... in speech, no one ever says, "You are." You wouldn't say, "Don't forget your gloves, you are going to need them." You would say, "You're going to need them." So in order to correctly quote someone, or to present dialogue realistically, you'd have to use the contraction in order for it to be grammatically correct.

Here is where my brain starts hurting, thinking does that to me ya know.

I am a grammer nightmare! LOL!

The last time I even remember English class was in the 8th grade, but the last time I remember actually listening was in my first year (I did it twice) of 7th grade. AND I'm purty sure I have forgotten most all of that was taught. Notice I didn't say all that was learned, cause who said I learned anything!

I will have to correct my brother though. I DO say "you ARE" to lots of folks, many times but you are right, not all the time. But notice how I say it (like to the hubby)... You ARRE being a butthead or You ARRE going to regret that. My "ARRE" is said in a manner of a warning with an eyebrow raised, voice one octave higher than the rest of the sentence and a drawl of the R.

The thought crossed my mind that since we have a spell check (and believe me, it checks me out ALL the time!), maybe we should have a grammer check or even a punctuation check. Wouldn't that just make alot of peoples day!

AND yes Mr.Spellcheck is telling me I spell grammer wrong. Poo. Everytime I think of writing it g.r.a.m.m.A.r I think of my parents. They still have a lot of the north in them and sometimes the R is so silent you can't hear it, it sounds like grammah. They even pronounce my name as Heah-tha. My "er" was then used on the tail end of my sister's name, which ends with an A. LOL! (spellcheck is really hating me right now!)

BUT here is were my rebellion kicks in. In speech...we do NOT all talk the same. Each region has it's own dialect of the English language, slang words, foreign words and such. So are we to all type the same? If I was to be grammatically correct, all the time and so was everybody else...what would be the point? I would be lost in a sea of drones. But you're lucky cause I don't even know how to be grammatically correct.

If there weren't any "ain'ts, yalls, ya's and a whole lot of bad spelling, improper sentences and misleading punctuations...How would you know it was really me and not some robot? I love being me and having my words reflect ME and the way I talk everyday! The undereducated, country hick girl that I am.

Hehe...I got red squiggly lines everywhere!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Count to Ten, Breathe and try not to Scream!

This morning started with me opening my eyes, looking at the clock and determining it is too early to get out of bed especially considering this is the third time I have opened my eyes already. First at 3, then at 6 and again at 8. I slept 10 minutes more and Taco was at my door barking to be let outside. I grumble in frustration and go ahead and get up. I didn't even make it to the coffee and hubby is grumbling about the mess that Little Boy had made with the living room in his attempts to find a window that he could get out by. I clean up the mess, head to the coffee only to realize that there isn't any!

Get coffee going, head to the bathroom. The litter box is rank, so had to deal with that. Hubby had thrown a large pile of laundry right in the entrance of the bathroom, I nearly tripped over it this morning, so I guess it is going to be a laundry day. Whiskers threw up and as soon as I had that cleaned up, he did it again! Mind you I still haven't had any coffee yet!

All of this has had me going to the trash can a few times, YES the trash can is overflowing and hubby commented that it needed to go out. Sigh (with some grrrrs).

Hubby informs me I have to hurry up and get to the grocery store, he is on his last bit of Sprite. I sigh. I grab a pen and paper and start my list. BIG sigh! I know I have said it a bunch of times BUT "I hate grocery shopping!". The prices depress me.

Hubby also asks me about his dollar coins that I should have picked up at the bank yesterday when I was there but forgot. This throws me over the top and I get snippy at him. SIGH!

What the heck is taking the friggin coffee so long!!!!!!

Bad sleep, let dogs out, Little Boys mess, NO COFFEE! Litter box, laundry, cat barf, NO COFFEE! Trash, grocery list, snippy at hubby, STILL no friggin COFFEE!

I cheat and steal half a cup from the unfinished pot. Quickly do my budget as I swig it down and am out the door headed to the grocery store. I get back and hubby is busy loading the truck with the trash to take to the dumpster. No help this time. Grumble, grumble. As I am still unloading the car, hubby comes back and informs me that the truck is overdue for an oil change. Okay, since I am still on my feet and outside, I'll head on over to the parts store and pick up the oil and filter.

