Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grandkids vs the camera

I was just sitting here recalling the day. The glorious day I spent with my grandsons and daughter Jennifer.

AND once again I have no pics to show for it. I'm shaking my head at myself. I will grab my camera for just about anything. Heck, I ran out the door this morning in my stocking feet just to try to get a pic of a peacock strutting down the road. So why don't I hound the kids with the flashing light of my camera?

Well I have come to the conclusion that...

1) getting a pic of the oldest without a funny, goofy face is nearly impossible. LOL!

2) Getting a pic of the youngest is very hard to do, his attention gets pulled away quicker than I can click. LOL!

3) It is so much more fun to be there at the moment and for every "Nana" moment that arises, than to have my face hiding behind the lens.

All very sound reasons.

But dang it they are growing up soooo fast and Nana needs pics!!

So...boys you better watch out cause next time I see you, you are going to get blinded by the light!