Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Sitting here drinking my coffee and a song is now stuck in my head. Facebook is jumping with some "Boot scootin' boogie" and I want to crank up the music and get busy. Music always makes me get lots of things done around here. It's nearly a crime to have the music jumping and to just be sitting on my hiney. Although I really do need to dedicate this day to crocheting, I don't see that happening now. So I sit here wondering if I should go with my desire to rock out or calm myself down and find something to squash that jumping song right outta my head.

Oops..I just cranked up the jams! Boot scootin' boogie!!! Got love Brooks and Dunn! Oh crap, I gotta dance! Be back in a moment.

Blood pumping, heart racing...looks like it's going to be a busy day, I need to clean something!

Yall have a GREAT day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

There she blows....

Well good Morning.

Boy oh boy yesterday was a doozy. I played peace keeper with my parents. NOT fun!

I guess as a child it is expected to have, see or hear your parents fight. Even then it wasn't fun, you sit in your spot and watch or listen in silence, with fear running through you. Fear of the unknown of how it is going to turn out. Are they going to leave? Are they going to hug and all will be better? The worst is when they stop yelling and there is a deafening silence between them and you know that you could set them off at any moment.

Me, being the hateful step-child...would side with my daddy and secretly hope she would leave. Somewhere along the way I grew up and became friends with my mother and started viewing her as a woman, a person. A person married to a man, that I would never put up with! Don't get me wrong, I love my daddy, but as a husband...Geezzz! Sometimes I think my mom is amazing to have put up with him for 35 years.

Yesterday, started with a phone call. Mom was red hot livid and finally blew her stack, she stormed out and quaked the house with the slam of the door. What happened to make her so crazy? Well, she asked dad to spend some time with her and he turned her down. Okay well, it really isn't that simple. I talk to my mom nearly everyday woman to woman, this has been brewing for some time. Dad's response was NOT the right thing to say to a woman that has a storm building inside of her. BUT, then again, poor dad. He was oblivious to what is her problem.

What is her problem? Well to be honest everything! She is stressed beyond what any person should have to deal with. Mom gets up each morning with a grunt, she just wishes she could sleep a whole day or two without something being asked of her. She has the grandkids to watch, nearly everyday. A daughter that is in the works of getting out of her abusive situation, with the help of mom. A husband with declining health, but yet still has the ability to demand this and gripe about that. An income that is soo small (I'm talking tiny), I am baffled as to how they manage. A housing complex that appears to be going under and dad wants to move back out in the country, while mom wants to stay in housing cause it secures her future once he has passed. Plus more children needing her help.
Oh and the topper of all this is that my dad is a hoarder, not like on tv, but he is always finding things folks throw away or just give to him. He is a tinker. Computers, appliances... the problem with that is that they live in housing! You can't be having all that stuff in those apartments or outside...Thus the reason he wants to move back to the country, no rules or regulations, no inspections, no limits. We all had hoped that dad would realise his limitations and abide by them, but instead the apartment looks more like a storage facility, which drives my mom MAD. AND we can't forget mom's own declining health.

I'm surprised she doesn't just freak out on everyone and totally lose her mind. Everyone needs something of her, all the time! I always wondered about why she hides in her room whenever she get the chance, now I get it. Me, I would be hiding under the bed with a note on the door "Leave me alone!" and the phones turned off! LOL! The poor woman is exhausted, all the time!

Soo in the end I am siding with mom and totally get why she blew up. Thankfully mom has a woman's retreat coming up and she is soooo looking forward to getting away.

Now back to me...Yesterday I felt like a marriage counselor, to my parents! I hope it will be awhile before this happens again, it is really weird and strange to have my elderly parents fighting. I felt like that little kid sitting in silence hoping for a good outcome. I still don't know the outcome, so fingers crossed!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Design Decisions!

I have been on a mission to find a decent design for address labels. Weird thing to be focused on, I know.
Here are the reasons why.

We get address labels in the mail all the time. Some are cute and some are awful, but most all only have the hubs name on them or the ones with my name say "Miss", like the hubs fell off the face of the earth or something. In some instances, this just will not do. Say I want to send my bf a letter or card, when she gets the mail first thing she sees is that my hubs sent her something. Yeah I know she knows it's from me, but it sure would be nice to have my own label so there is no guess work. Another example would be both of us sending something and of course it only says it's from him.

I'm goofy like that, I want things to be right and proper. I guess the only way to do that is to make some myself. Vista Print here I come! Seriously I really like that website.

Sooo after browsing through over 2000 designs I have 78 saved to figure out which ones best suit "Me". I'll work on the "Us" ones later. I have managed to downsize that number to 10, but can't make up my mind. I figure yall know me pretty well though the designs I have had on my blog and through the pics I take, so maybe yall could tell me which one you like best or thinks suits me best.

I would really appreciate some help from my friends. Thanks in advance! Decisions!


Monday, March 21, 2011


Well this is not the post I was going to do, so I figured I would throw ya a funny instead.

I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window, not really looking out the window but my eyes were, my brain was thinking without really looking. (Somebody please tell me you know what I'm talking about.) I asked hubby if he knew much about Woodpeckers, he totally took that wrong. LOL!

Me: No seriously, do you?
Hub: a little.
Me: Is the black headed ones the females and the red headed ones the males? Or are they different breeds?
Hubby comes to the window and looks out.
I inform him that they are not out there, I was just thinking.
He grabs my ear and puts his eye to it and says "Yup, two fingers"
On the other side of my head he is holding up two fingers!!!
Me: You butthead, get your laughing ass outta here! (he was choking on his own laughter)



Saturday, March 19, 2011

The T.V. got me going...

