Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lawnmower Man, Music and a Storm.

Well yesterday was a really good and productive day with a stormy forecast.

Tuesday I called brother J and found out he was going to be free for the next few days from work. He is starting his own lawn maintenance business on the side and know just how much I really hate to deal with the yard (like haven't touched it in two or three weeks). One topic lead to another and voila, I have my own personal Lawnmower Man!

I also talked to sister J about the music SonIL downloaded for me to my MP3 player. Next thing I know she is giving me homework to list some of my favorite artists and songs. I emailed her the list several hours later. A looooong list! I really like most all types of music from the 40's to about a decade ago and from rock n roll to country.
It was a very difficult piece of homework... "Oh I like that song!" Now come on brain, who the heck sings it?? What's that song that Cinderella (Not the cartoon) did way back when? Very difficult task indeed!!

From my understanding they were going to leave at noon, so as usual in my mommy mode I called several times, mostly to make sure he was up and on schedule. I know I can be a pain in the rear sometimes, especially with him. What can I say, he was the baby when I was still taking care of the kids and living at home. We were/are tight like that.

On to yesterday's events...

After calling him (and yes he was still asleep), I started to look for something.
I can't remember what that initial item was, cause I got lost in dragging out all of the items in the kitchen closet and tool cabinet. Seriously I had stuff everywhere! Every surface in my kitchen was littered with this and that, from paint supplies to screws and nails and JUNK!

I was sitting here taking a break from my work and checking my pages (which were dead, btw). A knock on the window scares the Cr** out of, Whiskers (who was sitting in that window), made me jump up and cuss and the dogs all start with the barking.
Surprise! It was hubby, who was laughing his head off at all of us fraidy cats!

Two minutes later brother showed up. Okay now..this boy (not a boy anymore, a 30 yr old man) was just too cute being all professional with me like I was a client (well really I was, I did pay him). I was resisting the urge to bust out laughing! Asking questions of what I wanted and not. Just way too cute! I had to leave him to it or I wouldn't have had the heart to let him do it.

Sister downloaded all the songs she had for me from their external hard drive.
4GB!!! YIKES! That is a lot of songs! It is going to take me forever to go through them all and only pick 2GB of them to put on my MP3 player! We had a good time chatting, while I continued on my task of organizing and putting things back in place.

I broke my rule of eating out and sister and I went to Micky D's to get supper.

Speaking of food...Earlier this morning my landlord dropped by and gave me a huge bag of plums. There was no way we was going to be able to eat it all, so I asked brother if he would drop them off at mother's on his way back home. He said yes.
(I'll have to call mom and find out if she got any of them, brother was eating a lot of them)
Good since your going there, you can take this..and this..and that. This is for sister M, this is for Boo and that is for Mom, oh yeah and this is for sister E and go ahead and give this to Dad(just to aggravate Mom)!

Back to the end of my story...

Brother worked his skinny little butt off and at times I was very worried about him. I happened to have looked at him in passing and the veins on the sides of his forehead looked like they were going to burst! It was a little freaky!

But my Yard is done all the way around and with trees trimmed! I have only managed to do that a few times and it takes me all friggin day! AND at least two days to recoop!

They were getting ready to leave and we could tell a storm was rolling in. Loading up the truck with all my offerings for them and other family members, the storm was moving in very fast. It went from calm and a little hazy with noise in the distance, to heavy wind with the storm practically on us. We was rushing back and forth to get all the stuff as quickly as possible.

The peach tree has been so heavy with peaches that the largest branch was laying on top of the house. I went out with arm full of stuff and had no problem walking under the branch. With the wind picking up as harshly as it did, it moved the branch and it was now drooping down on the steps. I had to duck to get under it.

Just after they pulled out and was on their way, I was showing the branch to hubby through the door window. Right before our eyes the wind picked up the branch and broke it, leaving it blocking the steps to the porch.

Brother Come Back!!! I have some more work for you!! LOL!



Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Love the ending of this post "Brother, come back. I have more work for you!" Sorry about the branch..and now all those peaches gone:( Sounds like you got some good stuff going with your family - I'm jealous!

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

You gotta love it when you can put your brother to work! :)

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like he is a hard worker and determined to be professional! I wish him the best of luck on his business venture! And what a good supportive sister you are to give him work!!

Sounds like a doozy of a storm. Love the part where hubby scares you and the furbabies!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Ya - that storm was CRAZY -- I ended up driving through the last part of it (we had gone to Wed night church) and 410 was nearly flooded - had to drive under 40 all the way.
One of our front tree's branches got blown down -- not too large of one -- and I had to straighten a couple of my young trees -- but this morning I noticed something from the upstairs window .... on the other side of my fence(that neighbor!)I could see that their brand new above ground pool was completely empty and looked like it had been destroyed.
Vindication from the Lord?? I dunno - you tell me. - Jennifer

Eric said... [Reply to comment]

Someone else mowing will be nice as it shoots past 100f this weekend...

Did you remember that bad 1980's film called 'Lawnmower Man'. It would have been worse if they had included scenes that were removed where the test monkey escaped. The 'deleted monkey scenes' were truly awful.

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

The Hill Country has the best peaches! I grabbed a bag of them on the way home. I'll be back this weekend and I'm sure I'll have to get some more.

Angelia Sims said... [Reply to comment]

Did your mom get any those plums? They sound really good!! Lol.

You brother call out is great, kinda like you missed a spot. :-D

Ocean Girl said... [Reply to comment]

He's the brother to have :)

Mrsbear said... [Reply to comment]

Oooh, a landscaper in the family, that's a pretty nice connection. He sounds like he knows his stuff and at least one client to keep him fairly busy...especially if the weather continues to fell branches. Hopefully you were able to rescue some fruit. ;)

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Suzicate...It's just so freaky that it happened right after he left! My poor family are always being burdened with what I don't want anymore!! LOL!

Tink...Ohhh, believe me I do!!

Spot...I do what I can to help, lol!!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Jennifer...Sometimes it is nice to see bad people have bad things happen to them, but I suddenly feel horrible for saying that.

Eric...Yes I know! The temps are going to be aweful this year and yard work is horrible to do in the heat! I was thinking of that movie the whole time he was here.

Jen...Oh you lucky you!! Wish I had the gas to head up there.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Angelia...Yeah she got them, the storm was too severe to eat while driving. He really did do a great job, just too bad it happened after he left!

Ocean Girl...Oh yes! Wouldn't trade him in for anything!

Mrsbear...I will try to keep him busy. I'm really rooting for him to get more clients.
No peaches were saved, total loss!

Laufa said... [Reply to comment]

Whew, that made me tired just reading it, it's like Grand Central Station at your house. I don't have any family near me, so I don't know what that feels like - so I'm a little jealous.