Friday, January 31, 2014

Our little Secret...

So what has the New Year brought to us soo far....STRESS!

Not super bad stress like something bad happened but the good kind of stress where something wonderful will result from our moment of stress.

For those who follow me on Facebook might have noticed that I have been a little quiet lately. There is good reason for that. I have soo much to say but there are certain persons I don't want knowing whats going on just yet. Soo please if you leave a comment please leave it here on the blog and not through Facebook or private message me on Facebook. I just couldn't stand keeping such a huge secret from my closest friends (Sue, Peg, Grace, Angelia, Stacy...and soo many more) any longer. 
We have been blessed with the opportunity to buy some land, not much but just enough to give us elbow room and a place to call ours forever. No more worrying about land owners dying and their children selling the property we sit on. Wonderful news right?!  Why should there be any stress?

OMG the hunt is mind boggling! Considering the budget is on the small side (but who is complaining, at least there is a budget at all), the listings are horrendous! At least 99% of them need a lot of work (which there is no extra money to do repairs) or sit on such a tiny piece of property the hubs would have a panic attack everyday and my dogs would drive me insane barking at every little noise! 

I suffered through the hunt, gave up on most days but managed to find some that met all requirements or at least most of them. It is not easy and the hunt does continue just in case things don't go as planned.

As of right now we are waiting to hear if we can move on to the next step for this one particular piece of property, apparently there are a lot of steps. This alone is driving my stress level almost to its max. My diet is blown to hell and the munchies have taken over. My creativity is being pushed aside cause apparently my brain can't function with all these numbers and percentages floating in my head. I always have been a "one thing at a time" kinda girl. Sad thing is, this process can take months!! What in the world am I going to do with myself for months?

Well for now I am focusing on going through things and determining whether or not this item or that item is worth moving with us. Which means I have a crap load of "NO's" sitting around waiting for me to have a yard sale. My house is a mess, which brings on more stress, I hate the house being out of control.

But I have to remind myself that in the long run it will be soo worth it or at least it better be!!! I am giddy with excitement at the idea that we will never have to worry again, the place will be OURS but there is that other side that is in panic mode. Surely someone understands what I am feeling.