Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wake up Sleepy Head!

Funny how this old woman still gets woken up by her father. from mom or dad, the phone says. I groan, turn over and grab the phone. Helllllo in my rough sleepy voice. was still asleep? (well duhhhhh!) Wake up sleepy head!

I moan and groan as I creek my bones out of bed.
Me...What's up?
Dad...nothing, just calling to chat.

I'm thinking..seriously, this couldn't wait another hour? Oh well, might as well get me some coffee.

Dad...How ya feeling?
Dad...I mean how are your aches and pains?
Me...Well dad I don't know yet, my body hasn't even gotten the blood circulating yet!

By time I get to the front door to let the dogs out, ohh...there it is...the ache creeping into my hip from laying on it all night long.

Dad...So what's on the agenda for today?
Me...Uhh, wake up for starters. LOL! Later today I need to go get some yarn for the Special Olympics Scarf project. They would pick new colors for this year and they just happen to be colors I don't have, then on to some grocery shopping.
How about you?
Dad...I don't know yet, your moms not here to tell me.
LMAO!!! (good boy)

Me...Did you take your meds?
Dad...Ohh, I better do that! You take yours yet?
Me...getting to it right now.

Me...Okay well have a good day and don't cook on the stove. (he tends to burn things and fills the house up with smoke) Thanks for the wake up call.
Dad...Yup, talk to ya tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another This and That...

Soo if you have been following my stats on Facebook, then you know I have been a berry picking fool lately. I have blackberries gallore! So far I have filled up 20 quart sized bags and one gallon bag (that I gave to my mother). I'm trying desperately to get as many as I can before the heat dries them all up. Just last week I was outside for two hours and got to gallons of berries. Yesterday it took 4 hours to get the same amount. They are getting harder and harder to find berries that aren't dried up, half eaten or just plain falling off the vine.

I had a lovely visit with my mom, sister and her two youngest. It's funny how we need to see each other at least once every month or so to exchange stuff. By time they got here I had a pretty good stack of stuff for them to take and of course they were bring me stuff. I also had to do some checking on mom's computer, turns out all it was..was her impatience! Not a thing wrong with her computer! LOL!

I finished dad's blanket on the 19th and started mom's blanket on the 20th, I'm 3/4ths of the wat finished with her blanket already! Every chance I get I am crocheting.

I am begining to think that I am repetative and quite boring. LOL! If I am not mistaken my last few posts have been about the same things. What can I say..I'm predictable..sorta.

Back to mom's computer..Any of you computer savvy people know how to change the settings on a computer to enlarge everything? My mom's computer was enlarged to the point that everything is soo blown up it looks distorted. I'm talking everything, from the welcome screen, icons, wallpaper..ect. We need to put it back to normal, but can't find the place to change it.

I guess that is all for today, time to get some yard work done.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

This and That...

I'm sitting here thinking..Is it possible that I am losing interest in the process of blogging. Naw..not possible! I just don't ever seem to have the time that is necessary to dedicate to it as I should.

Ever since I picked up my crochet hook last September, there is nothing I want to do more. I have always been a crocheter but maybe only one blanket a year, if that. I have a blanket I was worked on for 3 winters. Since September I have done..6 queen sized blankets and have currently started number 7. I don't know what spurred this obsession other than once I did A blanket for one person, bam I had a list of people to do blankets for. Like enough to keep me busy for the rest of the year! Then I got into exploring crochet websites for patterns and I got carried away. Soo many pretty patterns and new stitches to try!

I got my new camera today and am dying to get outside and play with it. If only the stupid batteries would hurry up and charge.

I washed both the truck and the car by hand. The car was beyond filthy and The hubby's running mates at work was giving him a hard time about it. Fingering in "Wash Me". The biggest culprit is his friend Grumpy. He goes back to work in the clean car and

Grumpy says...I did a good job BUT I should have used a towel to dry it.
I said "Dang, I just can't make that man happy!"
Hubby says.."They don't call him Grumpy for nothing!"

Hubby gets home Thursday night knowing he is going to be off for a three day weekend, so he hangs up his bib'alls and says aloud..see ya Monday morning.
I said..What, your not going to get dressed till Monday?
Hubby..Dang toot'in!
This afternoon he gets dressed. I asked him why.
Hubby..I figured I better get outside and mow so you would think badly of me.
Me..You nutcase! I was perfectly resigned to the fact that you was going to do nothing all weekend. (stupid girl)
The bib'alls got hung back up!
Me...No, No, No...I didn't mean it! Go ahead and go outside!
Too late. Dang it, will I ever learn?

The new kittens are such a joy to watch. I love watching them learn new things. Like getting their little legs to stand up, they sway at the attempt and I can't help but to laugh. Yesterday one had learned how to get out of the box. She is my little explorer, she has already learned how to roam all over the place and tumble down the stairs. Her other sisters are trying to follow her lead. He brothers on the other hand..well lets just say they are slower to try. They seem to be saying...why should we get out of the box? It's nice in here. LOL!!

Yall have a nice day!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot weather and new camera...

I'm sure most of you know already that Texas is in the worst drought in 44 years and is being consumed by an explosion of wildfires. Let me just say...dang it's hot! The temps are now up into the nineties with heavy humidity, but still no rain. I can't even open the door without breaking out a sweat from the extreme heat.

