Friday, February 26, 2010

Spin Cycle: Confessions..I Love Architecture and Here Are Some Reasons Why.

All of these pics are actually Historic postcards of Waxahachie, Tx.

Ahh, the building that changed my life. Mom and Dad were looking at pamphlets of colleges to go to. They picked this one and we were off to the giant state of Texas.
Southwestern Assembly of God University located in the little tiny town of Waxahachie, Texas. Waxahachie with its population of about 8000, was like a dot compared to the bustling city of Bangor, Maine.

The first house we moved into was actually right where this person (who is taking this picture) is standing. The angled view is almost precisely correct as to the view from our front porch. I got to look at this building every day and I truly believe it played a huge part in my love for old buildings.

This (at the time) was the only elementary school in town. My sister and brother went there and we played in the school yard all the time after school hours.

Ahh, the church that changed my perspective of religion. The building was gorgeous and had fascinated me from the beginning. The arched windows were like no other building in the town.

My favorite place! The public library! If you think the outside looks great, the inside would have floored you. Wood and stone all over, just gorgeous, then add in the smell of books...Heaven!!

A great place to explore. The old Train Depot. That place was great! First you had the depot itself, old run down and abandoned. Next to that you get the tracks, always fun to try to keep your balance on the track. After that is the creek with an old steel and wooden beams bridge (I was always a little afraid of that bridge). Is it strange to have fond memories of a bridge you were afraid off?

This pic looks strange to me. It is Chautauqua Auditorium located in the park. By time I laid eyes on it, the back portion of it was gone. To me it was just a very large gazebo. I never knew it had a name.

The park. Such a huge word. Most every event in our lives was celebrated at the park. The place to go for hikes, parties, get-to-gethers, meetings, exercise, explore nature, meet lovers, on and on.. Such a happening place, tucked back in the woods.

At last we come to the famous Ellis County court house. What you didn't know it was famous? Well let me tell you. It wasn't famous for a history making event, NO it was famous for what the stone carver put all around the building.

(Click to enlarge, you really need to check out those faces)
The many faces surrounding the court house. There is a story that goes with it. A little bit of fact and a little bit of urban legend. It goes like this...

The brick layer/stone carver fell in love with the landlady's daughter Mable and began carving faces of angels. The landlady didn't like it and forced the two to break up. The angrier the stone carver got the uglier the faces became.

For a better rendition of this story, go here.. Really! This guy did an awesome job telling the story.

These buildings were the seeds to my love for architecture. I have been know to stop walking and just stand in awe of a building.

I had so much fun in this website, getting these pics and learning a little more about the town I grew up in and the buildings that surrounded me.

Sorry it took so long, I got lost in the pages of history!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I want to apologize for todays post. I am truly very sorry! I was very hesitant to post it, but after hubby wanting to know what yall had to say about it. I felt compelled to post it. I knew deep down I shouldn't, I felt it was not written in good form. The true subject was lost, as to how to write well to be comepletely understood. (Even that doesn't make sense)

Hubby was very please with most of the comments and I thank you for them.

After much thought (inner tugging on my soul) and insight from my veiwers, I have deleted that post.

I was not comfortable with the subject matter.

You are all very precious to me and I am severly sorry!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was tagged by Suzicate (months ago)to tell you ten things about me that you don’t already know. I bet you thought I missed that or forgot about it. NOT, just lazy.

1) I am a stocker. I stock up on household items. A habit that was formed when hubby started hauling locally. The job is weather based and the winter months checks can be very small. So I stock up for us to make it through the winter. I sound like a chipmunk! LOL!

2) I love any candy that involves chocolate and peanut butter. Reese's are my weakness! I have to stay away from the candy isle at the store!

3) I have awful feet. Some people are so blessed to have beautiful and/or pain free feet. I am not one of them! My toes never grew right cause my shoes were too small as a child, they curled. The bones are not straight, they give me hot burning pain from time to time and I have one toe that loses feeling. I also have a friggin bunion!!

4) I eat Tums like crazy. I have heartburn all the time.

5) I am hooked on Jewel Quest Solitaire!

6) I am obsessed with the silverware drawer being perfect. Everything must be in its proper slot. Hubby messes with me all the time, by throwing the silverware in the drawer! Even stuff that don't belong in that drawer!

7) My Dictionary and my Atlas are the most frequently opened books in my house. The dictionary...cause YALL USE A LOT OF BIG WORDS!!

8) If the phone rings in this house it is 98% of the time someone in my family. Mom, Dad, sister, brothers, SIL's, niece and even MIL's!

9) I must have a night light on. Not that I am afraid of the dark, but this is more for the reason that I am a clutz!

10) I love to watch birds. Hummingbirds are my favorite. I put out two hummingbird feeders and sit on the patio with my coffee and just watch.

Now, who to pass this on to?

The Locals Love It
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Okay folks, I'm done! That took up so much brain power, I'm going to have to go take a nap to reboot!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Things (I've Been Tagged)

Sorry to not give you my regular scheduled program "Stuff Around The House". I am trying to get some of the drafts that were started but never finished..Done!

This particular Tagging was done by Starting Over and passed on to me. Thanks Jen!

I will do my best...

