Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spin Cycle: Drama

(Written to a certain person in my life)

Drama Drama Drama!
We are sick to death of all of your friggin drama!

You are drama, you feed off it and thrive on it.
If there was no drama in your life you would just create it.

You lie or fib to make the drama bigger and worse than what it is.
You put your thoughts in, as if they were facts.

You reach out your tentacles to whom ever you can.
Or those willing to listen to your made up version of the drama.

We know there really is drama, but we are getting weary of hearing it.
You try and try to get us to see things your way and bleed us for compassion.

The group is split and the gap is getting wider.
More and more are pulling away from you.

You are nearly the last on that side.
Your tactic for attention has left you scrambling to create bigger and better drama.

You hope this will draw us back to you with apologies for leaving you.
We are at times sucked back in, only to be bombarded with even more drama.

Your quest is not to fix the drama, but to further it along.
The drama is fixable ya know!

You fight, argue, scream and cry.
The group is tired of holding your hand.

If you disagree with this evaluation,
THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Stop being the victim and rise above the drama.

But I am sorry to say, the consensus it out.
It says you are addicted to drama and the attention it gets you!

The drama gets worse and worse as the years go by.
Yet you have shown no desire to step away from it.

We have all had our time with drama and have moved on from it.
No one can help you out of the drama you have created, except for yourself!

We have all tried over and over to be there for you and give of ourselves to you.
We are weary, worn out and drained.

Your drama has seeped into our souls and made them heavy.
We can't endure nor enable anymore.

And the Lord said...It is finished!

For more spins on Drama or to make your own, go visit Sprite's Keeper.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bad morning for me and the Pets.

I read so many blog posts last night, I didn't even get to do one for myself.
I still had eleven left to read after 5 hours of reading, needless to say I gave up and went to bed.

Woke up in a fowl mood from Taco's constant sneezing for me to let him out. Another morning of throwing back the covers and grumbling. Yes I am still peeved at him!

The kicker to my morning was to find my little hibiscus plant that I keep on the window sill above the sink, all over the floor! Potting soil everywhere! The monster Whiskers was apperently after something in the window and knocked all that was up there down into the sink or on the floor.

Still waiting for the coffee to get done, so maybe I can find the funnier side to it all!

Well just incase you hadn't noticed...I have a new Blogger page called Nana's Nature , it is a place where I have been posting one photo everyday. Do me a favor and check it out!

AND now for some coffee and to tackle the 20 blog post on my Reader's list.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Twenty-Five Things You Didn't Want To Know

Six days ago I saw that Nancy over at f8hasit got tagged and was passing it along. I scrolled down to see who the lucky winners were. Most were my friends and I must say I was relieved to NOT see my name. I had just spent numerous hours doing my awards and tagging show, I wasn't ready to do another so soon.

Three days ago Suzicate over at The Water Witch's Daughter thought it was worth my time to reavel 25 things about myself that you DIDN"T want to know. Well after waiting and mulling it over and not really having anything else going on here lately, I decided to cave in...I'm just easy like that.

1) Sometimes I forget the laundry in the dryer

2) I am never caught up on my Reader list.
3) I very rarely ever have all ten fingernails long at the same time.
4) I panic every Friday that my caculations for hubby's paycheck are right and what I can pay with it.
5) I have a drawer in my desk that has tissues, Tums, aspirin and other meds in it

6) I have extremely bad teeth, self inflicted of course. Dr. Soosie please don't yell at me! I haven't the money nor the insurance.
7) I am FAT! 5'7" 210 lbs with thunder thighs and saddle bags, heck who am I kidding! I'm big all over! I lost 12 pounds but still haven't lost anymore in about 6 weeks.
8) I am a organized person who always has something that needs to be organized, but just never seems to get done.
9) two tsp sugar, two tsp creamer in my regular plain old Maxwell house! No fancy smancy stuff in my coffee.
10) I went to the thrift store teusday and bought two purses I didn't need

11) I hate a corner of my kitchen, it is dark and useless. Drives me insane!
12) My brain goes on vacation every minute or so. Makes it real hard to focus and that is why it takes me so long to read blogs and write them too. I can write and then suddenly I am picking at my nails, twirling my ring or playing thumb war with myself. Oh yeah, back to writing...
13) Shocker...I only make my bed when I have just put fresh sheets on it.
14) I like to make a salad with Green Leaf lettuce, tomato, red bell pepper, red (purple) cabbage, shredded cheese, creamy Ceaser dressing, 2 chicken strips (cut up) and sunflower seeds.
15) I don't always put the previous days dishes away until I am ready to wash in the evenings

