Friday, April 30, 2010

Spin Cycle: Roles

When I first read what the assignment was, I was brain dead to come up with anything. After giving it a weeks thought, I figured I'd better hurry up and come up with something or move on to next weeks assignment. Like I have for the past 3 weeks. Sorry, I didn't realize I had been so neglectful for so long.


When hubby and I got together 19 yrs ago, it took us no time to fall into our roles.
It was so easy and comfortable, we had never even discussed what our roles where going to be. Well over time we have evolved, but only a little bit.

I was going to say that I am just your typical 50's housewife, but now that I think about that, I find it to be not quite accurate. Well not accurate to what my perceptions of what a 50's housewife is.

My brain conjours up images of women who are controlled by there husbands and have no voice. Women whos only place was to be at home raising the children and serving their husbands every whim. Believe me when I say I am sooo not that woman!

I don't know if yall remember the style quiz I took awhile back, but the results was Vintage-Modern. I find that to be the case in my role as housewife too. I do all the duties as a housewife does, but I am the boss around here. (shhh, forget I said that! Hubby is the boss! Just in case he reads this)

Hubbies role is (Bread winner) to work and make the money that I use to keep this fine tuned engine going. I do all of the finances of everything, if money is to be spent it must be weighed and measured through me. I am in charge of making sure everything is paid and on time so he doesn't have to worry about it at all. Just so long as he gets some money for his hard work. I can't have him working like a sled dog and not get some compensation from it.

Hubbies only other roles in this house is (mechanic) to do all things automotive and (Trash man) to take the trash cans to the dumpster. Basically when he gets home the night is his to do with as he pleases, which generally means remote control king.

My roles other than general housewife duties are:
Accountant: manager of all moneys down to the last penny.
Minor repairman: Build a house from the floor up hubby did the actual floor and maintain all problems..from replacing toilet guts to replacing a screen on the window.
Gardener (which I really don't like): Mowing, trimming trees, weed eating, planting and baking in the sun to get it all done.

I got real lucky that my hubby:
is not messy and doesn't go spending money with out checking with me first (to be sure there is any money).
He doesn't boss me around or demand things to be done (I demand those things of myself).
Although he has gotten into the habit of letting me know when its going to rain, his subtle way of saying I need to mow. LOL!

Well I can't think anymore and hubby is up and I need to get The Money Maker out the door!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take A Walk With Me.

I went for a walk down a road I hadn't been down before.



Peacock Egg

Irrigation Canal

Strange Marsh

Fence Posts and Farm Land




Not a tree common here.

Angry herd of dogs

Neat Gate


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What The Heck Is That Smell?

Well I guess it is doggie time. I was going to (bore you to death)tell you all about my weight loss journey, BUT somebody had other plans.

I let the dogs out like I do every morning in my stumbling not awake bumping into things mode.

Everything is nice and quiet and I am waking up the computer.

Stitch barks at the door for me to let him back in, I do.
Minutes later the other two want in.
I am slowly going through my morning routine.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

What the heck is that smell?

I checked all the usual places:

Kitchen closet, maybe it's the trash. Nope.
Under the sink, maybe I finally caught that friggin mouse. Nope.
Open the back door, maybe it's the septic tank. Nope
Litter box? Nope.
(Stitch was helping me with my search, he looked everywhere I looked)

Where the heck is it coming from?

I turned to Stitch to ask this question. (so I wouldn't look like I'm crazy)

I then see it! It being spots on his fur, like he got caught out in the beginnings of a raim storm.

What is that?

I reach down and touch the spots and they are not wet, they are sotra crusty.
I lift my fingers to my nose (thinking it might be oil).


What the heck did you get into???

He was immediately escourted to the kitchen sink, where he promtly got a bath!

So, now he is mad at me and trying to hide in Whiskers basket! LOL!

Lovely way to wake up in the morning!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleeping Spots

Since the moving of everything in my office, I had to move the cats sleeping arrangements.

Peaches's chair was on the other side of my computer table and she would sleep on it under the table and I would beg her to share it with my feet. I do miss having something to put my feet up on. I still can't believe I chose style over comfort in that situation. Oh well, but I'm sure she is glad to not have to share anymore.

Whiskers basket was just on the floor where ever he wanted it, yes he would move it all over the place.

So, now back to having had moved there sleeping spots..

