Monday, March 14, 2011

Buying American

Sooo here lately I have been on a political kick, sorta. I watched the little series that ABC did in thier evening news about buying American. Thier series was more focused on creating jobs, but mostly I got out of it..Just how much of our money is going to other countries, in the little things that we buy? I was entralled in it and started examining all the things that I have in my house. I am sad to say that my house is at least 70% china, and then throw in some Mexico, Japan and India. What little I do have that is American made, is mostly old stuff aka antiques.

What happened to American, that it has been invaded with foreign goods? I mean..yeah we have always had foreign goods here, but it seems like we have an over abundance of it now. The series revealed that in the 60's in a typical household, only one in ten items was foreign, now it is more likely to be the reverse. Which to me, is kinda sad.

I know somethings are unavoidable, but do we even look or care that the item sitting right next to the one you grab was made here instead of China (or other countries)?

I went to the store Saturday, along with groceries we also need some other items. A large sponge for washing the car was one of those items. There were several to choose from, but I just grabbed the contoured one and went on about my shopping. I then realized I had forgot something on that isle and went back. I guess someone had moved one of the sponges and it was visable that it was Made in the USA. I picked up the one in my basket and sure enough... Made in China! The Made in the USA sponge was actually cheaper, but I grabbed the one that looked the nicest, packaged better. Totally ridiculous on my part! It's just a sponge! LOL!

Another item that I was looking for was a new hand held can opener. The store had three different ones to choose from, all from different companies, but yet ALL "Made in China". I was a bit shocked by this, considering this particular store prides itself in selling local (Texas) goods. What's a girl to do? Buy it anyway? or just live with the one she has till she finds a suitable replacement? I opted for waiting. Hubby says I can always just get used to the old army can opener he has on his keychain and the problem will be solved. That ain't gonna happen!

I know a lot of companies go overseas for cheaper labor and cheaper materials, which is why they are soo appealing to us in the stores because they are cheaper for the pocketbook. Very understandable, but really it can't hurt to look and be sure. Do we really need that item soo bad that we are willing to buy foreign for it?

I find it funny that we (our goverment) is so wrapped up in finding ways to get out from being dependant on foreign oil, but we (the people) aren't willing to do the smallest thing as look before you buy. Our dependency on foreign goods has really gotten outta hand. I mean really.. do you think foreign households are filled up with American goods? I think NOT.

I step down of my soap box with one last phrase...

BUY AMERICAN! (if you can)

(This post is not meant to offend any of my foreign blogging friends, I hope you understand.)


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Thanks for the reminder. I need to pay more attention.