8 Shows I like to watch:

1- House
3- Criminal Minds
4- Bones
5- American Idol
6- Survivior
7- Closer
8- Fringe

8 Favorite places I like to eat and drink:

1- Living room Chair
2- Desk
3- Kitchen Table
4- Bf's House
5- Momma's House
6- On my patio
7- At the Lake
8- Poncho's (Mexican food)

8 Things I look forward to:

1- Pay Day
2- Getting out of the house
3- Sunday mornings fresh coffee
4- Hubby getting home in the evenings
5- Income Tax Refund
6- Grandkids coming over
7- BBQ's at bf's. Catfish!
8- Vacation in November

8 Things that happened yesterday:

1- Mother was ignoring my call but finally answered, just to say she was running out the door to take Boo to the hospital. Turned out to be the stomach flu.
2- I noticed the good neighbors little black chihuahua has a homemade splint on her front leg.
3- I only drank 2 cups of coffee this morning (Save yourselves, RUN, the monster is loose! It's Nanazilla!)
4- Hubby called to tell me he spent $100 of his income tax money. All I asked for was a receipt. No big deal. I wasn't playing the game right, I was supposed to get upset with him so he could have a good laugh. Poor baby lost his comic balloon!
5- Saw on the news (only cause I was waiting for the weather) the first Superman comic book was sold for 1 million dollars! I told hubby..I bet every kid that had one, is now kicking themselves!
6- Did all the posts for the rest of this week. All the stuff I have been putting off.
7- I sat in my chair for two and a half hours watching "The devil wears Prada". By time I got up my legs were very stiff. Hubby started to watch it, but got bored and went to play with his new $100 toy (It really only costed 20, he just loves to mess with me).
8- Waited for this day to be over, so I could fill in this part!

8 Things I love about winter:

1- Housecoat and Slippers
2- I can enjoy my dogs keeping me warm.
3- It's not over 100 degrees outside
4- Blankets on my bed.
5- Holiday get-to-gethers
6- Chili and soups
7- Extra coffee
8- Not having to shower twice a day!

8 Things on my wish list:

1- A new fridge
2- Credit cards paid off
3- House completely done (repaired, decorated)
4- Another storage shed
5- New ramps for hubby
6- Loud (bad) neighbors to move
7- On call, Free, young and strong handyman (to do all the things we can't anymore).
8- High speed internet!!!!!

8 Things I am passionate about

1- Blogging
2- Talking on the phone
3- Thrift stores, Yard sales and Flea Markets
4- Animal cruelty
5- I am woman, here me roar!
6- History
7- Family
8- Nature

8 Words / phrases I use most often

1- Totally
2- Anyway...
3- Love ya
4- Yall
5- Well...
6- Lets go take a nap!
7- What's the verdict? (when hubby will get home)
8- Sorry, I'm broke (charities wanting money)

8 Things I learned from the past:

1- A marriage liscense should cost as much as a divorce.
2- Daily stuff is not worth fighting about.
3- If I want hubby to do something, all I have to do is start doing it and he will take over.
4- Parents do the best they can, with what means or knowledge they have.
5- Never mix bleach and pine-sol together. It creates fumes that can kill you!
6- White clothes and I don't go together! I will spill coffee on it at some point.
7- If I really really like a product, get lots of it cause it will get dicontinued at some point. Happens to me all the time.
8- A powerful smelling rose will cut off my air supply.

8 Places I would like to visit:

1- Grand Canyon
2- Holland
3- *Disneyland*
4- Maine
5- Martha's Vinyard
6- Every Museum and Art Gallery in the world
7- Venice
8- Ireland

8 Things I want / need

1- To win the lottery. (Want and need)
2- Complete dental over haul (Need)
3- New eye glasses (Need)
4- New fridge (Need)
5- New couch (Want)
6- Hubby to stay alive for another 25 years (Want and need)
7- My bunion removed (Want)
8- A genie to make all this happen (Want and need)

8 People I would love to tag:

1- I would not
2- want to wish this
3- on anyone.
4- It has
5- taken me
6- days to do this one.
7- If you want to give it a whirl,
8- be my guest.

I hope you haved enjoyed getting to know me better.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Pic That Caught My Eye

While googling around, I came across this pic:

There was just something about this pic that started a whole mass of questions in my head.
It made me think, feel and wonder.
I wonder what kind of letter was that? A war letter? Love letter? Sad letter? Happy letter? Are they sisters or just friends? Are they reading the letter together or did she just walk up and was going to take the letter from her? Was she standing there for emotional support?

To me, it looks as if the woman standing is sending out a "worried for her friend" look.

Interesting, very interesting.

Well some of you might recognize the woman standing, but I didn't.
I was very surprised to find out that she none other than...

Susan B. Anthony!

The article that was using this pic, I found to be very interesting.
A timeline of the progress and of women through out the last 2 centries.

Go here if your interested in reading it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

1998 Grass Fire

I knew it was a good idea to have some posts in draft. Since I am sick, I am going to share one from my reserves.

The year was 1998.

I was working at the local bar (right where it says 181), the day was like any other day. Same old faces and even the same old jokes, but we were all good friends. The customer average was probably twenty on a good day. This particular day we had maybe ten.

Sirens were heard. In our location that was a rarity. Folks were going outside to see what the commotion was about. The sirens were very very close.

My hubby was rounding the corner with our old 64' Chevy pick-up, he had our Rottweilers in the back. I knew instantly at the sight of the dogs, that something was wrong. He screeches up to the doors and hopes out in a panic. He starts unhooking the dogs, in a rush.