Ohh but first come look at this, the truck is a quart low on oil. This is why I don't want you taking this truck on long trips! AND look at this hose...he touches the hose...gives it a pull and there ya go! I am officially broke down! The hose broke off and guess what...the parts store doesn't carry it! I'm going to have to try to find it from the dealership.

Thankfully for yall, I am sitting here and finally getting to drink my coffee and hopefully calm down.

Now to get back to that laundry! (But I really just want to go back to bed and try to start this day over)


Monday, April 9, 2012

Respectful, Responsible and Considerate Neighbors...We should all try it.

Writer's Workshop #3... Neighbors.

Living in the center of 3 trailers as given me plenty of experience of various types of neighbors. I have good neighbors on one side and have had a slew of bad neighbors on the other side, that is who I will be talking about.

We have been blessed with good neighbors that are quite similar to us.
Quiet...no loud parties, no loud music, no fighting.
Considerate...I let out a scream and they are right there to see if I'm okay or like the day I ran out of gas and they took me to go get some or the day they stopped by and gave us a pecan pie (man I wish I could cook, I would love to return the kindness).
Polite...Always says Hi, talks to us across the fence but not all up in your business
Watchful...we can always count on them to watch over the place when we are gone.
They are the perfect neighbors for us.

But now to the other side.
This trailer has seen many types come and go.

A large family... lots of noise, music, fighting, drinking, honking horns, car door slamming, children squealing, teenagers sneaking out, trashy yard, a foul smell coming from their trailer (later to be identified as trash, diapers and cockroaches(the little nasty ones)).

A small family... clean, quiet, but not too friendly.

A couple...Not so clean, the lady was NEVER friendly but the guy was overly friendly, quiet but with cars coming and going all through the night, left owing the landlord lots of money and left the place trashed up.

Another small family...Unfriendly, never even cracked a smile or a wave of hello, lots of fighting, not responsible pet owners, trash all over the yard and also left owing lots of money.

Single mom with one child...Clean, quiet, but not a responsible pet owner and again another unfriendly neighbor. The only issues I had with her was when her boyfriend would come over she would send the boy outside, sometimes well into the wee hours of the night. And another one who left the inside a mess plus owing money.

Another small family... Polite but not friendly, loud music, fighting. They always had trash in the yard and got locked out for owing money.

The latest resident an single mother of two was very friendly but she had people coming and going all the time, all day and all night with music blaring, car doors slamming, just in general a whole lot of noise. Definitely NOT a responsible pet owner! (left the gate opened with a loose mastiff in their yard, that chewed up my chihuahuas when I took them for a walk on the road) She at least admitted she owed money and moved but once again left the place a mess.

I have always wondered why folks move into a place that has been cleaned and fixed up but when they move out they leave it a mess, trashed up and needing lots of repairs. I would be embarrassed to leave a place that wasn't at least close to the way I got it.

If you borrowed a chainsaw and messed up the blade, would you give it back like that or would you replace the blade first? I would soooo replace the blade!

I think we (society) have become so wrapped up in our own little universes, wants and desires, that we forget that we are not the only people our actions affect, especially when living close to our neighbors.

Being a respectful, considerate neighbor takes some of these questions or thoughts:

Is our music disturbing our neighbors?
Can the neighbors hear us fighting?
Are my children being respectful of our neighbors property? (I have had sooo many toys thrown in my yard, after awhile it gets annoying)
Is my yard an eyesore? (so many times I just keep my curtains closed cause I don't want to see the mess next door)
If I am going to throw a party this weekend, maybe I should let the neighbors know so they can be prepared or make plans to be gone.
My neighbor gets up at 4 in the morning to go to work, so maybe having a loud party in the middle of the week isn't such a good idea.
Is my pet and yard secure?
Is your pet safe from harm (getting run over or attacked) and safe from harming others who are not on your property? (Passerby's should not have to be worried that your dog is going to be loose and attack them)
A Hi, smile or wave wouldn't hurt, being nice to your neighbors CAN be a good thing.

The list could go on and on but I am tired and ready for my nap. Thankfully I don't have any loud neighbors at this time to keep me from getting a nap.

I just wish everyone who has neighbors close by would stop and think of how their lives affect their neighbors lives.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

We all know hubby is very funny... ohhhh yes very funny, hilarious in fact. In case you missed it, that statement was drenched in sarcasm!