I put her chair at the end of the kitchen island and put his basket underneath the chair. I really didn't think this arrangement was going to work out, since peach and Whiskers don't really like each other much. Well for the most part it really hasn't, but then I saw this and knew I had to capture the moment.

That is the closest I have seen them in awhile, unless it's feeding time!

Well, the moment didn't last long. Peach woke up with me taking the pic and as soon as she realized he was underneath her she froze and started growling at him. LOL!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Relaxed Day

Finally a day to relax and lounge around in my jammies. I could easily find something to do, but I DON"T WANNA!!

I have played games, read some blogs and had long conversations on the phone. I did manage to make my mother mad for talking badly about her baby daughter, who (we in the family) knows she favors the most. I can always tell when she is mad, she just says ahha occasionally with dead silences in between.

I paid some bills and organized my new desks drawers. I have stared out the front door many times and well..It's too hot to get busy out there.

I did give the dogs a spray down for fleas, that was fun. Watching Taco trying to rub it off on any surface available was a hoot!

I thought I might get yall in on my super relaxed day! Not much going on here just a hmmm...what to do next..I wonder...

Maybe I could tackle the boxes in my room and throw away a bunch of junk...Naw that would take many hours, okay maybe I will tackle maybe two boxes.
Any one want:
some Christmas junk? LOL!
OR how about some granny squares I'm too lazy to sew together!
Or some material I will probably never use.
Stuffed animals? Seriously why do I still have lots of stuffed animals?
That idea just came and went with all the hard thinking of what to do with all of it. Waaaay tooo much work for a relaxed day...maybe tomorrow or tomorrow or tomorrow! LOL!

As far as the background goes: This is it, till I get bored of it. Boo be nice!

I think maybe I will kick the dogs outside and make myself a salad and cozy up to the tv for about two hours. Hey it's worth a shot, I might find a good movie. It would really have to be a great movie to get me to sit still that long! LOL!

Hope yall are enjoying your day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My New Desk and Rearranged Office.

So, you all know I have been on the hunt for a computer desk. I have looked at new ones and even used ones online. I have scouted my local thrift stores and flea markets and have come up empty. I knew what I wanted and what would work for the space I have. New ones were too expensive and used ones either looked like junk or didn't fit the profile.

While on my quest I came across a local store Desks Galore advertising on Craig's list. I checked out their website and wrote down all their info. You know, just for future reference. From what I saw on the website the prices where out of my range.

Hubby's check this week was the best one so far this year. I actually had some money left over. I figured it couldn't hurt to check the place out, since I had to go to town (the big city San Antonio) anyway. I called first to make sure they were open on a Saturday and while I had they guy on the phone I asked if I could unload that other desk (I was trying to sell to that lady who wanted me to deliver).

Another wise decision on my part. I think I am up to three for the year so far.

I got there and OMGoodness! They pretty much had every kind of desk imaginable. They have bookcases, file cabinets, conference tables and chairs too. From new to slightly used to very used. The man meet me at the door and immediately started asking what kind of desk I was looking for and the size of area it was for. He forgot to ask what price range, but he was soon to find out!

I followed him but I kept getting distracted by this desk and that desk. I was ohhh'ing and ahhh'ing! I saw the desk I ended up choosing in the fourth row. It was the first desk I ohhh'ed over. BUT I was good and continued to follow the man around. He took me to see a brand new desk for almost $400, I nearly choked at the price. Finally he asks about the price range. He then escorted me to a regular folding table, which I did consider for a moment, until I remembered the one I saw in the front.

We were making our way back towards the front and finally I broke formation and went to get a close up look at THE desk. I knew just from a glance it was for me and getting a closer view, I knew for sure! It was meant for me!

was in the group of slightly used,
has 5 drawers,
space for my big body and big chair,
is long,
is skinny,
has vintage handles,
is solid wood,
has vintage legs!!
Those legs were the selling feature, you all know how much I love vintage furniture!
I also picked up a black two shelf bookcase.

Now having picked out my purchases, I informed the man about the desk in the back of my truck. He went out with me and looked at it. I was just hoping to have him take it off my hands, instead he says "How does $25 of your purchases price sound" Woohoo!! I was expecting that!

Total purchase price..$83.00
After trade in..$57.00!!
I was grinning all the way home, speeding a little too! LOL!