16) I'm sitting here telling myself..Come on Heather, think! I do that a lot!
17) I run my hand through my hair all the time. When it is longer I tend to twirl it around my fingers.
18) I usually have a stash of sunflower seeds in my drawer here at the computer. Sadly I don't have any, budget was super tight this week.
19) It's freakin midnight and I'm still not done with this post, I've been at it since 9 pm!!!
20) I have really dark circles under my eyes

21) If I get a pimple on my face, I practically have to sit on my hands to keep myself from messing with it. Hubby is always catching me and yells "Fingers!"
22) If you offer me a choice between something sweet or something salty, I will pick the salty everytime. I would take a bowl of salty popcorn over a candy bar any day!
23) I am currently frustrated with hubby for not being willing to hook up the VCR for me.
24) Swivling in my chair, trying to think of one more...I once bought a large bag of 500 chocolate milk bottle tops from my grandfathers family dairy. Still don't know what I'm going to do with them.
25) Note the dot on top of the oval box, I haven't dusted in the bathroom in awhile

Suzicate tagged 10 people but I think I'm only going to tag 3, since I just did the awards and tagging last week.

1) Morgan Madness
2) The Testostrone Three and Me
3) The Katz Cradle


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pass the Coffee

I get up from my chair, kiss hubby goodbye and have a nice day. I tell the kids (dogs) it is time to go to bed. We go through the hallway and I stop at the back door, with my hand on the door knob I ask "Do you need to go outside?". If they stop with me then that is a "yes", if they go around me then it is a "no". The two boys stop, Chaquita does not. I let them out and stand there at the door, peering through the window and wait. I have to stand there cause they tend to get distracted at...I think the wind or maybe a field mouse moving the grass and sometimes the neighbors dogs. In which case if any of these things happen the barking is inevitable. I have to try to get them to focus and be quiet, considering...
1. I am tired and barely able to stand without falling over cause I am so tired. Lets hurry up and get this over with!
2. It is usually 4 or 5 in the morning! I don't want them waking anybody and being the troublesome dogs of the neighborhood.

As each dog comes back to the porch, I open the door briefly enough to let them in. I stand there..okay one down, just one more to go. I yell out the window "Hurry up Taco" (he is always the last one) and he finally comes up to the porch, I open the door just wide enough for him to get through and he doesn't come in. I shut the door quickly (still gotta keep an eye on them sneaky cats rushing out the door)and look out the window. He is just standing there sniffing the air, like he is looking for something or anything to bark about.

For some reason he does this at least 70% of the time, it is very aggravating! I ask through the window "Are you done?", this usually leads to him walking for the door. Then you have the other times that seem like he is going deaf! He is 12-14 years old (says the vet), so I do give him some slack and try again.

"Are you done, yet?" If I still don't get a response, I open the door and have to tell him "Come on" and sometimes several times. Now I know he has done his business cause here lately I have been watching to be sure.

Here is how come I've been watching to be sure...

Now remember I don't go to bed till 4-5am. It never fails that Taco wakes me at 9-10am to go outside again. I would say that 5 years ago he was a 7 hour guy, but here lately he is down to 5 hours at the most. So we crawl out of bed and stumble to the door and everybody is ordered out to do their business. This old woman is hoping that if they all go then we can get back to bed and get more hourS sleep.

I can handle getting woke up for a potty break and going back to bed, if it wasn't for this...No more than an hour later, Taco is waking me up AGAIN. Most mornings it is just a thing, but then there are the mornings that I throw back the covers in frustration and grumble, stomp and have a hissy fit!

Good Morning Everyone! !@#$#@!

Pass the coffee...

Okay I think I'm better now!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Torturous T.V.

Hubby turns on the tv one minute after he walks in the door from a long day at work.
He promptly takes up his trusty remote and hits the guide button.
The little window pops up showing the lines of how much has loaded so far.
There are no little lines, it is not loading!
He (not talking to me) says...IT"S NOT LOADING! kinda whiny.
Two seconds later..he repeats this and adds..WHY isn't it loading?
He gets frustrated and manually punches in the number to his favorite channel.
A few minutes later he does this all again.
Repeat, repeat and repeat.

