Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take A Walk With Me..

As usual I went to bed at 4:30 am and was wide awake at 7:30 am. Ridiculous, I know!
I grabbed a cup of cold coffee, stuck it in the microwave and turned the computer on.
Nothing going on, on either of my pages. I shut the computer down and opened the front door.

Wow, it is beautiful outside; the wind is really nice and is really making the humidity tolerable. The sky is overcast, just the way I like it. There were small holes in the clouds that temporarily let the sun peek in for a few seconds. Just too beautiful an opportunity to pass up. I threw some clothes on, got my walking shoes on and grabbed my camera as I rushed out the door. Totally forgot about the coffee in the microwave. I rushed out so fast; I didn’t even know what time it was. I’m guessing 7:45 am.

I don’t know what it is about the tops of Johnson grass, but I really find them beautiful.

I was licked to death by the dogs up the road.

Now this important information, cause one of these dogs must have gotten into something dead. After having petted and walked away from them, I wiped the sweat from my upper lip. You guessed it! The smell of something dead was permanently stuck under my nose for the rest of the journey! Thankfully it was a faint smell instead of a powerful one.

I was surprised at how many dogs there was on this one little strip of road. The road has seven houses on it and I counted 13 dogs.

This particular day I found myself fascinated with gates. I was noticing everyone’s gates and how beautiful and interesting or even odd they all were.

Just to show you a few, of the more interesting ones.

I guess to sum it up this day was about gates and dogs. I the dog part just never seemed to end. I went from one dirt road to another and I was greeted by 3 German Shepard’s, they weren’t very friendly. Thankfully the owner was leaving and noticed me coming, he stayed long enough to make sure they didn’t do anything. After he had left I noticed this one just sitting there watching me.

I moved on and was shortly greeted by two more German Shepard’s and a Beagle. These ladies and short fella were super friendly. I saw a lady on a riding lawnmower and she stopped to chat. I learned more about this lady in five minutes than I have learned about my best friend in 15 years! Yeah she was a talker! I just stood there panting along with the dogs. I was in a dilemma as to how to get moving on down the road without being rude. Finally I just had to say I have been around the whole block and I’m almost done, I really need to get going.

Home again at last, hot and sticky. I look at the clock, its 10:30 am. I’m thinking “Wow I was gone a long time, how far did I go?” After my shower I call hubby and ask him to measure it out for me when he gets home.

3.5 MILES!!! Okay I know that is slow walking but HEY it is half a mile longer than usual and at least I’m walking. Well, not so good today! LOL!



Ocean Girl said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, you live on the same neighborhood as the Ewings. The gates are really interesting.

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, love those gates. Coolpics of the Johnson grass tops.

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Love the gates.. I expect that the dead smell was not real pleasant even if faint. I agree with Ocean Girl, The gates do look like the Ewings of South fork.

Eric said... [Reply to comment]

Scenic area. Hey, none of those gates have rattlesnake heads or anything on them to warn people off. You must have friendly neighbors.

Angelia Sims said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful! Except for the two mean dogs, it was a wonderful walk. 3.5miles is very good!

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

Very Nice Heather,

I always loved taking a long walk like this, thank you for bringing me along.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Ocean girl...Yeah right! I wish!

Suzicate...Thanks, I was wondering if anyone else was going to like that pic.

Lucy...Not pleasant at all, I had to force myself not to touch my face the whole way.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Eric...Hahaha! I guess they are nice, I didn't see any scary gates and nobody yelled at me for taking the pics.

Angelia...Thanks, I was pretty surprised that I went that far, but yet it felt a lot farther!

Jimmy...Your welcome! I like to go for shorter walks!! LOL!!

kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Fabulous post, Heather! I absolutely adore those gates...and I'm so glad you took those photos to show us!

Wow...that IS a lot of dogs...do you carry a stick just in case?

That talkative lady is probably lonely. At least there's someone around if you're in the mood to dish, right?

kendrasue said... [Reply to comment]

Yay! 3.5 miles! You go girl! And the gates that had the stone and iron were so pretty! Nice pictures!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Kathryn...Thanks! No I don't carry a stick, but I should! I don't think that lady is the type to listen to others. I barely got in a few words while I was with her.

Kendrasue...I know! I was pretty surprised and in awe od myself.