Monday, April 5, 2010

Hubby makes me laugh!

Hubby…We can lower the lawnmower down a notch and mow again.

Me…Who’s we?

Hubby…I’ll lower the wheels and you can mow.



Me…You got dishes!

Hubby…What dishes?

Me…The ones you’ve been ignoring all day.

I go ahead and wash the dishes after waiting an hour and still no movement from hubby.
I have two items left and he saunters into the kitchen and thanks me for doing the dishes for him.

Hubby…My feet don’t fit under the cabinets.

Me…your feet aren’t supposed to go under there, mine don’t fit either! (The space is like an inch, why would he use this excuse?)

Hubby…Well my feet are too big and I can’t get close enough to the sink.



The deal we made over the hours and the reward being a steak.

Hubby…Here is my hours card.

Me…Okay thanks. (I put it on the desk and walked away)

Hubby…Well, aren’t you going to look at it?

Me… (I look at it) Wow! You got 61.75 hours and you didn’t even have to work Saturday?!

Hubby stands there grinning.

I look him over suspiciously (You just can never tell about that grin) and dismiss it.

Me…I just realized there is a flaw in this deal we made. I actually need the paycheck to have the money for the steak.

Hubby…Awwwww maaaaan!

I figured this was the moment he would sulk off and the matter would be dropped till I got the check. Nope he was still standing there with that silly grin. NOW I know something is up!

Me…Did you make up this hours card? Are you trying to pull as fast one on me?

Hubby…Nope..(with a chuckle and still the grin)

Me…You did! You made it up! Man, you must want that steak real bad!

Hubby…(Laughing, coughing and try to talk) If you will look, those are the hours I am away from the house! Those should count as working hours.

Maybe I should have a legal person draw up the specs of this deal! This boy is a cheater!! LOL!


Ocean Girl said... [Reply to comment]

You (or is it your husband), well both of you are funny Heather. And cute:)

Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like a match made in Heaven! We all need someone who makes us laugh regularly, don't we?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

You guys are too funny!

Elle Em En said... [Reply to comment]


"My feet don’t fit under the cabinets......Well my feet are too big and I can’t get close enough to the sink."

I think that is the best excuse I've EVER heard for not doing dishes!

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like you two have a great marriage, Laughter makes the world go around.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Like Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when they were surrounded and out numbered by angry Indians...

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

Can I steal his excuse about the feet not fitting under the cabinets? Please??!!

You two are so funny. Oh, and the paycheck must be in hand before the steak dinner is delivered. :)

kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

HA! You two are perfect for each other! I love the way you both look at life with a sense of humor. That's so important!

Yeah...find some weird legal blank document online and tell him you've had it drawn'll freak him out! (Keep putting the word "steak" and "dishes" into the blank spots!)

Angelia Sims said... [Reply to comment]

HA! Too funny! You knew he was trying to pull one over. Hilarious!
He wants that steak bad!!!


Ji said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Belated Easter

DrSoosie said... [Reply to comment]

Why is it men just don't seem to like to do dishes. My hubby will put water in his bowl but finds it very difficult to open the dishwasher and place the dish inside. I see my son taking after his dad in this way!!
So did hubby get steak?

Jerry said... [Reply to comment]

I need to take lessons from your husband. I'm going to utilize the feet under the cabinet excuse.

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

My feet don’t fit under the cabinets, I'm going to remember this one too, although I know it wont get me far the look on Cindy's face will be worth it Ha Ha

Loved the post.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Ocean Girl...I think together we must appear to be a riot.

Maureen...Oh he makes me laugh nearly everyday, at least once.

Suzicate...Thanks, it just comes natural.

Elle...He can come up with some whoppers!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Lucy...I would have to agree with you. We laugh all the time.

Grace...Huh? LOL! I remember the characters, but not a thing that they would have said to each other! Bad memory.

Tink...If you think it will work go ahead. LOL!
Right those steaks aren't cheap.

Kathryn...Thanks. Humor is soo much better than getting angry. We hardly ever get real mad, but I do tend to nag a bit. LOL!

That's a good one! He has found so many loop holes in our deal, it's getting crazy!

Angelia...He trys to get away with things, but he cracks himself up too much. He starts laughing at himself, big givaway!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Ji...Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter to you too!

DrSoosie...Oh don't get me wrong he does real well with a cup or a bowl, but comes up with excuses for a sink full.

He cheated and has 2 steaks since the agreement. He's a truck driver so he can stop anywhere for lunch.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jerry...You can try it, but I don't think Marilyn will let you get away with it!

Jimmy...Cindy's face will probably be like mine, Like..are you serious! LOL!

kendrasue said... [Reply to comment]

At least you two can still laugh with each other instead of yell at each other!