Hubby helped me unload, kudos for him.
I went grocery shopping in record time, I just couldn't wait to get back home and get busy putting my new office in order.
Hubby helped unload the groceries, another kudos for him! I think hubby just might get a steak dinner for all his hard work helping around the house! LOL!

I spent the entire rest of the day (7 hours), cleaning, rearranging, reorganizing and untangling cords. Seriously, how do those cords get so friggin tangled?
Things were loaded into the trucks (again with the help of hubby): to get dropped off at the local thrift store for Sunday, more things in my truck to be taken to both my sisters to fight over (just kidding) and more things for the upcoming baby.

The old old desk is now gone, along with the kitchen table that bf and I found on our way to bingo. My most favorite table is now actually the kitchen table, instead of being my computer desk.

By nine pm my office (along with the entire kitchen) is done, perfect and I finally got to take some pics of my new desk and new office.

Looks like Whiskers approves! LOL!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Have A Nice Weekend

Please excuse the changes I am making.
I hope to have a permanent layout by Monday.
Having a real hard time finding something that I will really like for a long time.

I will be soo glad to say good bye to this week and start fresh with a new and hopefully a better week.

If you want a good Boo (Niece) story go here

Hoping to get my office finished this weekend, will post pics as soon as it is done.

Yall have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What to call this post...BLAH

Ugh today, NO this week has been strange and out of whack.
I feel off balance, chaotic, irritated and aggravated. Things don't seem to be going smoothly. I am doing one thing and then jump to the next without finishing the first thing. My office is a mess and I got the blues over it. I have been trying so hard to come up with solutions, only to fail from the lack of know how and money. Goodness I hate the word money. It controls everything I do and can't do.

Where was I..oh yeah..

Yesterday I took my camera outside and was trying to figure out how to get the best quality pic out of it. There seems to be no hope for this cheap little camera. With the help of South Dakota Cowgirl, I got some great advice and leads on what to look for when I save up enough money. Crap there is that word again!

Back when I went to Seguin to help my parents (what..three weeks ago), my dad gave me a computer desk that he had rescued from the trash. He does things like that and if there isn't anything wrong with it, he will give to us kids or sell it. Anyway, there was nothing wrong with this desk, I marvel at peoples ability to throw away perfectly good items. Well..I tried the desk out for size for a week and we didn't get along to well, so I decided to put it on Craig's list. Why I even bother with it, I don't know! I had three people inquire about it, but don't have the means to come and get it. Seriously, they want me to deliver it! Again, I don't have the MONEY to use up my gas!

I do think the title of this post should be MONEY! It just keeps popping up. Evil little big word. GRRRR!!

I haven't posted a whole lot this week, because I really can't get my mind to focus. Same thing with getting caught up on my reading list. It just keeps getting longer and longer everyday and I have been unable to get my mind to get into the groove.

I'm thinking it is time to piss off the neighbors and slap on and crank up some get your heart pumping and body moving jams. Naw maybe next week...

That awful women's curse needs to go away first. I will be soooooooo glad when my body finally realizes we are tooo old for this junk. Bring on the full blown menopause!! I am so ready! I already have the hot flashes and night sweats, just waiting (not so patiently) for blessed day this will be over!

Well there ya have it folks that appears to be all I have, cause my brain just shut off..I got nothing...

Blah, blah, blah and oh another blah!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Playing Around With Blogger

I got sent an email last month about New blogger templates. Pictured templates and even 3 or 4 columns. You costumize everything to your own taste. They have many options to choose from.

Go to Blogger Template Disigner. Where is says "Try it now" click on the link and click on the template designer tab and there ya go. It even has a preview of your page right there, you can see your changes as you make them.

I really liked it and thought I would give it a whirl.

Soo, what do ya think? Tell me what needs to be changed. Is the text to light? Is the link colors seeable? ( that a word?)

Am I still playing it safe or should I go wilder? LOL! I did see one that was a little crazy, maybe I should shake things up in here! Okay I better stop, I'm cracking myself up!


In other news for today...I am going to have another neice in August. I know yall are probably thinking I am too old to still be having neices and nephews. Well, lets just say..daddy was still dishing out kids even after I should have been. LOL!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not So Fresh Zombie


I spent the whole day tearing my office apart and reorganizing it.

