Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In kitty world...

This year has given the neighborhood 3 pregnancies. Stripey and Star our my neighbors cats and Orange aka Momma kitty is mine. Stripey had her kittens a week ago, under the neighbors house. I have yet to see them.

Yesterday Orange was sitting on the porch and hissing at her 1 year old children one minute and then the next loving on them. The loving part was my first clue (haha), she hasn't been nice to them since they were weened.
My second clue..She was meowing an awful lot and it appeared to be directed right at me. I tend to stand at the storm door and look out at them, most of the time I am doing a head check or just making sure we have harmony going on. Every time I went to the door she would start talking to me..nonstop!
Third clue...She is not a touchy feely kind of gal. You might get away with touching her on the top of her head and down her shoulders before she lets you know you have abused the privileged of petting her. She let me pick her up, rub her belly, just basically any thing I wanted to do.
Fourth clue...her tummy was hard as a rock!!!

I told hubby I think she is in labor, he told me to set her up something in the storage room. That right there was a freaky moment, hubby never says stuff like that!
So, I set her up a little bed, food and water and brought her in the house for the first time ever. I took her to it, she laid in it but wouldn't stay. She had to be where I was. She meowed so much and loud, she was interrupting the news and hubby made her go back outside! LOL! After the news was over he let her back in.

I moved her spot to my room but had to keep the door closed cause Whiskers was not having another cat in the house! This lead to more meowing and Whiskers pawing at the door to show her who is boss in here.

I laid down for a nap, I was thinking that she might not let me cause of all the meowing but no, she got up on the bed, rolled over and let me rub her belly and fell asleep. I told hubby...the way she is acting is as if she was at one time a house cat. She was already full grown when we moved here, so maybe she was.

We had a peaceful sleep last night and at 6:30am I woke to the sound of a kitten mewing...ON MY BED!!

I quickly got the box, put her kitten in it and she stepped right on in. Changed the bedding and stayed up till she had two. I fell back to sleep and by 10am she had four.



Sue said... [Reply to comment]

Ahhh they are adorable and she looks so content...she must be so tired.....wish I could have cats but my dogs would never allow it. I should have introduced them to cats as puppies...well done to her


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

They are adorable Heather! So cute!! I love llittle kitties.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

They are adorable Heather! So cute!! I love llittle kitties.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Oh please have her spayed - there must be a low cost clinic nearby - so many unwanted kitties in the world...

Kaylen said... [Reply to comment]

SO stinking cute!!! I hope you are able to find good homes for them. I love how momma kitty became so in need of human attn when she went into labor.

I also agree with the other commenter-there are so many kitties in need of good homes. I kinda wish that we had every cat born right now spayed to cut back on the feline population for a bit.