I'm yelling over the sirens and highway noise..What's wrong?
He yells back..Fire!!
I grab the dogs and he heads back before I can press for more info.
Just as soon as he is leaving, my bf and her hubby(M) and their dogs arrive.

It was a grass fire, it had started on the corner (Laguna and the yellow line) and it was all most all the way back to our houses (the green arrow).

M took me down the back way (top right of pic) to help hubby. There was still my car, clothes, cat, pics, ect.. to get and knew he couldn't do it all.

The smoke and heat were extreme. What did I find when I got there? My hubby standing there with a garden hose! There was no reasoning with the man, I grabbed all that was necessary and left as I was told.

Back up at the bar, I was in full panic mode. Worrying my fool head off, not just for hubby, but for our house (really it was a really old trailer, but we loved it). I was in tears, shaking and mindless with fear.

It's weird what kind of things get into your brain when faced with danger. Like..if we do lose the house where will we go? Where will the animals go? How will we start over? And so on, and so on..

Thankfully, hubby realized that the wind had shifted away from the house and left the fire fighting to the real fire fighters. He finally made his appearance at the bar a good 2 hours after I had left him with his garden hose. I was soo relieved to see him alive, but then I got mad. How could he leave me for hours (in a state of panic) not knowing if the fire had got him?

Fortunately, the Fire Fighters were able to get it under control and all houses were saved. Some barns didn't make it, but they were old and empty. We were allowed to go back home six hours later.

I tell you this story, cause from time to time hubby and I will recall it with some laughter.
Every time he does something along the lines of stupid, I will least that wasn't as bad as the day you tried to fight a fire with a garden hose!

See yall Monday, Have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spin Cycle - I can't Live without..

I guess it is my turn to be sick. I have read all about everyone else being sick or having sick kids in the house. I was thinking that maybe I would escape it this year, NOPE its here.

My regular body temp is .9 of a degree lower the the quote normal temp. So my 99.1 temp is like 100 for the average person. Why does a fever make you feel like a semi is pushing you down to the floor. It feels like gravity has gotten heavier, it is all I can do to get my fingers to move.

My brain has turned to mush which is making its way out my nose.
Whoops, excuse me!
Had to take my moon boots over to get more tissues.
Where was I?
I have no idea.
Typing with one hand is really difficult, I'm going to have to confirm all of this with spell check.

hey, is I'm supposed to be spelt with lower case or upper? After spell check, it says upper.
Whatever. Really who cares..I don't, you don't. Sorry got distracted yelling at my self.

What am I doing..

Oh Yeah...Something I can't live with out.

Hubby say Toilet Paper and yes he is right. I say right now.. Tissues.

Either is the lovely (sometimes white) soft paper, that we all use to wipe. Wipe know..That or noses and even my eyes during a great movie.

I have also been known to use tissue for packing breakables, makeup removal, bra filling (when I was 10), pet messes, female emergencies and even blister padding. I'm sure I have used it for more, but hey I can't think straight!

Seriously, How did people live without this stuff? I am glad to be living in the age of Toilet paper and tissues. A little sorry for the trees, but when your nose is trying to turn into a faucet..GIVE ME a box full of mushed and dried up tree!

Okay I don't like this post, but it is all I can muster. Sorry!

For much better spins, Please save yourselves and go to Sprite's Keeper's page.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

False Fronts

I believe you have all seen the pics of my yard in horrible need of mowing. With that in mind, it is safe to say I am not the best yard keeper by any means. My grass gets unruly and my flowerbeds have been taken over by the weeds.

I do have some things out there that I fully intend to address as soon as it quits raining.

Two stacks of cement slabs (for a walkway), that haven't made it to the ground yet.
Some odds and ends of empty flower pots.
A mirror that hubby had leaning against the fence and the wind knocked it over and broke it. I have yet to clean it up.
Yes, I'm a little lazy for not having done these things.

Here is my issue...
I was mowing the grass on the third day of no rain. The lawnmower didn't like the idea cause the grass was still pretty wet. Oh well, it had to be done before I go crazy! I couldn't stand it any longer, not with the threat of more rain in the forecast!

As I was mowing, I was noticing little pieces of trash in the back yard. I'm hoping it was just the wind and not thrown over the fence on purpose. A few pieces, but enough for me to take real good notice of my neighbors yard.

These people haven't lived here but four months and their yard has trash all over the place! I'm not talking a few scrap pieces of paper. No, this is like someone dumped out several bags of household trash in their yard and spread it out all over the place.

My neighbor pulls into their driveway, goes in the house and comes back with some cleaning supplies. Obviously, she's not going to use that stuff on the yard.

On my next round, I notice that she is sitting on the ground cleaning the....

Seriously?! I was dumb founded!

Why on earth would it be so important for folks to see you driving around in a super clean car, in the middle of the rainy and muddy season?

Look at me in my super clean car, pumping my bad ass tunes for everyone to hear, so they will look at me! I am falsely advertising myself but as long as they don't go to my house, they will never know.

I just don't get it.

Why do people feel the need to put on a false front?

Trying to convince other people in public that they are one thing, but really at home they are the total opposite.

Another example of false fronts...
A family walks into the church on Sunday and present themselves as a perfect family.
When they get back home, it is total different story.