I currently have two desks in my office. Well, one is actually a desk with 4 drawers, the other is a kitchen table. The real desk is damaged and not large enough for my needs, so I decided it was high time to empty it out and get rid of it. To do this..I had to find a solution for all the office supplies I have been storing in it. Last year we bought large bookshelves and on another occasion I had gotten some decorative boxes on sale after Christmas. I made a point of getting some sticky labels just for this chore. Needless to say I filled boxes and reorganized and dusted and threw a crap load of things away. It was a eight hour chore and my feet felt like they were going to burst, but everything is all nice and neat and for the time being a little lost. I keep trying to turn my chair around to other desk to get something, but when I open a empty drawer, I have to try to remember where I relocated that item.

Now how to relocate a usable, slightly damaged desk. I guess I will be using Craig's list tomorrow and if that doesn't work then I'll have to move on to Freecycle.

I was so tired I never even got around to reading everyones posts. I went to bed 2 hours early!


The agenda for the day was to go spend time with the grandkids, which I did and had a blast as I always do.

Bright and early in the wee hours of 8 o'clock in the morning, I was awakened by grandsons voice on the answering machine. He was wanting to know when I was going to be there. first waking thought was..not now, that's for sure, my feet haven't even hit the floor yet! LOL!

If I had to be woken up, I'm glad to have had it be him and not by a bark in my ear or a pounce on my tummy!

I called him back with my first morning coffee and scruffy voice. He was sorry to wake me so early, but I guess he was in a hurry for this day to begin. I told him noon cause he has school work to do. He made a point to let me know he was already doing his school work. LOL!

Really made me feel old for using wee hours of the morning for sleeping! My goodness what was I thinking wasting the morning away! No sleeping off the previous days work when there are grandkids waiting on zombie grumpy old Nana to get her act together and find the sweet Nana, for the day! LOL!

I did get there at 10:45. I was entertained from that moment on. We played and talked and played some more. There was lunch and tears over a missing toy and lots of things for Nana to be caught up on. We went shopping here and there and by 3pm I was ever so ready for a nap!

I told the youngest (3yrs) that Nana was going home to take a nap and that I would be back later on.
He says..After your nap?
Me..No, maybe next week.
He says..Okay! (with a happy bounce)
Cracks me up!!!

I left and went back to one of the stores and got a new rug for my office. I get home and check all my comments and Facebook. At 4:30 I crawl under the covers and settle down to take that much needed nap. 2 minutes later hubby is home!

The not so fresh zombie is now making supper and trying to engage in conversation with hubby and listen to his day and tell him about mine. I think I must have zombied out cause for the life of me I can't remember a thing we talked about.

I spent two hours downloading 12 pics on Facebook and finally was sooooo tired I decided to shut down the computer and go to bed at the very early hour of 9pm. My mistake was to sit down in front of the tv and flip threw the menu and watch Hoarders.

I don't know why this show affects me the way it does, but I got up and was headed to bed when instead I found myself scrubbing the toilet, sweeping the floor, changing the wastebasket and scrubbing it down, cleaning the counter. I then moved on into the kitchen. Washing the dishes, wall around the sink area, stove top, sweeping the floor and making hubby's lunch.

This only took me 45 minutes, but still it woke me up enough to be writing this post from 10:55pm to 11:50pm. Well now that it is almost midnight and I am about dead enough to fall out of my chair, I had better sign off and say good night!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Enter At Your Own Risk~~Rant!

Right now I am very unhappy with the company that I had fix my computer last month. From what they explained to me was that they had to wipe out all the programs that were on it and reinstall them. Well, let me tell you they really messed me up!

I admit when it comes to computers and programs I am not all that smart, but I was learning the programs I had and many I used often. When I got my computer back from these folks, I just assumed all the original programs would still be there along with the new ones that they put on. NOT!

I tried to put in a dvd to watch and this new program came up and was requesting me to register for the free trial and then pay a fee every month. The Windows Media I had was free! I then tried to get Windows Media back and the computer says something about code not supporting it. I tried to find my Microsoft Works and it is also gone.

These were programs that were original to the computer when I bought it and free, all the new stuff they put on here are trials and pay programs. I tried calling them to see what we could do about the missing programs and get rid of the pay programs and all I got was "I'll have my boss call you". That was last week and still nothing! I called the geek squad and they said it would cost me about a hundred and a half just to TRY to fix it. Of course they can't help me over the phone, I have to bring it in.

