Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Disclaimer...this post is NOT for picking on my brother (I love him dearly), it's just to show how our little convo on facebook got me to thinking.

He shared this: (sorry for it's slight vulgar-ness)

I responded with this: Call me a grammer idiot but what is the point of bothering with "You're"? Why not just write "you are"?

His response: Because... in speech, no one ever says, "You are." You wouldn't say, "Don't forget your gloves, you are going to need them." You would say, "You're going to need them." So in order to correctly quote someone, or to present dialogue realistically, you'd have to use the contraction in order for it to be grammatically correct.

Here is where my brain starts hurting, thinking does that to me ya know.

I am a grammer nightmare! LOL!

The last time I even remember English class was in the 8th grade, but the last time I remember actually listening was in my first year (I did it twice) of 7th grade. AND I'm purty sure I have forgotten most all of that was taught. Notice I didn't say all that was learned, cause who said I learned anything!

I will have to correct my brother though. I DO say "you ARE" to lots of folks, many times but you are right, not all the time. But notice how I say it (like to the hubby)... You ARRE being a butthead or You ARRE going to regret that. My "ARRE" is said in a manner of a warning with an eyebrow raised, voice one octave higher than the rest of the sentence and a drawl of the R.

The thought crossed my mind that since we have a spell check (and believe me, it checks me out ALL the time!), maybe we should have a grammer check or even a punctuation check. Wouldn't that just make alot of peoples day!

AND yes Mr.Spellcheck is telling me I spell grammer wrong. Poo. Everytime I think of writing it g.r.a.m.m.A.r I think of my parents. They still have a lot of the north in them and sometimes the R is so silent you can't hear it, it sounds like grammah. They even pronounce my name as Heah-tha. My "er" was then used on the tail end of my sister's name, which ends with an A. LOL! (spellcheck is really hating me right now!)

BUT here is were my rebellion kicks in. In speech...we do NOT all talk the same. Each region has it's own dialect of the English language, slang words, foreign words and such. So are we to all type the same? If I was to be grammatically correct, all the time and so was everybody else...what would be the point? I would be lost in a sea of drones. But you're lucky cause I don't even know how to be grammatically correct.

If there weren't any "ain'ts, yalls, ya's and a whole lot of bad spelling, improper sentences and misleading punctuations...How would you know it was really me and not some robot? I love being me and having my words reflect ME and the way I talk everyday! The undereducated, country hick girl that I am.

Hehe...I got red squiggly lines everywhere!



Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I have to side with your brother on this - in every day language, written or spoken contractions are perfectly acceptable, maybe even preferable. In more formal communications "you are" might be preferable. Suit the usage to the use - just like you might suit your clothing to the occasion...

Carol said... [Reply to comment]

It's the punctuation rules that seem to be getting me as I get older - most especially the use of apostrophes in showing possession. At one time, I had a link to a website that had the answer to every question about apostrophes I could come up with. I should see if there's an app for that! I do find that texting inhibits my use of symbols - my phone does not auto correct and it's a pain in the nect to go find that stupid apostrophe, so I often type you are instead of you're. Or just ignore it altogether.