Monday, June 14, 2010

Anniversary BBQ with Daughter and Grandsons

Okay well, lets just throw away Saturday's sadness and scariness and get back to more normal activities around here.

It was a really good week except that it has been so humid outside that it is practically dangerous to be out in. It is like breathing hot water with all the oxygen zapped from the air. There has been some nice moments of breeze, but the humidity makes it impossible to enjoy for long.

We did have a great day on Thursday with daughter #2 and the grandsons. Although hubby was a little on the cranky side. The kids (being kids) were coming and going, in and out. The door was hubby's biggest issue. The kids are not used to pawpaw's rules about closing the door after you go through it. Then when they did catch on, it was too frequently getting opened and closed. I think he was a little on the panic attack side. He pulled it off nicely and kept his cool. He joked, grumbled and locked us out!! Several times!! LOL! It was reported that I was begging to be let back in, I forget, it must have been the heat stroke!! LOL!

At the end of the day he said..I'm sorry we didn't have enough money to go out.
I told him that it turned out lovely regardless and Spending time with the kids was great, but exhausting!
He chuckled in agreement and said..I would have rathered had gone out! LOL! (He was just kidding!)
We then spent the rest of the evening laughing and chuckling over the kids antics.


Hubby had chopped down the destroyed peach tree and left the limbs all over the ground. I kept seeing the kids stumble over them and had had enough and started dragging them away (in the heat of the day). 10yr old and daughter is helping, 5yr old picks one up and drags it away and announces...I'm done!! I couldn't help but laugh!

I'm sitting on the floor after fixing the broken leg to my coffee table (that is not 3yr old proof). Daughter is trying to get the boys to pick up all their toys and put them back in the toy drawer. She starts clapping and singing..♪This is the way we pick up our toys♪ I was putting the things back on the coffee table and suddenly felt under pressure to get my stuff off the floor!! LOL!

The back door remains locked and Pawpaw locked the front door. 5yr old goes to front door knocking, no answer. He then goes to the back door knocking and then again back to the front door. What did he want? His brother to come outside! All that, just to get brother to come out! Cracks me up!

5yr old found my gardening hat, is running around wearing it. 3yr old notices and wants one too. He then proceeds to try to get pawpaw's black felt bowler. Pawpaw grumbles NO to him and this produced tears and whines, but not for long. 3yr old grumbles right back at him in his best pawpaw impression! They had a stand-off! LOL!

The hat issue was not resolved. I got down some of my older gardening hats. Three grandsons, three hats. Should have been an easy fix. NOT! the fight ensued over who gets what hat and little one being the most stubborn was not a happy camper at all! He insisted he wanted pawpaw's hat, a bwack (black) one! I was going to send them off with my hats, but the fighting would not stop. Remove the hats from the scene and all should be well. How did that work out Daughter? Did they cry all the way home? Lets us know!

It really was a great day, even though it was boiling outside and pawpaw was grumpy. Sorry to cut this short but I have a massive amount of blog reading to do, most likely won't get but a 1/3 of it done tonight.



Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

Heather you sound like such an amazing Grandma! I love them fighting over the hats that were supposed to solve the problem. I so look forward to grandkids, but I felt exhausted just reading this! kudos to you and hubby for your patience!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

LOL -- Daughter says, "Crying did not continue past the end of the road and Grandson fell asleep on the way home - about 10 minutes out"
and so glad you could have fun in all that chaos --- makes me not want to bring them out there again , until we can have proper OBEDIENCE!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Daughter also says, "They've just gotten better behaved at their Grandma's house --- she had to get strict and they've learned they can't do everything they want.... maybe they've learned a bit from Pawpaw now!"

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Anniversary. I guess my little ones being great grand kids is why I wear out so quick. At 80 the patience is gone, or I just try not to get upset when they do get on my nerves.. Developing an immunity. I love them all but I am like Pawpaw, not to much patience.

Mrsbear said... [Reply to comment]

I see your weekend improved. Hooray. Happy Anniversary.

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like it really was a wonderful day, Happy Anniversary

SuziCate said... [Reply to comment]

Sound like a winner of a day to me!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Maureen...I do try, but I had to get mean there at the end of the day. I hated to do that!

Pegbur...We did!

Daughter #2...I am so glad! They way I see it..the more they spend time out here, the better they will understand the rules.

Daughter #2...I so hated to be mean, but I just knew if they had taken those hats with them, they would have fought over them all the way home.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Lucy...I can't even stand to think about when I'm 80 and trying to keep up with great grandkids! These two wear me out and I am half your age!

Mrsbear...Yeah a whole lot! Thanks!

Jimmy...Lots of fun and heat, yup a real good day! Thanks!

Suzicate...It was!!