IF I was to take it in and try to get it repaired and the money I spent a month ago, I would have put out just about the same amount of money as I did buying the computer in the first place. This aggravates me very much!!

I bought myself a mp3 player last week when they were on sale and opened it this evening to set it up and try to download music on to it. I just wanted to load one song to make sure I got the "know how" down and also to check to see how long my slow dinosaur dial up was going to take with just one song.

I got it set up and ready for download and I should have gotten the "open, save, cancel" page. Instead I got an "find, save, cancel". I hit find and it takes me to a Microsoft page giving me suggestions of programs to download.

Soo..I can't watch a dvd, I can't download music and some of my favorite programs are gone and some are not retrievable. If it wasn't for my love of blogland and facebook, I would quit this computer business completely! It is just so darn expensive and frustrating. It really tries my patience nearly everyday.

I feel so limited in the things I can do, that everyone else can do so easily.

Like Utube is all over the place and I can't watch them.
People have music attached to their pages and that makes their page not work for me at all.
For some unknown reason comment areas on some pages won't open at all, I get a Windows can not find or open.
I have to sit and wait for the little pictures of all the followers to finish loading, before I can close out any blog page. For some blog pages that is easy cause they either don't have that feature or they have it condensed down to just a few that show. Others well..lets just say it takes a good while to finish loading, I can do the dishes while waiting.
I only average 4 or 5 blogs an hour, which let me just say..I follow 50 blogs and on the average 30 will post a day, so that will take me six or more hours a day!
As most of you have noticed I might not get to your post for that day cause A- I fell asleep at the computer waiting and waiting or B- I ran out of time.

What do I mean that I ran out of time? Well the dial up company charges me for the connection, but the phone company charges me for going over my minutes for the month. These minutes average out to be only five hours a day.

Is this post still on topic? Probably not! I'm just frustrated and you poor souls are being subjected to my rant. Sorry!

In other computer/blog related news...
I did manage to figure out how to get a new tab on my page. It has all the lovely awards that yall have been so generous to give me in it. And I can add up to ten tabs, this was a great find for me.

I also finally signed up with Networked Blogs on Facebook. I mostly did this so that my friends and family on Facebook will have privy knowledge that I have posted something and also a lot of them were having difficulties commenting on my blog posts.

Just in writing my two accomplishments, has made me feel some what better. I just have to learn the hard way what my limitations are, no matter how aggravating, frustrating and depressing they are. LOL!

Lucy has the perfect word for the computer...CONFUSER! Love it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rainy Days

The rain has been falling for days.
The air is heavy with it and the humidity is very muggy.
The down pours are brutal and the showers calming.
The yard is a pool over here and over there.

The weight of the rain is weighing down every branch and some even snapped.

The muddy shoes are by the door and how many times do I need to wash the floor?

The birds came out to play and bathe in the fresh new rain.

The flowers have been beaten with every never ending drop and will they recover, I know not.

The dogs need coaxing to go outside, a push and a shove and a towel to dry.

The weatherman says only a few more days; I sure hope we don’t float away!

(All photos are from a google search)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phone Conversations

Conversation with Becky (bf) and Mike:

The other day, I call their house.
Mike.. What do you what?
Me.. To talk
Mike.. Not to me
Me.. Obviously! LOL
Mike.. She’s in the house, call back. (he is usually always outside in his shed)
I immediately call back and it’s busy, again busy.
I call someone else, someone is beeping in.(I ignore it)
I call Becky back.
Mike butts in and says..I was trying to call you, to tell you I forgot to hang up the phone!
Me..Your Alzheimer’s kicking in already!

Today, Becky answers the phone.
Me.. Where is your hubby? (He is usually the one to answer the phone)
Becky.. In bed
Me.. Well, I actually did what to talk to him this time! What is his cell phone number?
Becky.. He is in bed, asleep!
Me.. I don’t want to call him, LOL, I just want to confirm his number!
We both are laughing.

Conversations with sister M and her hubby:

Phone rings,
Me.. Hey!
Sister.. You rang?
Me.. Yeah
Sister.. What did ya want?
Me.. Nothing.
Sister.. Are you bored?
Me.. Maybe!
Her hubby resounds in the background. If your bored, go to church!
Me.. What I am I supposed do, walk! (As if)
Her hubby.. Jesus walked everywhere!
Lesson learned, don’t talk to him right after he gets home from church.