I'm getting frustrated at the interruption of the show we are watching.
Why do you keep doing that? It isn't working so stop messing with it!
BUT WHY isn't working?
I don't know, it just isn't!
BUT I have to know why!
On and on we go...repeating the whole chorus again.
I start to walk away and I hear him yell at the tv.

WORK DANG IT!!! (edited for the pure at heart)

The grumbling, yelling, whining and begging continued for at least an hour.
He says..I'm never going to get to sleep with this on my mind.
He continues to keep trying..

Suddenly I hear him shout..IT"S WORKING!!!
I bust up laughing.
He says..It bowed to my persistence!

Yeah, uhha...yeah right! The tv heard all that complaining and decided it had tormented you long enough!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Becoming A Teen Runaway

To be warned...This post is not suitable for children.

Cassie was in her room lying on the bed trying to zone out from the noise surrounding the house. Her much younger siblings were laughing, running and playing. She was in torment over her boyfriend leaving her and her parents where unsympathetic. Her dad was clueless and her mother just didn't care.

Her mother stormed into her room with a glare in her eye and pierced lips. She knew from the look of her that trouble was inevitable. She was always in trouble for one thing or another. Granted there were times that she deserved to be in trouble, but if her parents would just back off and leave her alone, everything would be fine.

Her mother swings her arm out in front of her with the food stamps booklet in it. She waved it in Cassie's face and accused her of stealing them. Her face grew hot, she knew she had taken them but was never going to admit it. She jumped up and started screaming, tears started streaming and the plea of just being left alone was uttered for the billionth time. Her mother left the room in a huff.

Her utmost desire was to have her mother focus on the younger children and to forget about her. To stop telling her to do things and then yelling at her for not doing them. Her mom always said "If you want something done do it yourself, don't rely on others to do it for you" Why does she say that, but yet order me to do things that were supposed to be her job as the mom. She was losing her temper more and more these days and had had enough! She felt weighted down by all the controlling, ordering, responsibility and her ever growing anger at it all.

She sat there on the edge of her bed crying feeling frustrated and sorry for herself. She knew she had to get out before she did something awful to the woman! But where? She had tried to leave before and that lasted 2 hours. Her mother knew exactly where she was and sent her little sister to tell her she had better come home. She had to do better than that this time!

Cassie had made up her mind that it was time to leave. She knew her mother was laying on her bed, so she crept out to the kitchen and grabbed a paper bag. She got back to her room undetected and preceded to throw her clothes in the bag. She didn't have all that many clothes, so the selection was fairly easy. She was still crying, but they were tears of anger now. Why didn't she love her? Why did she hate her so much? If I leave she won't look for me because she will be relieved to be rid of me. If she did look for me it will only be because she needs me to look after the kids and clean for her. Well she would show her! She will have to step up and do it herself, like all the other moms do!

Her mother came back into her room and saw what she was doing and grabbed her by the arm and flung her across the room. Cassie recovered herself quickly and was like a tiger that had been caged and tormented for to long. The fight was a blur in her eyes. She had finally lost control and was hitting back! Her rage scared her, she felt like she was going to burst into flames and take this woman out! The next thing she knew she was pinned against the wall in the hallway, with her mothers arm pressing against her throat. Her mother released her with the promise that she would calm down. Cassie rushed to her room and slammed the door. She heard her mother's door slam too. She stood there in the middle of her room shaking, crying and scared of what just happened and what she just realized she might be capable of doing.

Cassie grabbed up her bag of clothes and snuck out the front door.

(This is my story of when I was 15 and what all happened at that time. Cassie is the name I started using as an alias, so no one would be able to know who I was and send me back to my parents)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Milestone and Awards

Time sure is flying by. 200th post and I haven't a clue what they were all about. Some were stupid, some were silly and then there were the occasional serious ones. I wish I could write deep, profound and meaningful posts for ya, but hey what ya see is what ya get! I'm brash, hard, silly, goofy and nuts! AND in all of that I am a big procrastinator (or maybe a FREE SPIRIT, yeah I like that better)!