It is April Fools! I knew that several times today, it's my nephews b-day, the anniversary of my grandmothers passing, the lot rent is due... It was there in my mind off and on all day...It was when is wasn't that he got me!

There I was sitting there crocheting, needing to get up and stretch my legs. As I was standing there, I thought..hmm some ice cream would be nice. I took 5 steps, just 5 steps and he blurts out...

Where ya going?
(It did stop me in my tracks but only cause I was feeling guilty for wanting some ice cream. What I should have thought about was that he never asks me that, I should've been suspicious)
To get some ice cream.
He gets up out of his chair and stands inbetween the doorway...What kind?
Fudge swirl.
That's not that kind you gave me last time is it?
Me being brain dead said... huh?
You know the one that had cream in it.
Yeah that one, I don't like that one.
No worries this is a generic brand.
Oh good, I'll take some.
I go to grab a bowl and only get one.
Your not going to get me a bowl?
Oh, I'm sorry. I look down at the bowl and realize it isn't even the right kind of bowl. I tell him..Man, I am losing it!
He stands there laughing. (should've been a sign but I missed it)

For getting ice cream, I always run the scooper under hot water.

I reach and turn the knob and....


I'm sure I let out a little scream from the surprise. I saw the water stream at me and quickly turned off the water. I knew INSTANTLY what had happened, he pulled this on me once before many years ago. Yes he got me! There I was standing there with a soaking wet shirt and this boy was laughing so hard his knees were weakening, he could barely uttered the words...April Fools!

What did he do, you ask?

He put a rubber band around the spray nozzle at the sink!

It may not be April Fools day when he gets is payback, BUT believe me, the boy is getting some payback!!!! I'm a slow thinker which will give me plenty of time to PLAN!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Wild Flowers

So while waiting for the craft store to open before heading to the dreaded grocery store...I took time out to stop and smell the flowers. Okay I really didn't smell them cause most have lots of pricklies on them and they sting. Lots of our (Texas) flowers can be very hostile but oh so pretty.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grandkids vs the camera

I was just sitting here recalling the day. The glorious day I spent with my grandsons and daughter Jennifer.

AND once again I have no pics to show for it. I'm shaking my head at myself. I will grab my camera for just about anything. Heck, I ran out the door this morning in my stocking feet just to try to get a pic of a peacock strutting down the road. So why don't I hound the kids with the flashing light of my camera?

Well I have come to the conclusion that...

1) getting a pic of the oldest without a funny, goofy face is nearly impossible. LOL!

2) Getting a pic of the youngest is very hard to do, his attention gets pulled away quicker than I can click. LOL!

3) It is so much more fun to be there at the moment and for every "Nana" moment that arises, than to have my face hiding behind the lens.

All very sound reasons.

But dang it they are growing up soooo fast and Nana needs pics!!

So...boys you better watch out cause next time I see you, you are going to get blinded by the light!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Over a cup of coffee...

Thought maybe it was time to do a Writer's Workshop post. It has been so long since I have done one, I'm a little foggy on the rules.

3.) How did your love affair with Coffee begin? (Or Diet Coke or Tea or whatever your beverage of choice might be.) (inspired by Buried With Children)

Oh boy this is right up my alley!

I've been drinking coffee all my life. That is not just a saying, I'm for real...all my life.

According to my dad I was getting coffee in my bottle, getting coffee from my grandpie and even stealing sips whenever I could. I recall dad and I going to a restaurant in downtown Bangor (I was about 6) and as soon as we were seated this woman (the same woman every time) would hold up two cups, one blue with Jesus holding a child and one pink with Jesus sitting with a group of kids surrounding him. She would ask "which one do you feel like today"? It was the highlight of my day to sit and drink coffee with my dad. That was the beginning of my love for coffee cause it was associated with the happiest times with dad.

Those days dwindled quite a bit when dad got remarried and started having more children but we still had our coffee times in the kitchen. After the move to Texas I wasn't in the mood to hang out with dad and dad was working and going to school, so coffee time was left in the dust.

We picked it back up in my teens with "lets walk up to Jack-in-the-box for coffee". I would get so excited for time alone with dad. One on one time over a cup of coffee, can't get better than that! Some of my most precious memories of me and dad were over coffee.

