Wednesday, February 17, 2010

False Fronts

I believe you have all seen the pics of my yard in horrible need of mowing. With that in mind, it is safe to say I am not the best yard keeper by any means. My grass gets unruly and my flowerbeds have been taken over by the weeds.

I do have some things out there that I fully intend to address as soon as it quits raining.

Two stacks of cement slabs (for a walkway), that haven't made it to the ground yet.
Some odds and ends of empty flower pots.
A mirror that hubby had leaning against the fence and the wind knocked it over and broke it. I have yet to clean it up.
Yes, I'm a little lazy for not having done these things.

Here is my issue...
I was mowing the grass on the third day of no rain. The lawnmower didn't like the idea cause the grass was still pretty wet. Oh well, it had to be done before I go crazy! I couldn't stand it any longer, not with the threat of more rain in the forecast!

As I was mowing, I was noticing little pieces of trash in the back yard. I'm hoping it was just the wind and not thrown over the fence on purpose. A few pieces, but enough for me to take real good notice of my neighbors yard.

These people haven't lived here but four months and their yard has trash all over the place! I'm not talking a few scrap pieces of paper. No, this is like someone dumped out several bags of household trash in their yard and spread it out all over the place.

My neighbor pulls into their driveway, goes in the house and comes back with some cleaning supplies. Obviously, she's not going to use that stuff on the yard.

On my next round, I notice that she is sitting on the ground cleaning the....

Seriously?! I was dumb founded!

Why on earth would it be so important for folks to see you driving around in a super clean car, in the middle of the rainy and muddy season?

Look at me in my super clean car, pumping my bad ass tunes for everyone to hear, so they will look at me! I am falsely advertising myself but as long as they don't go to my house, they will never know.

I just don't get it.

Why do people feel the need to put on a false front?

Trying to convince other people in public that they are one thing, but really at home they are the total opposite.

Another example of false fronts...
A family walks into the church on Sunday and present themselves as a perfect family.
When they get back home, it is total different story.

I can be guilty of putting on a false front. If I know I got company coming, I clean like a mad woman. All the little stuff I ignore most of the time. the A/C or taking apart the fan. All of that is mostly for allergy control, considering most of my family have asthma.

Any ideas on why people do this, instead of being true to themselves?
Share an example of a false front you have experienced or done.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Many people who do not accept ehemselves for who they truly are feel the need to put on airs to be accepted. Accepting oneself is truly the most freeing thing in the world because it allows one to really live. Unfortunately, too many people put too much stock in other people or material things to be themselves.

Mrsbear said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, that sounds like a lot of trash. It seems a bit of a contradiction to be that concerned about people seeing your rims vs. scads of trash on your front yard. Yuck.

My house is definitely not as clean and sparkly as I would like. I do make an extra effort when we're having people over but for the day to day, sometimes things get let go. And the minivan?! Is a disaster. Four kids make a lot of garbage.

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

I think everyone does this to a certain extent. The only time I conciously do it is for hubby's job. He has to project a certain image publicly so by way of support, I'm on my best behavior. Also, even if we're fighting and we walk into a room full of people, they will never know. But that's mostly because I don't believe everyone needs to know my business! (Unless of course, you're a stranger, reading my blog on the internet!! Lol.)

I think it takes a really long time to truly accept yourself for who you are and be comfortable with it. Some people probably never achieve that.


PS- I loved the little paragraph about the woman "pimping". Lol.

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

First of all, I'd be all over that neighbor! That kind of stuff irritates me to no end. That reminds me, I need to get my neighbor to fix a fence post before my dog gets out again. (It's on his side.)

That being said, people are pretty shallow. I've given up trying to show off. My car looks like I live out of it, and my house is a horrible mess. I do clean up when I'm expecting people, but it's only so I won't be quite so embarassed.

Nezzy said... [Reply to comment]

This Ozarks farm chick once pulled the blonde card with a Pastor(yes, forgive me Lord) who wanted a third tree put up for Christmas and I so didn't want to assemble yet another tree. I told this man of God that since it was a new tree, I didn't know how to put it together and asked if he would do that for me. While undecorating the 'new tree' was one of those that you just stand up and it opens its branches. Boy did I feel...duh!

God bless and have a glorious day!!!

kendrasue said... [Reply to comment]

I agree with the above that people are shallow! I do the same as you where I will clean up when I know people are coming but it is so hard to keep a house clean with a toddler! And I can't believe someone actually was sitting on the ground cleaning their car doesn't even have rims. They're hubcaps!