Monday, March 26, 2012

Over a cup of coffee...

Thought maybe it was time to do a Writer's Workshop post. It has been so long since I have done one, I'm a little foggy on the rules.

3.) How did your love affair with Coffee begin? (Or Diet Coke or Tea or whatever your beverage of choice might be.) (inspired by Buried With Children)

Oh boy this is right up my alley!

I've been drinking coffee all my life. That is not just a saying, I'm for real...all my life.

According to my dad I was getting coffee in my bottle, getting coffee from my grandpie and even stealing sips whenever I could. I recall dad and I going to a restaurant in downtown Bangor (I was about 6) and as soon as we were seated this woman (the same woman every time) would hold up two cups, one blue with Jesus holding a child and one pink with Jesus sitting with a group of kids surrounding him. She would ask "which one do you feel like today"? It was the highlight of my day to sit and drink coffee with my dad. That was the beginning of my love for coffee cause it was associated with the happiest times with dad.

Those days dwindled quite a bit when dad got remarried and started having more children but we still had our coffee times in the kitchen. After the move to Texas I wasn't in the mood to hang out with dad and dad was working and going to school, so coffee time was left in the dust.

We picked it back up in my teens with "lets walk up to Jack-in-the-box for coffee". I would get so excited for time alone with dad. One on one time over a cup of coffee, can't get better than that! Some of my most precious memories of me and dad were over coffee.

Even now if dad is coming over a pot of coffee is made and vise versa. Matter of a fact every time I visit someone a pot of coffee gets made. I have some how turned a cup of coffee a must when taking time to visit with someone.

Conversation just needs a good cup of coffee to go with it.



Sue said... [Reply to comment]

love it so hubby has been making me coffee every morning before I get up since the day we got married (nearly 28 years)...It has become a ritual and I can not even think of getting up without my cup of coffee....have tried to become a tea lover but that hasn't worked at's coffee all the way