Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wake up Sleepy Head!

Funny how this old woman still gets woken up by her father. from mom or dad, the phone says. I groan, turn over and grab the phone. Helllllo in my rough sleepy voice. was still asleep? (well duhhhhh!) Wake up sleepy head!

I moan and groan as I creek my bones out of bed.
Me...What's up?
Dad...nothing, just calling to chat.

I'm thinking..seriously, this couldn't wait another hour? Oh well, might as well get me some coffee.

Dad...How ya feeling?
Dad...I mean how are your aches and pains?
Me...Well dad I don't know yet, my body hasn't even gotten the blood circulating yet!

By time I get to the front door to let the dogs out, ohh...there it is...the ache creeping into my hip from laying on it all night long.

Dad...So what's on the agenda for today?
Me...Uhh, wake up for starters. LOL! Later today I need to go get some yarn for the Special Olympics Scarf project. They would pick new colors for this year and they just happen to be colors I don't have, then on to some grocery shopping.
How about you?
Dad...I don't know yet, your moms not here to tell me.
LMAO!!! (good boy)

Me...Did you take your meds?
Dad...Ohh, I better do that! You take yours yet?
Me...getting to it right now.

Me...Okay well have a good day and don't cook on the stove. (he tends to burn things and fills the house up with smoke) Thanks for the wake up call.
Dad...Yup, talk to ya tomorrow!



purplume said... [Reply to comment]

Ah aches and pains, who would have believed it? Not I. I never thought it would happen. Are they to let us know we are alive? Have your best day ever and fun with the scarves.

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

Haha. My Dad has learned not to call before a certain time because I will not answer the phone! Oh that special hip ache...I have that guy too.

Cute post!

Kaylen said... [Reply to comment]

Ha - love this. A daily check in with dad to discuss the aches and pains of life. Very sweet.