I can be guilty of putting on a false front. If I know I got company coming, I clean like a mad woman. All the little stuff I ignore most of the time. the A/C or taking apart the fan. All of that is mostly for allergy control, considering most of my family have asthma.

Any ideas on why people do this, instead of being true to themselves?
Share an example of a false front you have experienced or done.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuff Around The House

Tortillas, the staple of every Southern Texas household. Breakfast tacos are huge here.

I found this crock in a flea market (naturally) about 15 yrs ago. I just couldn't resist. I had never seen one like it in all my years of tortillas. Most folks that I know have the plastic version. Just in looking at that crock right now..I got up to see if it has any markings on it, to indicate who made it. All it has is a persons name scribbled into the clay..Clarence Brown. I'm guessing that would indicate that it is handmade. Interesting, I had never looked before.

Because of this little jem, I decided to try my hand at making tortillas.

I would like to say that they were easy, but at first they were very difficult. They are supposed to be round and a little chewy. Mine came out like the shape of Texas and very crispy. They made great Chalupas!

After many years of practice, they still weren't perfect, but at least they were getting better.

I don't know why I stopped making them, but I did. Life got a little busier and it was so much easier to just buy them. Lazy!

Time to get hubby off to work! Maybe he'll get some breakfast tacos to start his day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Phoneless Weekend

The phone rings a funky ring, kinda like a half ring. Hubby and I look at each other, WTF was that? I connect to the Internet and check my email. Just checking to see what comments I got that morning. I run off to get groceries. When I get home, I try to connect to the Internet again and it keeps telling me "No Dial Tone".

Now I had this happen before and all it took was some phone tag. Pick up one phone and make sure it is in the off position and replace to cradle, move on to the next phone and repeat the process, pick up the previous phone and Voila it works.

So I proceed to do this routine and nothing. I unplug and replug and still nothing. I call the phone company (the automated man) and get info on things to do.

Take an old fashioned phone with plug (yes, I still have one) and check the jacks. Okay did that and still nothing. Now go to the pole outside and plug it in there. Hmmm, it works at the pole, but not in the house.

I call my parents from my cell. Dad says he called but all he got was a busy signal. While talking to dad, mom's in the background yelling that she's been trying to call all day! In response to moms yelling, I said "You have my cell number!"

I threw that convo in cause it made me think about why hubby and I didn't think about calling the house phone from my cell.

Hubby went the entire length of the line and found a kink. Hubby straightens the kink and the phone works. I am happy to get back on the Internet again!

I wake to hubby all dressed and ready for his birthday lunch with his momma, but he's messing with the phone. Going outside and inside and grumbling to himself. Once again we have no phone. I try to tell him it's not a big deal today cause we have a busy day ahead of us. He informs me IT IS a big deal, he could be missing some birthday wishes!

I let him continue on his quest of fixing the universe, as I get myself ready to go.
He has determined that we need new line from the pole to the jack in the house. I'm like..did you measure it? No. Basically this just means, he's going to guess the footage and add a extra 50 feet. LOL!

We stop at Home Depot on our way to his mommas. He leads me to the electrical part and goes down one isle and determines that they don't have it.

Patience man! God forbid if he was to ask a worker for help! I am not that macho, I ask and am lead right to it.

We grabbed a few extra items so he can have his motorcycle phone sitting next to him in the living room. It really sticks out in the decor but I do put up with it. He doesn't ask for much. Although this little kind gesture (on my part) lead to where is my this or my that. Now I'm the one grumbling to myself!

As we are on our way home, his bff (Big Fat Friend (not my words, theirs)) calls his cell to wish him a Happy Birthday. They talk about the phone situation at home. Bff says the phone is working fine, it rang and the answer machine came on. I tried it with my cell and yes, it's working.

All the way home, we are trying to figure out what the deal is. We got nothing.

Spooky ass phone has a mind of its own!
It better cut it out, I have blogs to do!

Friday, February 12, 2010

All in about Fifteen Minutes

I'm trying to avoid getting up and out of my warm bed, just one peek out of the covers reveals a chilly morning.

Stitch is laying to my right and all you can see is the tip of his nose, poking out from the covers. He lets out a bark right in my ear. I mumble the sound of an "uh-uh", that is code word for..No, stop it or shut up. He settles down and not even two minutes later does it again. Okay that's it..I'm up!

I throw back the covers and am greeted by sudden gush of COLD! I grab my housecoat, slip on my slippers and stumble my way towards the front door.

My cats greet me at the kitchen table, sitting next to their bowls. (no worries folks, we don't eat off that table) They look like they had been waiting for some time. Little blurrs of statues, that are yelling at me.

I walk on by, still trying to make it to the front door. Stitch, in his trying to hurry me along, trips me. Way to go buddy! The front door at last, open the door, try to open the storm door and crap it's stuck. The dogs are looking at me like.. hurry up already or your going to get an accident to clean up in your morning haze! Apparently the house is trying it's best to keep out the frigged temps, good job house but open up! I had to give it a major push, sounded like I broke it.

Dogs out!
Check over the storm door, not broke. I think, too hazy to tell right now.

I walk back to kitchen, push ON button for computer. Over to the coffee maker, at last my precious, I am here. Pour me a cup and walk it over to the micro, turn around and give the cats something to shut up about. No, I didn't hurt them, I gave them their treats.