My dear and precious friends have bleed their hearts and have tagged and awarded me. What do I do? I keep the pic in my little awards folder and let it sit there. I'm no good folks! I love the fact that I even cross yall's mind and yet I let you sit there and leave ya hanging. The guilt has been tormenting, but not enough to dig them out. Yes, I do need a kick in the pants! Thanks for asking.

Every time I see that awards folder, I reproached myself for not having done some of them yet. Two days ago I realized I was approaching this 200th post milestone and I had to yell at myself. No more excuse Heather, now is the time! Get'er done!

First up we have this kicking award of friendship given to me by Spot:

The rules are that I have to list 6 things I'm a master at and then pass the prize to six other bloggers. Here goes:
Master at:
1) wishing I could do this or that, go here or there, have this or that.

2) making my sister laugh so hard she gets hiccups, brother laugh so hard he can't breathe and crumbles to the floor. They find my snarky humor funny.

3) hurting myself! I can trip on nothing, fall onto things, swing my hands into things, bump my head on trees....

4) annoying my pets with the flash of my camera. Gezz, you would think they would be used to it by now!

5) Forgetfulness. I forget nearly everything. Like..stopping at the post office for stamps, doing my awards, watering my plants (the poor things) and sometimes even making hubby's lunch! But yet ask me where something is at inside my house and I know.

6) My money. I know where every dime went and if for some unknown reason I don't, dang it I will find it!! I have many accounting methods of keeping track of the money. Checkbook register, (actual real)folders for each household bill, receipt box divided into sections, Monthly bills chart created with Word Document and checking the bank website. Every penny is important in this house.

Now everyone yell "Pick Me" and hopefully I heard you!

1) Tinkerschitzel at Zommbie Mommy. She is an aspiring artist and crafter. She dapples in painting, drawing, ceramics and she even does reupholstering! She loves to go camping! She also shares stories of her little family and the joys and trials of her job in her posts.

2) Eric at Bored Neoclassical Guy. He always manages to make me laugh or learn something. He is an artist with stone, he also intrigues me with history and takes me to other countries.

3) Maureen at Islandroar. Seriously if you don't know her, where the heck have you been hiding?! She is one of the sweetest ladies ever! She will draw you into her life as a mother of grown children. She will also take you to the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard, the beauty of it, the history of it and the daily life of it.

4) Jen at Starting Over. This girl just amazes me all the time! She is an outdoorsy kinda girl. She hikes through the state parks, kayaks rapid waters, marathon bicycle rider, marathon runner, camper. Plus she has a daughter and she is doing college courses. Her adventures are amazing!

5) Kathryn at From the Inside...Out. She is just so funny, it seems like she doesn't even have to work at, it's just natural. I love going to her blog, she is sweet, funny (yeah I mentioned that already, but gawd it is soo true), witty and a mom to teen aged boys!

6) Ocean Girl at Live High. She shares her love of the Isles of Malaysia with stories of life and culture. She also shares beautiful photos of the area. I seriously am soo jealous, she lives in paradise!

Now if you are saying "But I didn't say "Pick Me"" Well let me wag my finger at you and tell you "You weren't playing the game right"

Then we have this Panda award for super comments given to me by Jimmy:

The rules for this award are to answer the following questions:

1) Why do you blog?
To have a record of things for when I go senile.

2) What was your favorite age to be and why?
Can't say I ever really had a favorite age, maybe I just haven't reached it yet.

3) What's your favorite sport to play?
Chase the dog. Is that a sport? I also like to walk.

4) What's your favorite sport to watch, and who's your favorite team?
Nascar baby!! Mark Martin and Michael Waltrip, hubby likes E.jr and Mark Martin. At least we have one in common.

5) If you could pick your perfect career (and money doesn't matter/the kids are out of the house) what would it be?
Travel the world and take lots of pics. Well that would make money matter, cause someone would have to pay my expenses for a while. Money don't at a nursery and be someones apprentice.

6) Do you ever feel guilty for blogging?
Yes and no. I don't feel guilty for blogging, but with blogging comes responsibility to your readers and I feel guilty for not keeping up my part as I should.

7) What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas! Not for the presents, I prefer a present less Christmas. I like the decorating, gathering, feasting and the music.

8) What's your favorite kind of music?
Just about anything, except for rap. I really haven't paid much attention to current music, but I do have some music that is only 8-10 years old.

9) Do you consider yourself a good driver or bad driver?
I am a good driver, never had a ticket or accident. The fence might call me a liar, but never had on with another vehicle. So don't listen to the fence!

