Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Her Puppet Masters...

Sitting here drinking my coffee and going through my emails (it's been awhile). I get the weekly newsletter from Mama's Losing It, delivering the prompts for the Writer's Workshop for the week. As you must know already I haven't participated in some time. Anyway I got to last weeks prompts and the vlog option was "Show what a typical day looks like at your house". This tickled my funny bone pretty good. I started envisioning myself sitting down to watch the most boring movie ever! LOL!

She was wakened by a snorting/sneezing dog that was trying to tell her it is time to get your lazy bum up and let me out. She throws back the covers, slips on her slippers and lets all dogs out while keeping an watchful eye on the escape artist cat. She gets her coffee, puts it in the micro, gives the cats their treats and goes to the bathroom. She retrieves her hot coffee, looks over at the computer and tells herself "Stupid! You left the computer on all night". She fixes up her coffee with cream and sugar, steals a sip and puts it down.

Grabs a glass of water and a scoop of cat food. Opens the front door to watch all the kitties come a running. She feeds and waters them and sitently counts to make sure none are missing. Momma and 1,2,3,4,5. Humm, where's the daddy? Oh well, he'll show up.

Back in the house she grabs her coffee and sits down at the computer, time to see what is going on in the world and with my friends. She briefly glances over Facebook. Stitch barks that he wants back in, she waits for all three to come in but of course Taco has to be a little subborn and says no by laying there and ignoring the opened door. She comes back to the computer only to be summoned back to the door just a few short minutes later. False alarm, Tacos just barking for the sake of barking. Again he fools me for a second time, on the third time she forces him to come in so she can stop this merry go round.

Back in front of the computer in her swivel chair. She gets snorted/sneezed at by one dog and whined at by another. She swivels around and asks WHAT? Three beds for three dogs there shouldn't be a problem. Ohh, I see. Tacos bed is occupied by a cat and Stitch wants covers. She fixes the problems and returns to her browsing.

Now that the cat has been awakened and removed from said basket, he needs someone to pick on in his grouchy mood. He picks a fight with Peachy, who was fast asleep in her own basket. This morning is not quite going off without a hitch! She rubs her face in aggervation and heads outside to water the plants.

Anything to get away from being the puppet to the puppet masters. They pull her strings and move her along through another day, but sometimes they try to pull those strings just a little to tight and taunt. This just happens to be one of those mornings.

Lets see if another cup of coffee fixes anything!
If this was a movie, it really would be boring. That was two hours of my morning. Sitting here writing this and doing the same chores I do every morning. The cat fight was not a typical thing but does happen at least twice a week! LOL!

Now it is time to get on the phone and do my daily phone calls to mom and bf. Then it will be time to get some crocheting done before the heat picks up to a miserable 100 degrees.


Friday, June 3, 2011

My "little boy" is down to eight lives left!

One of my favorite of the kittens just gave me the scare of a lifetime! I was going to go back to sitting in my chair and pick up my crocheting again...I had to walk past the front door to do so and I heard momma kitty let out a strange meow. I opened the door t see what was going on.

To my horror the little outdoor end table was knocked over and one of the orange kittens was tangled up in the legs!

As you can see (from the pic I took 2 days ago), this little table has curly legs and the kittens head reaches one end and his hips reach the other end.

I rushed out the door and he was soo wrapped up in those curly legs I was frantic at trying to loosen him. I had to get his head out first and the try to free his hips, as I was trying to free his hips, I saw the look in his eyes. It was a look of "Your too late". I rushed him up to my chest, grabbed the table and threw it towards the garbage cans, ran into the house and proceeded to check him over.

I thought for sure he was dead, his eyes were glassed over and he was like a rag doll in my hands. After quickly rubbing my hands all over his body to see if there was damage, he lifted his head! I can't even relay to you the feeling that washed over me.. relief and joy, mingled with the still present fear and panic.

He was stuck in those legs in such an odd way...The upper leg had his head and his body was bent over the leg to where the metal was pressing on the back of his neck and hips stuck in the opposite direction.

Now that I knew he was alive, I wanted to check his mobility. I put him on the floor and waited to see if he could walk. He did walk but it was only two steps. I picked him up and plopped myself into my office chair. My heart was racing, I needed to sit! I sat here for a good while just stroking him and he finally started showing signs of being more alert.

I took him out to his mother (who had been meowing most frantically the whole time), who promptly proceed to lick him to death as she was leaning on my leg and purring. I stayed outside long enough to be sure he could walk good and to get some leg rubs and swishy tailing from my little boy.

If cats DO have 9 lives, then he's already down to eight! AND I gained at least a dozen new greys!

What a night! I'm worn out from all the excitement, nighty-nite.