Head to the bathroom. Come back get coffee out of micro, walking it to the counter and stumble on my own foot. Coffee goes dribbling down the front of my housecoat. I haven't even been up five minutes and I am already having a messed up morning.

I clean up my housecoat and fix my coffee. I sit down to the computer and Taco lets me know he and Chaquita is ready to come back in. Again I have to struggle with the storm door. In not wanting to close it till Stitch comes in I try to hurry him along. I look this way and that way and he is nowhere in sight, he must be in the back yard. I give up, shut the door and come back to the computer..

I hear Stitch bark his one bark for let me back in. I go to the door and he's not there. I figured I didn't get up fast enough and he ran after something or changed his mind. I come back to the computer.

Again, he barks. Again I go to the door and he's not there. What the Heck is going on? Am I losing my mind? While standing there and briefly contemplating this, he barks again. It sounds like it's coming from under my feet. I go out and call him, scan the area. He barks and my eyes fall on him.

He is under the house and looking up at me with HELP written all over his face.
I ask..How the heck did you get under there?
He responds with a bark and tail wagging. You would think he's happy to see me! I don't know why? From what I see by scanning the area of the porch, I might not be able to help him. Mind you, I have only had two SIPS of coffee!

He can be stupid and smart at the same time. As I am wondering how to help him, he paws at some cement slabs. I had propped them up there over a year ago to keep the neighbors cat from getting under there. It was like he was telling me how to get him out.

I remove the slabs and he squeezes out.
Happiest dog ever!!
As I am checking to make sure he didn't hurt himself, I get my face cleaned! EWW, Gross!! Stop that and be still! I was talking to the wind, cause he wasn't listening!
Don't go under there again, cause next time I'm not helping you! (Yeah, right)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Lift My Spirits

This week has been a rough one.

My father went to his usual Dr's appointment Monday and they admitted him. He has Emphysema real bad. While waiting for my mother to call me back, one of my bfs calls. Her hubby has been in the hospital for two months now (heart troubles and strokes) and it doesn't look good. She went to the hospital herself three weeks ago and they found something. After further tests, it has been confirmed as lung cancer. My other bf is watching her beloved dog of 15+years very closely, he's not doing good either. Mother finally gets to call me back and she's not doing so great, her asthma has been kicking her butt. Plus she has to try to help my sis with the new baby and deal with her husband in the hospital in a different county with no wheels to get to see him.

I feel like walking away from this week or at least the phone.
Yeah, I've been in a funk.

BUT, there is a bright side...
Everyday (sometimes twice a day), I open my email to see my comments.

Yall just have this way about getting me to laugh, in spite of my worries or funk.

This week alone I have been tagged, received an award and won a key chain!

Some of those comments yesterday had me roaring a good belly laugh. The idea that there is no sex..OMG how can that be? The world has stopped turning!!! LMAO!!!

I have also meet some new bloggers that I have decided to follow. I know I shouldn't be adding more to my list, cause I can barely keep up with all of yall but I couldn't help myself.

Here are some of my new peeps:
Gently Said
Here is what I think...
My Walking Path
Starting Over

The tagging, I'm still working on that. It is really long.

The award..just so wonderful and beautiful..The Sunshine Award given to me by My Walking Path.

The rules are to give this to 12 peeps, let them know about it in their comments and link the giver.

I am such a break the rules kinda girl. I say it goes to all of you, cause yall are my sunshine on these cloudy days. Take it, enjoy it and pass it on if ya want.

You all make my day, every day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spin Cycle: Love and Valentines Day

In my drunken days love meant a lot of physical affection..hugs, kisses, cuddling and of course sex. Trinkets of affection were the norm and were expected. With the lack of all this..I felt used, neglected and unloved.

I truly thought if my hubby didn't give me a passionate kiss or an extra long big hug or wanted to have sex with me at any moments notice or buy the trinkets to prove his love. That there was something wrong with our relationship. That he didn't love me.

It took a lot of years and getting off the bottle for me to realize these things are not necessary to know I am loved.

Hubby and I had a huge bump in the road of our relationship and that bump was me. My perception of what a relationship should have been was whacked out and soo far off of hubby's ideals. Mine was passion and sex and trinkets of affection, hubby's was friendship, companionship and being a team through this thing called life. Mine were short term and hubby's was long term.

Getting off the bottle helped my eyes to open, that my hubby tells me all the time that he loves me, not just with words but with the little things.
He's not a slob.
He's not abusive.
He's not a drunkard.
He helps me keep the house clean.
He does dishes on the weekends.
He works his tired old butt off to provide.
He doesn't go out spending money on trivial things.
We don't argue. In 18 years, he has only lost it 3 times.
He doesn't demand anything from me.
He makes me laugh all the time.
He takes care of all the auto stuff.
And he even takes out the trash.
There is more, but really we don't want to give him a huge head.

He of course, has his issues. NO, he is not a total saint.
When he is home the remote is under his control.
He wont go to the store for anything, not even a loaf of bread.
When he is on his way home, that is his only destination. He will not stop for any reason. This also applies to going anywhere, he must be told the agenda for the day. If it wasn't on the agenda, then it is not going to happen.
He hates doing the yard soo much, he would like to kill all the grass and pave the whole place over.
He is VERY slow about doing projects. At our old place, we designed and planned a nice porch, fifteen years later it still hadn't happened.
The list could go on and on...