10) What's the farthest away place you have visited?
Not really a fair question. I have been to all 48 states, Mexico and Canada.

Now for the hard part I have to pick some of you excellent commenter's to pass this one along to:

1) Mrsbear at Outmunbered Two to One. Has her hands full with the daily life of a house full of kids, but yet she always manages to make me smile or laugh.

2) Peg at Square peg in a round hole. I'm still getting to know her, but so far I have found her to be down to earth and very friendly. Hey she is Suzicate's sister, what more needs to be said!

3) Gerardine at My Walking Path. She will take you into her little family and make you feel at home. She writes about her hubby, her pets and the beautiful nature around her.

4) E.D. at Eternally Distracted. Ohhh what can I say! This girl is hilarious! She writes about her life in a country that she has to remain anonymous. She most common subjects are Mec (her other half) and Max (her cockatoo).

5) Lucy at What is left of a whole new life. She is 80 years old and blogs. To me that is amazing! I hope to be still blogging when I'm that age. Heck I hope to still be around! She writes about daily life with hubby Joe and dog Spunky.

I also did another awards show a month ago, but for some reason nobody got there awards (except for South Dakota Cowgirl). It might have something to do with the fact that I forgot to personally inform them about it. Go here to check if one of those was yours!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spin Cycle: Time

Jen at Sprite's Keeper, gave me the assignment of Time. Okay I requested it, but at the Time I had words already going through my head. I tried writing those words down, the next day and it just wouldn't come together right. That's what I get for not writing them down at the Time. Just in writing this little paragraph, I have written the word Time 4 times.

This got me and hubby playing the word game. How may times can you come up with a phrase or sentence that uses the word Time or any variation of the word. Here are some of the better ones that we came up with:

What time is it? 11:30 pm

I don’t have enough time…I’ll have to get to it later.

Where does all the time go? No clue.

You still have time…to catch that movie.

Are you going to be home any time soon? In about two hours.

It’s about time…you took the trash out!

Do you watch the time? It doesn’t move any faster, now does it?!

Time just flies by…when your having fun.

2x1…A couple.

You do that all the time! Now stop it!

I melt every time…you look at me like that.

Sometimes I just feel like…laughing.

Once upon a time…far far away.

Some where in time…

That time period in history…when men wore tights.

I loved those times…when we were trucking across the nation.

Is it time yet? I’m getting really hungry.

It’s time…to go now.

How many times do I have to tell you?! Geeezzzz!

If I could turn back time. Great song!

Can you tell time? Little boy says YES!

Remember the time when you…wore bell bottoms?

Just give me a little more time! I’m not ready yet!

I’ve got so little time as it is...and you want to add more to my list?

When is it going to be my time? For a bubble bath!

Time after time…Another great song.

Can I have a moment of your time? Sure you can, if you make it quick.

When your time is up, it’s up. The End.

In time you will understand. I’m still waiting MOM!

Are you timing me? Gawd I hope not!

Set the timer…to thirty minutes.

Your timing is awful/ perfect. Happens all the TIME!

I can’t wait for the time when…we get to go on VACATION!

At this time…we present you…our featured presentation.

Try it again, but this time…STAY IN THE LINES!

Every time…You move that chair, I bust my toes on it!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walking with the grandsons

Yesterday I had my two youngest grandsons (from the ones that live the closest to me) for five hours. We started the day at the bright and early hour of 9 am. (Yeah I know not really early for yall.) The two bundles of energy showed up at Nana's house with a gleam in their eyes. I could hear the mental questions of.. What are we going to do first?
Tell Nana stories.
Drag out all of our toys.
Find out what Nana has for food.
Well they were all firsts, all at once!

This Nana, although having been up since 7am, thought she was prepared. The kool-aid was made, even an alternative drink (for those moments when you get..I don't want kool-aid anymore!).

An activity was planned (seriously, what was I thinking). Well, that didn't last long! They were done in less than 20 minutes! Well at least I got some new art for my fridge!