Her hubby states (in the background) I’m going to take a nap. Don’t bother me.
Me.. Jeez! Sounds like he really needs a nap! Mr. Grouchy!

The next day..
Talking to sister, I hear her hubby in background.
Me.. I thought he was going to take a nap? Oh, yeah that was yesterday!

Conversation with Boo:

I was actually talking to sister M, but niece Boo kept butting in.
This had me and my sister M roaring with laughter!

Me.. What are boobies made out of?
Boo.. Water and air.
Me.. So if I was to poke a needle in my boobies, they will deflate?
Boo.. NO! giggle giggle!
Me.. Then your theory doesn't hold up!
Boo. Okay, do it! Go ahead and do it..Do it..Do it!
Me.. Believe me honey, if it would work, I would have done it years ago!
Boo.. Giggle giggle!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Violet was her name

Here is something I have been working on. Most of this is a combo of things I remember, things that were revealed to me later on and the imagination of my mind.
Please let me know what you think, be honest! I am freely asking you to judge me.

Violet was her name

Violet was a shy, slightly average looking (so she said), church going girl.
The milk boy Edward was always smiling and making her laugh.
He was very witty and the jokes just flowed from him.
She was thrilled to see him everyday.
She would time her day around the delivery of the milk.
She knew he was the one she would marry.

They finally got married and she moved with him to the dairy farm.
She knew a little about cows, but learned quickly the process of having a business.
Business was good; there was the dairy side of it and also the farming side.
They raised cows and grew large corn fields.
They worked very hard, from sunrise to sunset.

Violet was also the common housewife.
She cooked, canned, tended her garden and cleaned the house.
She washed the clothes by hand in the kitchen sink.

They wasted no time in starting their family.
It’s a boy!
Violet was very happy to give her husband a strong son to help on the farm.
It’s a girl!
Their family was shaping up nicely!
It is starting to get harder for her to help out on the farm, with having two kids to manage plus her daily responsibilities.
Edward has to hire more help; he employs the local high schoolers on summer break.
It’s another boy and another boy soon after!
She loves her life on the farm and can’t ever imagine leaving.

Many years pass and their two oldest children have left the nest.
The boy went on to serve his country.
The girl got married and had the first grandchild. The marriage did not work out. Their son in law got custody.
Violet and Edward felt very fortunate to still have their grandchild in their lives.

With just two sons left at home, things were different.
Business had gone down.
The larger dairies are getting more progressed and getting a large amount of the contracts.
It was one of the hardest choices they have ever had to make, but it was time to sell the farm.
Before this could be done, they had to find a new place to go.

By this time Edward had saved a good penny and decided to build his wife the house of her dreams.
Within reason, of course.
He found a beautiful piece of property just outside of town.
He made sure the new house had all the amenities his wife had always talked about.
She would have a sewing room.
She would have a wheeled clothes line.
She would have a large picture window in the living room that looked out on the river.
The remaining two boys will both have their very own rooms.

Even with having to lose her lifestyle at the farm, which she was very sad about.
She felt like they were moving up in the world.
She was proud to have Edward as her husband.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hillbilly Alert!!

Hubby calls me to let me know he is on his way home. He tells me to go get his steak cause he has "For Real" gotten over sixty hours this week. He says he wants a prime rib. I tell him I don't even know what a prime rib looks like, I'm going to have to look it up.

He says..while your looking that up, look up craigslist. Go to boats and type in free in the search bar, pull up the fifth one.

Just him talking computer talk blew me away!
I asked why and he said just do it and you'll see. I'm like..O.kay. He hangs up and I rush to the computer. I find it and pull it up. Here is what I see:

I call him back immediately!
OMG you are such a hillbilly!
He cracks up laughing and says "You say that like its a bad thing! Email them and see if they still have it."

He has always wanted to have a house boat. He wants to live on one permanently. I've always known this and even got him a t-shirt with a hillbilly house boat on it. This is a whole new level I was not prepared for.