We don't sleep in the same rooms anymore and cuddling is far and in between. We kiss, but I think we have forgotten what a french kiss is. The occasional hug is even more special than it ever was before. Sex is no longer a part of our lives and to tell you the truth, not having to deal with the old age effort, is one pressure we are happy to do without.

He has never bought'en me anything for Valentine's day, Anniversary or even my Birthday. It is not that he doesn't care, he just can't bring himself to going to the store (he has phobias). I do always get told Happy this or that, with a hug and a kiss and I love you.

I bought some flowers Saturday, came home and thanked him for them. If he had gone and got them..they would be no different, they would still be just as pretty. He (I) has excellent taste!!

Through all of his goods and bads, he never forgets to tell me he loves me before he goes to work (if I'm awake) or before he goes to bed.

Valentine's day has a different meaning in this house. For most all couples this is a time for love, romance and trinkets of affection. For us, it is his birthday! We almost always go to his mother's house to either..pick up his birthday cake and presents or to be at his birthday party.

I know we are a strange old couple, but we still love each other.

Happy Valentine's day everybody!!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stuff Around The House

A Tease of Spring.

My peach tree is in full bloom. Yesterday was a fabulous 60 degrees and just standing at my front door sounded like I had walked into a bee hive. The bees were busy at work, going from blossom to blossom.

There was soo many of them, I was scared to let the dogs out, thinking they might get attacked. The dogs did go out several times and laid on the porch, like the bees were no big deal. They have guts! Me, I went out the back door!

Unfortunately, the temps dropped last night and the high for today is only 44. Tomorrow night is supposed to freeze, hopefully it will only be in the freezing temps for a short while. I would really hate to miss out on some peaches again this year. Last year the tree was full of peaches, but only two made it to maturity. Hubby and I had a peach each!

This Texas weather is crazy this year. Okay, I know it has been crazy everywhere else too. So, for all of you bogged down by the snow, here is a early taste or tease of SPRING.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hubby's Hunger and Fuzzy Food

Hubby asks what's for dinner?
We just ate 3 hours ago!

Ten minutes later...
Hubby sees a commercial for bacon.
Do we have any bacon?
Yes, turkey bacon.
Do we have any lettuce?
Yes, a spring mix. Sorry we don't have any Iceberg lettuce.
Do we have any tomatoes?
Yes. (I see where this is going)

Hubby gets up and sways into the kitchen, thumping is hollow watermelon of a tummy.
He opens the fridge.

Oh yeah, I forgot we still have some of the rotisserie chicken left.
He spies a large pan in the bottom of the fridge.
He informs me that the potatoes are over a week old and need to be thrown away.
I'm guessing the puzzled look on my face, made him take another look.
Oh, that is last nights spaghetti, my bad.

I ask about the other pan on the same shelf.
He picks it up and lifts the cover. Yanks it away from his face, with all the facial expressions of gross. LOL!

Well, what is it?
He says...I don't know! Something fuzzy!
He sets it on the counter and starts to walk away.
What about your BLT?
I just lost my appetite!

Just give him about ten more minutes, he will recover and be back!

I'm still sitting in wonder at the pan. It is sitting over there on the counter with the cover on it. It's haunting me, sitting so close to my coffee maker.
I'm going to have to go deal with this, before it contaminates my coffee!
Like right NOW!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hubby was in a stooper when Nascar was over last November.

He's been talking about its return ever since, even marking of the days on his mental calender. Calulating how many more days to wait and working himself into exitement.

Today is the day, Daytona shootout is finally here. For the last 45 minutes he has been watching the Speed channel for all the talking with drivers, clips of practice and learning the new rules.

He hasn't done any of his usual remote control playing. This is flipping inbetween channels and pulling up the guide, checking to make sure he isn't missing something on another channel. Now why can't he behave like that when I'm watching something!

All of a sudden I had a lapse in brain power. I let the words escape from my lips and as soon as I did I realized my blunder.

What's on tonight?

A usual statement, not out of the ordinary.
The look on his face, was like I had totally lost it!
I busted out laughing.
He was not!
Hubby...Go play your game! Go blog! Go ault gelt delete! Whip out your history or your cookies! Better yet bring me some cookies!

I am totally LMAO!!
I got told to go blog! LOL!! That's a first.

So here I am on a saturday evening with nothing to watch, except for the occasional "come look" "Babe, come see this". Those instances was to go look at Dale Earnhardt's facial hair. Thanks I'll pass.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last night my mom called to let me know that today would be the day. A scheduled C-section at noon.

From noon on I purposely stayed off the internet, just so I wouldn't miss the announcement. 2:30 rolls around and still no word. My SIL called, wanting to know if I had heard anything yet, nope nothing yet. We chatted for awhile and then about 10 minutes later she calls me back to make the announcement.

My nephew is finally here, at last! She forgot to get any info, just that sister and nephew are both fine.

I called the hospital and some lady answers the phone. Deep down I knew it wasn't my sister, but after having a kid, maybe it was. Maybe her voice had changed, from all the drugs.
I asked for her and got a no, I asked if I had the right room..yes.
I was confused!
Then the dude laughed!
My BIL, such a crack up!

This little bundle, turned out to be not so little. Okay well I was thinking that he would be a ten pounder, but thankfully he was only 8lb.6oz. 21 1/2 long.

