Friday, March 16, 2012

Family and Games

I had been thinking, researching and contemplating on getting some new pc games. I was concerned that my computer wouldn't be able to handle it and had been asking my brothers lots of questions. Apparently to the point of bugging them. LOL!

My brother decided he and his new bride were coming for a visit. He surprised me and brought my mom too. Okay, not just my mom, she is his too.

He showed up with his old computer and insisted on changing out my computer for his (that he was giving me). I admit I was concerned, peeved, worried, anxious and whined a whole lot. I don't to change too well, as mom was more than willing to point out to me. Thankfully to my relief his computer wasn't working the way he wanted, so he hooked mine back up.

Then he started playing with the games I already have on my computer through the service of Wild Tangent which costs me 7-14 dollars a month depending on how much I use it. (Thus the reason I want a change.) Anyway we was all having a good time while mom napped.

Lunch time was full of laughs, crochet lessons, computer games and corn dogs.

Then suddenly brother comes up with the idea to go to Best Buy to see what they had for pc games. Great idea but hubby will be home in just over an hour. So we hurried out the door and left mom to babysit the doggies! LOL!

We got games! Although I only found one game that I was interested in at Best Buy, we rushed over to Office Depot and found plenty that I an totally interested in. We did pick up a game pack that has 101 games in it. We rushed home to find hubby already here and I still hadn't even started supper! After supper my brother and sil spent the rest of the evening loading games into their laptop and then into my computer.

Meanwhile mom and I went for a walk. She had wanted so badly to get to browse our little town and take pictures but it was getting close to sunset so I figured at least I could walk her around and let her get some great country shots.

An awesome day!


Carol said... [Reply to comment]

Love the pictures you took on your walk!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Love the pics. Especially the one of the horse and colt.