Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another This and That...

Soo if you have been following my stats on Facebook, then you know I have been a berry picking fool lately. I have blackberries gallore! So far I have filled up 20 quart sized bags and one gallon bag (that I gave to my mother). I'm trying desperately to get as many as I can before the heat dries them all up. Just last week I was outside for two hours and got to gallons of berries. Yesterday it took 4 hours to get the same amount. They are getting harder and harder to find berries that aren't dried up, half eaten or just plain falling off the vine.

I had a lovely visit with my mom, sister and her two youngest. It's funny how we need to see each other at least once every month or so to exchange stuff. By time they got here I had a pretty good stack of stuff for them to take and of course they were bring me stuff. I also had to do some checking on mom's computer, turns out all it was..was her impatience! Not a thing wrong with her computer! LOL!

I finished dad's blanket on the 19th and started mom's blanket on the 20th, I'm 3/4ths of the wat finished with her blanket already! Every chance I get I am crocheting.

I am begining to think that I am repetative and quite boring. LOL! If I am not mistaken my last few posts have been about the same things. What can I say..I'm predictable..sorta.

Back to mom's computer..Any of you computer savvy people know how to change the settings on a computer to enlarge everything? My mom's computer was enlarged to the point that everything is soo blown up it looks distorted. I'm talking everything, from the welcome screen, icons, wallpaper..ect. We need to put it back to normal, but can't find the place to change it.

I guess that is all for today, time to get some yard work done.



Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

check "display" and "screen resolution" . hard to tell what happened without actually seeing the computer settings bUt those are places to start. also computers come with a little button called "help" most folks forget to use it!

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

Blackberries won't be out here for another two months! And I have to fight the critters (especially stupid wild turkeys) to get them.

Currently it's mushroom season and though I haven't been out lately, Mike has picked an absolute ton of them and they are huge this year! I'm already sick of frying them and made him give some away today. Lol.

You are not predictable, you are productive. And that's a good thing!