I was then passed to my sister.

She said..He had been moving around and kicking, up until around 11:30. Then he calmed down, like he was taking a nap. They took him out and he started hollering and continued to holler, the whole time she was in recovery.

I'm like..Heck yeah! I'd be crying too, if someone reached in and snatched me out of my warm happy place. It is a cruel cruel world! Either that or he just really doesn't like to get woken up!

He finally stopped hollering when they brought him into the room with her.

No pics will be available till Monday, I will be sure to share that with you as soon as I can.

Mom calls..She says, he is as cute as a button. (I have never thought of buttons to be cute) He has light brown hair and pale eyes (Those will probably change).

Grandma's, what can ya say!
They tend to get all mushy inside!
I am just as guilty with my grandkids!

Congrats Baby Sis and BIL!

One down, one more to go!
The next one is due in August.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I reveal about myself in comments.

I remember reading one time a while back, that So & So (cant for the life of me remember who) tends to reveal more about themselves in comments, then they do in their posts. I have found this statement to be soo true and thought I would share these little tidbits.

Tinkerschnitzel might recognise these things about me, they are all the comments I have left with her. Sept 09' to now.
I am doing two blankets at once. I use a skein for 8 rolls on one blanket and then finished the skein in a granny square 8 wide. One of these yrs I'll finish them! LOL
I did the same thing, made a bunch of baby blankets in the hope of... I ended up giving them to my best friend.
Oh my goodness! I did have to stubble across THIS post. I have my own horror story on my myspace blog. Same company! I messed with them for five months (this year) to get my bill straightened out and it was THEIR fault. They put up a good fight but lost in the end and even sent me a refund!

After good service with them for 18yrs, we moved and from that moment we had nothing but a huge headache. They were charging us for unlimited long distance, but yet still charging for every call. every month the said it was straightened out but then the bill would come in even higher still, it got up in the $600's. I can't even count how many different ppl I was passed off to. It got to where I couldn't even stand to here the name AT&T. I forgot to mention: we are no longer with them, we switched over to Sage Telecom
Oh, how I wish I had a dentist appointment! Maybe Tuesday.
I know what you mean about feeling like a kid in the presence of the grandparents. I always feel that way, no matter how old I get.
$20 a yard, holy cow! I don't think I have ever seen material that high.

The rain! We have had rain for the most part of a month, just when it seems like it is drying up here it comes again. I tend to stay indoors on rainy days, if I can.
$200 for a sewing class! That's what I should be doing, teaching a class! I didn't know there was that kind of money in it. Wow!
Ottoman, interesting. I've never thought about doing one. I tried my chair once, not so good, disaster really. I had to get my mother in law to fix it. LOL.
Smoking..nasty habit, but somebody's gotta do it..I'm right there with ya. I started ..umm 31 years ago and no I'm not going to quit until I just can't afford to anymore
Tim Curry, haven't heard that name in awhile. I like him too.
It is sad that people can't at least turn off their light. Very rude!
Chili and spaghetti, we can eat on for days. Never learned to make smaller pots.
We are in San Antonio, were mostly Air Force here. I was glued to the tv all day. Still hard to conceive that someone could do that. To have so little care for others and their families, beyond my comprehension. Very sad day for the country.
I got my eye on a ottoman, thought about trying my hand at making one but I just don't have the upholstery gene.
Thanks for the tips. I haven't tried the Mr.Clean Eraser, I was waiting to see if anyone else had any luck with them. I hate buying things and then find out they are worthless. I will be trying those diapers too. Thanks
Goodness! That sounds horrible. I had one of those times back in 05'. Grandparents sick or dying and 2 good friends too. Very horrible
I was informed yesterday that I need to keep a tight lid on the money this year. How tight, he never did say. I need to know numbers!!
Weatherman says we will have a 70% chance of snow Friday, it's like the whole state of Texas comes to a screeching halt. Too funny!
All of my plants died in the heat wave!
At least your hubby knows something about computers. If mine was to break down, I am on my own or begging brother to come and fix it.
I would have thought that working in a church would be nice and calm. I am rethinking this conclusion.
I have managed to let things go for the last two days and oh boy it is noticeable!
I am so glad we are not buying for the grand kids till after the actual Christmas day. We get to wait till they come back from the in-laws.
I too remember the feeling of having a Christmas delivered to our house. Our local truancy officer and his family adopted us one year. It was wonderful!
I remember the snow that Waxahachie got in 84'. I blew my mind that it snowed in Texas. My dad had said that when we moved from Maine, we would never see snow again. I believed him till 84'. LOL
My goal for this year is to get my bedroom finished this year! That is all I can think about, right now. I want it so badly!
That is the first thing I ask, before going to see the grand kids "Is anyone sick?"
I HATE shopping for bras!
Funny, I was just telling my mom this very thing. She needs some down time away from the grand kids!
I too give kudos to the stay at home moms. My daughter is one of them and I marvel at her sanity.
Your dog likes coffee too! I can't take my eyes off my cup for a second!
I loved Anne Rice's older books. My favorite is "The Witching Hour" series.
I know that feeling. I once got bit by a scorpion in my sleep and for days afterward I would be scared of everything. I shook by bed every night!
I haven't put any thought into the menu for this week.
Last night was leftover chicken cut up with brown gravy and sauteed mushrooms, poured over a baked potato.
Mexican food sounds really good right now.
One of these days I'm going to find something fun to do
A pottery or ceramics class sounds interesting.
Weird, who is out and about at four in the morning. I'm still up but not out and about.
Nothing is better with tomato soup, than grilled cheese
I like to go through things every once in a while to get some giggles, but not for work.

