Monday, April 30, 2012

Laughing through the sickness...

Wow, what a week! I am so glad that is over with and I survived, although there was a few times when I wondered if I would.
It all started with (I'm guessing since I never go anywhere) the Fiber Fest I went to last Saturday. Monday evening I noticed a little tickle in my throat, no matter how many times I tried to clear my throat the worse it got. Hubby got up and I told him I think I caught something. He responded with the usual...I better NOT come down sick, cause if I do...I'm going to have to murderize ya. Haha!
By Tuesday my throat was on fire and I was definitely full blown sick. I hardly remember Tuesday or Wednesday, I slept through both days. Thursday was a more alert day but not by much. Hubby called me (as he usually does when he is on his way home) and asks...What is you choice of weapon?
How do you want to die? (scratchy throat voice)
LMAO!!! Your sick?
Knife, gun, bat...?
Stop it! Your killing me! (I was laughing so hard and coughing at the same time.) You forgot to mention laughter!
Later that evening I glance over his way and he is glaring at me.
I love you.
Oookaay. (spooked)
You know the only reason your still sitting there is cause I love ya.
LMAO!!! Good to know! Dodged a bullet on that one.
He lights up and moves like he is going to get up...Bullet you say...that's your weapon?!!!
All in good fun folks, no evilness in this funning.
Friday was 50% better than Thursday and I even managed to get some chores done. I posted the kittens on craigslist and even managed to get all three of them rehomed. On my way home from the grocery store I noticed this car behind me looked alot like our car. I glanced at the clock and it was only 1 pm, I shook my head and told myself it wasn't him but it turned everytime I did. Finally on the last turn I just knew it was him, the poor sick boy was sent home from work.
Spent the last two days watching him sleep and when he is awake.. boy oh boy is he a baby! I sit here wondering if I was that miserable or is it the "men are babies when sick" syndrome. Poor guy, I really shouldn't pick on him but he's so cute and helpless when he's sick.
The only good thing about him being sick is I got two whole days of being the Remote Queen! I'm gonna miss that. LOL!


Carol said... [Reply to comment]

I am glad you are feeling better, but my experience has been that it's a lot easier to be sick yourself than to take care of a sick man. It seems theirs is always the very worst in the whole wide world.