Here at my house we haven't had any measurable rain since Sept. I do envy those who are getting rain, but yet I hear some are getting way too much rain with violent storms and even some tornado's thrown in. I watch Facebook status's and here lately I have had major concern for the safety of my friends and have a wave of relief when I see that those folks have posted again and are okay. Thank goodness.

I also learnt this morning that one of those wildfires is very close to my sister-in-law. The news was posting pics of places and hubby was calling out their names with a gasp. I think the hardest blow was the swimming hole that he played in many a summers while staying with his sister. We are both hopeful that they can get those fires under control. A little rain couldn't hurt either!

We have wild blackberries all over the place around my house. I have been trying to go picking for the last few days but I can't stay out there for too long. BUT I will keep trying cause well....they are FREE! I already have 5 bags in the freezer, would have had 7 but we ate some already! LOL! I just might try my hand at making a pie, that requires flour...right? Hmmm, I'd better go get some.

Soo remember the camera I soo wanted to the point of obsession. Well thanks to some donations and a sale, I was able to upgrade. No I didn't get THE camera of my dreams but I did manage to get...

Kodak® EasyShare Z981 14.0-Megapixel Digital Camera, with 26x optical zoom.

It should be arriving today!! I am super excited and want to thank all who donated to help me out with the camera fund. Yall are AWESOME!!!

Okay well I'd better get out of this chair and get out there and pick some berries before the heat melts them away. Yall have a great day!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poteet Strawberry Festival continued..

A unique looking windmill

and a unique looking trike

Cool rides

Great prizes

and neat crafts

A old west show

And a Rodeo!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Poteet Strawberry Festival

Friday night on the news I heard that the Poteet Strawberry Festival was going on, it's a three day event in the nearby town of Poteet. I always seem to forget about it and never know when it is happening, the first and last time I went was in 98'.

As soon as the hubs got home, I asked him how to get there. He shocks me and says he will take me. The hubs going to an event..with all them PEOPLE! I was truly shocked! Well Saturday came and I was ready to go by noon. The hubs hadn't called yet to tell me to go on ahead, cause he had had time to think about his impulsive blurt and changed his mind. I was feeling pretty confident that he was actually going to go through with it. NOT! By 3pm he called with the news that I knew was going to happen. It was too late to go now. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

Saturday night bf said she would like to go (since she had never been) but was hesitant to confirm wether or not it was a planned trip. I had already made up my mind that if I had to, I would go by myself! I was going, no matter what! Thankfully she said yes the Sunday morning (the last day of the festival).
I was greeted by Mr. Strawberry

Bf was greeted by her favorite..Scratch offs!

Strawberry milk?

I love the ferris wheel

Very tempting on a hot day, but we were good and stuck to the free samples of Sierra Mist

Take a spin in a strawberry

There was some fabulous and cute latin dancers

and lots of painted faces

Most delicious Strawberry Shortcake

and some awesome local bands

To be continued...

Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday was a bad day for Taco, he was getting hurt left and right all day.
He tried to jump up on the chair and missed, he landed on his side and whimpered for a good two minutes. Scared him is all.
He wanted down from the chair and I raised my crocheting to let him pass and he jumped his face right into my hand. He has a loose tooth, so I know that really hurt.
He was doing circles in front of the door (The "let me out" dance), I go to open the door and Stitch rushes over and pushes Taco into the moving door. Hurt his right front foot.
I'm sure if he could, he would file "elder doggie abuse" on me! Really an "Off" day!
Today..he acts like he is going to try to sleep through this day. No chance of getting hurt while your sleeping, unless the cat pounces on him! Poor old man!

I know most of yall are still being pounded by rain or snow and most think I am pretty lucky to be in Texas and to be getting spring already. For the most part I would agree, but believe me we are already hitting some problems.
For the last few days it has been gloomy and chilly outside, like it really wanted to rain. Heck it did rain all around us, but here at my house..Nothing. AND yet the grass keeps growing!!
The temps are already starting to climb back up and the fan in the livingroom decided to die and the AC in my bedroom isn't working right. One thing I have learned here in Texas, there is NO happy medium! Okay maybe there is but it only lasts about a week! It's either hot or cold, in a drought or flooded...warm with light showers is a rarity to be treasured. I want some of that!

I forgot to post my last project in crocheting.

It's really hard to tell, but there is a large heart in the center of the bed. I made this for my bf's birthday.

I am currently working on a blanket for my dad, I'm about halfway finished with it.

If you will notice there is a donation button for paypal over on the side panel, it is for a camera fund. I was talked into putting it up there, by a few folks. It's not that I don't already love the cameras I do have, they are both great in thier own ways. It would just be nice if all those features where in just one camera. Soo, I have been drooling over this camera for some time and of course the price of it is soo far out of my range it's pathetic.

Yeah, it sure is purty! I have it on my Christmas list, but the hubs hardly ever pays attention to the list, if he looks at it at all. He is NOT a shopper! LOL!

Sooo, I thought I would give the button a gander, we'll see.

I guess I ought to give yall a little update on some past posts.

Mom and dad didn't kill each other, they stopped talking for a day and now they are both back to normal with some extra umph and gusto at working out some of the issues.

I appreciate all of yall's help with the address labels and placed my order last night. #3 will be "mine" and #10 will be "ours". Between friends, family and awesome bloggers those are the ones with the most votes.