Last night I was listening to Inside Edition, not something I usually watch/listen to, it just happened to come on the last channel watched and nobody bothered to change the channel.

Anyway, I don't know if any of yall caught it, but the story that had me up out of my seat and standing in the livingroon gawking at the tv was...

Hollywood women choosing to have their babies out of wedlock.

Wedlock..not a word you hear very often anymore. I was stunned that this topic would even make headlines now-a-days. I mean..What is that? Are we still in the fifties? Are these hollywood women so special that they should and be expected to adhere to "traditional" lifestyles?

When I think of the old fashioned phrase "born out of wedlock", I think of these poor children that are going to suffer from not having a two income family. The struggles the mother/teenager is going to have trying to handle it all alone. The strain it can put on system and grandparents as well. I think of all the unplanned pregnancies that happen all the time with young girls who are just mere babies themselves. I think of the educations that are lost due to economics forcing them to choose, money for the baby over staying in school.

Never do I think about the rich and famous adult women who have chosen to get pregnant and never do I worry over their childs well being. It's not like these women can't afford the best for their child. These woman have soo much money they can have a dozen children and never see a strain on their finances.

As for having a two parent life for the child, I can think of maybe a handful of people that have had the experience of having both "birth" parents in their lives, all there life. Most of the folks in my life have or have had (with the exception of my younger siblings) one, three and sometimes even four parents in their lives.

Why would it be soo important to have a baby in wedlock? Spend all that money on a wedding just because of a pregnancy and most likely even bigger money on a divorce. Not very many people actually stay married anymore anyway and hollywood folks are no exception.

I appluad these women who have the money to "choose" their futures. Not so many have that type of "freedom of choice".


Thursday, March 17, 2011

I hope to do better...

I guess you could say I got quite bored with blogging. I mean let's face it, I don't live a very exciting life. Most days I dream up stuff to do to fill my day, watch a movie, play games, go for walks, take pictures, talk on the phone, light housework and of course crocheting. To tell you the truth, I'm pretty boring. My day doesn't brighten till the hubs gets home and that's only an hour or two before he hits the hay.

Here lately I have been filling my time with crocheting, and have gotten alot of it done. Well that time is about over since the high today will be 87, impossible to work with yarn and blankets in that weather.

Soo, what's left? Do I return to the blogging world and try to win all my friends back or do I find something else to comsume my time? For now, I have opted to try to win back the bloggy love. Yall have all been so kind and patient with me, I really don't deserve such loyalty, considering I can't even remember the last time I read some one elses blog. I am determined to read at least ten blogs a day, so if I don't get around to you but once a week, please bear with me. Ten blogs is about 2-3 hours of my day, so it's a start.

Tuesday I started my spring cleaning and totally kicked A** in the livingroom, it was spic and span by time I got done. Although it did take all day to do it. Yesterday, I started tearing apart my closet, getting it all reorganized and in top shape but halfway through the process I started not feeling well. Temp of 101.2 and feeling run over. I spent the rest of the day in and outta bed till this afternoon. My fever broke and all I am left with is a sore and constant tickle in my throat. Thank goodness it wasn't one of those long drawn out death scenes, where you not completely convinced your going to make it through.

I guess I'd better close this up, so I can get to reading them blog posts. See ya around.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Buying American

Sooo here lately I have been on a political kick, sorta. I watched the little series that ABC did in thier evening news about buying American. Thier series was more focused on creating jobs, but mostly I got out of it..Just how much of our money is going to other countries, in the little things that we buy? I was entralled in it and started examining all the things that I have in my house. I am sad to say that my house is at least 70% china, and then throw in some Mexico, Japan and India. What little I do have that is American made, is mostly old stuff aka antiques.

What happened to American, that it has been invaded with foreign goods? I mean..yeah we have always had foreign goods here, but it seems like we have an over abundance of it now. The series revealed that in the 60's in a typical household, only one in ten items was foreign, now it is more likely to be the reverse. Which to me, is kinda sad.

I know somethings are unavoidable, but do we even look or care that the item sitting right next to the one you grab was made here instead of China (or other countries)?

I went to the store Saturday, along with groceries we also need some other items. A large sponge for washing the car was one of those items. There were several to choose from, but I just grabbed the contoured one and went on about my shopping. I then realized I had forgot something on that isle and went back. I guess someone had moved one of the sponges and it was visable that it was Made in the USA. I picked up the one in my basket and sure enough... Made in China! The Made in the USA sponge was actually cheaper, but I grabbed the one that looked the nicest, packaged better. Totally ridiculous on my part! It's just a sponge! LOL!

Another item that I was looking for was a new hand held can opener. The store had three different ones to choose from, all from different companies, but yet ALL "Made in China". I was a bit shocked by this, considering this particular store prides itself in selling local (Texas) goods. What's a girl to do? Buy it anyway? or just live with the one she has till she finds a suitable replacement? I opted for waiting. Hubby says I can always just get used to the old army can opener he has on his keychain and the problem will be solved. That ain't gonna happen!

I know a lot of companies go overseas for cheaper labor and cheaper materials, which is why they are soo appealing to us in the stores because they are cheaper for the pocketbook. Very understandable, but really it can't hurt to look and be sure. Do we really need that item soo bad that we are willing to buy foreign for it?

I find it funny that we (our goverment) is so wrapped up in finding ways to get out from being dependant on foreign oil, but we (the people) aren't willing to do the smallest thing as look before you buy. Our dependency on foreign goods has really gotten outta hand. I mean really.. do you think foreign households are filled up with American goods? I think NOT.

I step down of my soap box with one last phrase...

BUY AMERICAN! (if you can)

(This post is not meant to offend any of my foreign blogging friends, I hope you understand.)