Okay Nana, think!
Turn on the Nick Jr. Okay so far so good. BUT come on Nana, you can't let them sit in front of the tv all day. Not good enough! Think harder!
Interruption in the thinking process...
I'm hungry! Yeah ME TOO!
I want a banana!
Split banana. I didn't want a banana! Not doing so hot Nana, only one kid happy.
Crackers! They always gobble up the crackers. 6 crackers a piece should hold them off for a while, RIGHT? WRONG!
15 minutes later, right in the middle of racing cars I want some more crackers! Nana's thinking.. My goodness I still haven't eaten yet and they already want more!
When the clock says 11 o'clock, then we can have some more.
Every five minutes...I think it might be on the 11. It's on the 11! How much loooongggggerrrrr!
6 more crackers a piece dished out. Happy for the moment.

Hello, Nana! You do realize you still have at least 3 more hours of entertainment to publish! Eureka, your most brilliant plan! Yes, a nature walk is perfect! It takes time and draws them away from the lure of boredom food.

You want to go for a walk?
A resounding YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Let the adventure begin!

First we discovered a very large trash can..Nana what is that called? A dumpster.
Then it was a tree..Nana what kind of tree is that? A palm tree.
Ohhh, looook at the little tiny sunflowers! Here Nana I picked this for you.

Nana!! Nana!! There are snakes everywhere! Grab a stick!

Nana!! Did you see that butterfly??

Nana!!! WHAT is THAT?? A donkey.
Nana, this is going to be a long walk.

Look at that hole! I wonder what lives in there?

Nana, is this dog friendly?

Look at the windmills!! Why are they different? Why is one going faster than the other?

Nana's little helper

Nana! Look a duck! Why is it in a pen?

Every tree giving some shade was a good chance to rest.

Do you think he is tired?

Finally back at home!

After refueling with lunch and sticking our faces in the A/C, there was more fun to be had.
We played ball, fixed the porch and harassed the neighbors cat!
Where's MY kitty? That is MY kitty! Come here kitty and let me take you to my house! (My house actually meant under the porch in the dogs pen)



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take A Walk With Me..

As usual I went to bed at 4:30 am and was wide awake at 7:30 am. Ridiculous, I know!
I grabbed a cup of cold coffee, stuck it in the microwave and turned the computer on.
Nothing going on, on either of my pages. I shut the computer down and opened the front door.

Wow, it is beautiful outside; the wind is really nice and is really making the humidity tolerable. The sky is overcast, just the way I like it. There were small holes in the clouds that temporarily let the sun peek in for a few seconds. Just too beautiful an opportunity to pass up. I threw some clothes on, got my walking shoes on and grabbed my camera as I rushed out the door. Totally forgot about the coffee in the microwave. I rushed out so fast; I didn’t even know what time it was. I’m guessing 7:45 am.

I don’t know what it is about the tops of Johnson grass, but I really find them beautiful.

I was licked to death by the dogs up the road.

Now this important information, cause one of these dogs must have gotten into something dead. After having petted and walked away from them, I wiped the sweat from my upper lip. You guessed it! The smell of something dead was permanently stuck under my nose for the rest of the journey! Thankfully it was a faint smell instead of a powerful one.

I was surprised at how many dogs there was on this one little strip of road. The road has seven houses on it and I counted 13 dogs.

This particular day I found myself fascinated with gates. I was noticing everyone’s gates and how beautiful and interesting or even odd they all were.

Just to show you a few, of the more interesting ones.

I guess to sum it up this day was about gates and dogs. I the dog part just never seemed to end. I went from one dirt road to another and I was greeted by 3 German Shepard’s, they weren’t very friendly. Thankfully the owner was leaving and noticed me coming, he stayed long enough to make sure they didn’t do anything. After he had left I noticed this one just sitting there watching me.

I moved on and was shortly greeted by two more German Shepard’s and a Beagle. These ladies and short fella were super friendly. I saw a lady on a riding lawnmower and she stopped to chat. I learned more about this lady in five minutes than I have learned about my best friend in 15 years! Yeah she was a talker! I just stood there panting along with the dogs. I was in a dilemma as to how to get moving on down the road without being rude. Finally I just had to say I have been around the whole block and I’m almost done, I really need to get going.

Home again at last, hot and sticky. I look at the clock, its 10:30 am. I’m thinking “Wow I was gone a long time, how far did I go?” After my shower I call hubby and ask him to measure it out for me when he gets home.

3.5 MILES!!! Okay I know that is slow walking but HEY it is half a mile longer than usual and at least I’m walking. Well, not so good today! LOL!