Heck, this post resembles my brain! A jumbled mess of crazy information! LOL!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pet Peeve - Texting And Driving!

My first Spin Cycle..hmmm what to do?
Get pic..check
Link to Sprite's Keeper..I think that might be a check.

Now on to..What are my pet peeves?

Hold on to your hats, gents and your skirts, ladies!
It might just get a little gusty in here!

Well, here's one that has been on our (mine and hubby's) minds lately:

People who are driving down the road with their little phones or blackberries or whatever new device and are texting. To me that would be like me trying to write a letter while driving!

It's bad enough when there are soo many other things to distract us from keeping our eyes on the road. Kids, a cool antique car, phones, navigators (real or computerized), growling tummies looking for food, gas light blinking at you, What was that road kill?

Hubby comes home from work and recants these narrowing escapes from the driver that wasn't looking. Here lately (last few years), those stories have mostly come from people texting.

Just this last Monday, hubby brings home a notice from work. It was a print out of CNN's story on the new rules for drivers of Buses and Big Rigs...NO TEXTING!

I can see that for some folks this is a serious matter and Yes if I was to see a driver texting, you can bet your bum I would turn them in! That would be a serious matter indeed!

Taken directly from CNN's story:
According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, drivers take their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds out of every six seconds while texting. This research shows drivers who text are more than 20 times more likely to get in an accident than nondistracted drivers.

If that is the case...Then, WHY only for Truck Drivers and Bus Drivers? Shouldn't it be for ALL drivers?

I'm beginning to wonder if this qualifies for a pet peeve or maybe it is leaning more towards a rant. I don't know! I just figured since it has been an aggervation in our lives for sooo long, it would be a pet peeve.

Please for the sake of yourselves and those you carry with you...Don't Text and Drive!! It can be dangerous not only for you and the ones you love, but for my hubby and his coworkers.

There is one funny part about all this...Hubby has had two cell phones over the last seven years and still hasn't learnt to text! Most of his older coworkers (his group) don't even have cell phones!! LOL!

If this post didn't qualify, I will have to work on that. I tried!
Head on over to Sprite's Keeper..for more spins!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Google Reader, Lost, American Pickers

Last night I pulled up my blogger dashboard and waited for the page to load. I scrolled down and waited for more things to load, this is how far behind I am. Again I scroll down and waited, get coffee, still not done, go watch a little of a old movie, come back, still not done. I could have taken a full hours nap, just waiting for the spot I last left off with in my reader's list.

I then saw this link for the Google Reader, I guess I never had noticed it before or just ignored it. I had heard of folks using this and thought I would check it out.

Holy crap, why wasn't I informed about this long ago. I can view all the posts I had missed in half the time. I think yall were holding out on me!

I took me awhile to figure the page out, but once I did..Woohoo! I did come across some not being able to do comments directly from the Google Reader, some blogs not showing a comment box (sorry Kaylen and Grace). Kathryn's page, the comment area gave me a Internet Explorer could not display (sorry Kathryn). Other than those issues, this new (new to me)way is proving to be sooo much faster.

Hopefully, I will now be able to get caught up.

Just goes to prove that there is still soo much I am still ignorant about. Without knowing about things, I tend to stay away from them. Sometimes you just got to take a risk and learn things on your own. Thankfully, it turned out to be a good thing!

I'm guessing that at least a few of yall watched Lost last night. I was surprised when hubby decided to watch it. We quit watching two seasons ago.

Well, the whole entire time that it was on, hubby was having acid flashbacks or something along those lines.

Hubby...those writers must be doing some really good drugs, maaan.
Yeah, yeah, that sounds gooood.
Lets throw that in to confuse them some more, maaan.
Pass that hit maaan! This is totally grooovy!
It don't matter if it all don't make sense, whooo cares!
Just leave them all guesssing!
Hit me up one more time, maaan!
Oh, yeah that's kicking it.

He went on and on...I can't remember it all, cause I was LMAO!!
He was so animated with his gestures and drawing out the words. Like I was watching Sean Penn in Fast times at Ridgemont High!
The hippie in him, came out..Big time!


You all know how much I like finding things. The other night we watched this new show American Pickers. Oh, yeah! I like that show a lot. They go to peoples houses and try to buy junk from them. They get to rummage threw peoples junk and try to find treasures.

I once, volunteered to help this old man clean out his shop. He had boxes and boxes of stuff that people just dropped off and he was too old and disabled to keep up with it all. The best job, I ever had! I loved it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuff Around the House

This is what I found laying around the house Saturday, while scouting out a pic for y'all to enjoy.

Click to enlarge

You would think hubby was freezing to death. We live in south Texas and he was wrapped up in long johns, sweat pants with hoodie, robe and blanket. What you can't see is that under that blanket is Taco and Chaquita. With Whiskers on top, he got so snuggly warm he fell asleep!

Over at It's Serious This Time, Kaylen is having a giveaway. This time she is giving away 3 heart shaped key chains! I have entered this giveaway and I'm sharing this link with you. Go check it out!