Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot weather and new camera...

I'm sure most of you know already that Texas is in the worst drought in 44 years and is being consumed by an explosion of wildfires. Let me just say...dang it's hot! The temps are now up into the nineties with heavy humidity, but still no rain. I can't even open the door without breaking out a sweat from the extreme heat.

Here at my house we haven't had any measurable rain since Sept. I do envy those who are getting rain, but yet I hear some are getting way too much rain with violent storms and even some tornado's thrown in. I watch Facebook status's and here lately I have had major concern for the safety of my friends and have a wave of relief when I see that those folks have posted again and are okay. Thank goodness.

I also learnt this morning that one of those wildfires is very close to my sister-in-law. The news was posting pics of places and hubby was calling out their names with a gasp. I think the hardest blow was the swimming hole that he played in many a summers while staying with his sister. We are both hopeful that they can get those fires under control. A little rain couldn't hurt either!

We have wild blackberries all over the place around my house. I have been trying to go picking for the last few days but I can't stay out there for too long. BUT I will keep trying cause well....they are FREE! I already have 5 bags in the freezer, would have had 7 but we ate some already! LOL! I just might try my hand at making a pie, that requires flour...right? Hmmm, I'd better go get some.

Soo remember the camera I soo wanted to the point of obsession. Well thanks to some donations and a sale, I was able to upgrade. No I didn't get THE camera of my dreams but I did manage to get...

Kodak® EasyShare Z981 14.0-Megapixel Digital Camera, with 26x optical zoom.

It should be arriving today!! I am super excited and want to thank all who donated to help me out with the camera fund. Yall are AWESOME!!!

Okay well I'd better get out of this chair and get out there and pick some berries before the heat melts them away. Yall have a great day!



Kaylen said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats on the new camera!!! They are so much fun to play with.

I'm jealous of your blackberries - but not of that heat!!!