While waiting for a reply from the owner..
I was getting his supper and I asked "Where are you going to put it?"
Him..In the front yard
Me..Even IF I was to let you, it wouldn't fit. Your going to have to call around and find a boat storage place.
Him..Fine I'll dock it at the lake.
Me..I'm not so sure they will let you set up camp permanently.
(You have to know I have been laughing my fool head off, ever since I laid eyes on that pic!)

We bounced ideas around and around and he still came back to putting it here in the yard.
Me..I don't want to look out my front door and have my whole scenery be nothing but boat! LOL!
He..(cracks up) I told him (him being his friend at work, Two Speed) I would never get away with bringing it home.
Me..I don't think the landlord would be too thrilled about it either.
Him..Oooo, call him and find out!!
Me..I don't need to call him, cause I wont go for it and I rule! LOL!
(We haven't laughed this hard in at least a week)

I finally told him that IF it was still available AND he could find a place to put it, (that wont break us) then he could get it.

His brain went into overload!
He called people and got some real good suggestions. He was soo excited! According to him he had it all planned out.

I asked what about the animals (especially the cats), he said "No problem". (I butted in and yelled "Whiskers how would ya like to live on a boat?")
Hubby say he could be a catfish and the dogs could be mud puppies!

Finally the guy emails us back and wouldn't ya know it, it was picked up this morning. Hubby gets all bummed out, saying "A day late, always a day late".

Me on the other hand..dodged a huge bullet!

Later he is like..Did ya print it yet? Not yet.
Did ya print it yet?
Did ya print it yet?
Did ya print it yet?

Geezzzzz, you want it right now!
Him..Well I don't want ya to forget it.

I hand him the print out and he looks at it and in a little boy voice..I'll never get my house boat.

A few moments later he comes in the kitchen and says Well now I have a house boat (referring to the paper).
I bet it has a huge hole in the floor on the inside and that is why it was free.
He looks at me and shakes his head..Well dah Edith, of course it does! How else are you going to fish and watch tv on a rainy day!

Dude you need to go to bed before my belly bursts!

Friday, April 9, 2010

5-5-5, I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Kaylen over at It's Serious This Time

Question 1: Where were you five years ago?

1..Hiding in the woods
2..Living in the best area
3..Walking to my best friends house
4..playing yatzee everyday
5..going to bingo every chance I could

Question 2: What is (was) on your to-do list today?

1..Grocery shopping
2..Read blogs
3..Ride my bike
4..Cook supper
5..Watch Stargate Universe

Question 3: What five snacks do you enjoy?

2..Carrot strings
3..Sunflower seeds
4..Ritz crackers

Question 4: what five products do you use everyday?

1..Lysol wipes
5..Maxwell House

Question 5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1..Buy about 15 acres of land
2..Build a decent house
3..Change my phone number
4..Have that rottweiler farm Eric suggested for security.
5..Start a animal rescue shelter.

And 5 bloggers to pass it on to...

1..Take it

(I had to add Question 4, it was missing)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Speaking Of...

Well, what to say today...

I guess I was a bit misleading with my spin this week. I did step on the scales but not that particular day, it was more like a few weeks ago. It was still fresh in my head as if I had done it that day. Some bad things just stay in my mind and this was one of them. The thought of being that big, was nawing at me every single day.

My offical weigh in this morning revealed 216! I had to call my mom cause I knew I was on the phone with her at the last time I pulled the scales out. Mom, When was it, that we weigh ourselves together? That was nearly three weeks ago! Dang where did the time go? I must really be getting old, that three weeks feels like yesterday! LOL! Like hubby say "It was just the other day" When it was really months or years ago!

Anyway, back to the topic...
I know yall didn't have a clue otherwise, but I reread the post and realized I wasn't very clear on that point and I hate to have my records wrong. I have found that typing things and saying things or even thinking things don't always come out the same.

Speaking of records...

I was just doing my check book and somewhere, somehow there is $10 missing. This is going to drive me insane looking to find the mistake. In my world ten dollars is a big deal. It is ten dollars that could pay for half of hubby's lunch supplies or could be used to buy me another pair of big baggy pants or two more bags of potting soil!

I will find it, but so far I haven't. I have spent most of the morning looking through everything with no luck.

This is why I am so late getting a post done.

Speaking of potting soil...
Here is my little burst of color, that I have managed to keep alive so far!

If you will click on this last pic you will see there is a humming bird on the feeder. Too cute, I love them.