Even now if dad is coming over a pot of coffee is made and vise versa. Matter of a fact every time I visit someone a pot of coffee gets made. I have some how turned a cup of coffee a must when taking time to visit with someone.

Conversation just needs a good cup of coffee to go with it.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In kitty world...

This year has given the neighborhood 3 pregnancies. Stripey and Star our my neighbors cats and Orange aka Momma kitty is mine. Stripey had her kittens a week ago, under the neighbors house. I have yet to see them.

Yesterday Orange was sitting on the porch and hissing at her 1 year old children one minute and then the next loving on them. The loving part was my first clue (haha), she hasn't been nice to them since they were weened.
My second clue..She was meowing an awful lot and it appeared to be directed right at me. I tend to stand at the storm door and look out at them, most of the time I am doing a head check or just making sure we have harmony going on. Every time I went to the door she would start talking to me..nonstop!
Third clue...She is not a touchy feely kind of gal. You might get away with touching her on the top of her head and down her shoulders before she lets you know you have abused the privileged of petting her. She let me pick her up, rub her belly, just basically any thing I wanted to do.
Fourth clue...her tummy was hard as a rock!!!

I told hubby I think she is in labor, he told me to set her up something in the storage room. That right there was a freaky moment, hubby never says stuff like that!
So, I set her up a little bed, food and water and brought her in the house for the first time ever. I took her to it, she laid in it but wouldn't stay. She had to be where I was. She meowed so much and loud, she was interrupting the news and hubby made her go back outside! LOL! After the news was over he let her back in.

I moved her spot to my room but had to keep the door closed cause Whiskers was not having another cat in the house! This lead to more meowing and Whiskers pawing at the door to show her who is boss in here.

I laid down for a nap, I was thinking that she might not let me cause of all the meowing but no, she got up on the bed, rolled over and let me rub her belly and fell asleep. I told hubby...the way she is acting is as if she was at one time a house cat. She was already full grown when we moved here, so maybe she was.

We had a peaceful sleep last night and at 6:30am I woke to the sound of a kitten mewing...ON MY BED!!

I quickly got the box, put her kitten in it and she stepped right on in. Changed the bedding and stayed up till she had two. I fell back to sleep and by 10am she had four.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hubby... a gamer?

So I was sitting here on the computer playing one of the new games I got. It was a hidden objects game with lots of puzzles in it. Hubby is really good at those sort of games. I had been playing the game for a few hours when hubby got home. After supper I resumed playing and couldn't find an object, I was grumbling and hubby walked by and asked what was wrong. I explained what I was looking for and he took my seat.

I'm talking about a man that has sat down in front of the computer a total of maybe a dozen times for brief moments to view things that I have already pulled up for him.

He sat there and finished the whole game!!!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Family and Games

I had been thinking, researching and contemplating on getting some new pc games. I was concerned that my computer wouldn't be able to handle it and had been asking my brothers lots of questions. Apparently to the point of bugging them. LOL!

My brother decided he and his new bride were coming for a visit. He surprised me and brought my mom too. Okay, not just my mom, she is his too.

He showed up with his old computer and insisted on changing out my computer for his (that he was giving me). I admit I was concerned, peeved, worried, anxious and whined a whole lot. I don't to change too well, as mom was more than willing to point out to me. Thankfully to my relief his computer wasn't working the way he wanted, so he hooked mine back up.

Then he started playing with the games I already have on my computer through the service of Wild Tangent which costs me 7-14 dollars a month depending on how much I use it. (Thus the reason I want a change.) Anyway we was all having a good time while mom napped.

Lunch time was full of laughs, crochet lessons, computer games and corn dogs.

Then suddenly brother comes up with the idea to go to Best Buy to see what they had for pc games. Great idea but hubby will be home in just over an hour. So we hurried out the door and left mom to babysit the doggies! LOL!

We got games! Although I only found one game that I was interested in at Best Buy, we rushed over to Office Depot and found plenty that I an totally interested in. We did pick up a game pack that has 101 games in it. We rushed home to find hubby already here and I still hadn't even started supper! After supper my brother and sil spent the rest of the evening loading games into their laptop and then into my computer.

Meanwhile mom and I went for a walk. She had wanted so badly to get to browse our little town and take pictures but it was getting close to sunset so I figured at least I could walk her around and let her get some great country shots.

An awesome day!