Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

We all know hubby is very funny... ohhhh yes very funny, hilarious in fact. In case you missed it, that statement was drenched in sarcasm!

It is April Fools! I knew that several times today, it's my nephews b-day, the anniversary of my grandmothers passing, the lot rent is due... It was there in my mind off and on all day...It was when is wasn't that he got me!

There I was sitting there crocheting, needing to get up and stretch my legs. As I was standing there, I thought..hmm some ice cream would be nice. I took 5 steps, just 5 steps and he blurts out...

Where ya going?
(It did stop me in my tracks but only cause I was feeling guilty for wanting some ice cream. What I should have thought about was that he never asks me that, I should've been suspicious)
To get some ice cream.
He gets up out of his chair and stands inbetween the doorway...What kind?
Fudge swirl.
That's not that kind you gave me last time is it?
Me being brain dead said... huh?
You know the one that had cream in it.
Yeah that one, I don't like that one.
No worries this is a generic brand.
Oh good, I'll take some.
I go to grab a bowl and only get one.
Your not going to get me a bowl?
Oh, I'm sorry. I look down at the bowl and realize it isn't even the right kind of bowl. I tell him..Man, I am losing it!
He stands there laughing. (should've been a sign but I missed it)

For getting ice cream, I always run the scooper under hot water.

I reach and turn the knob and....


I'm sure I let out a little scream from the surprise. I saw the water stream at me and quickly turned off the water. I knew INSTANTLY what had happened, he pulled this on me once before many years ago. Yes he got me! There I was standing there with a soaking wet shirt and this boy was laughing so hard his knees were weakening, he could barely uttered the words...April Fools!

What did he do, you ask?

He put a rubber band around the spray nozzle at the sink!

It may not be April Fools day when he gets is payback, BUT believe me, the boy is getting some payback!!!! I'm a slow thinker which will give me plenty of time to PLAN!



Sue said... [Reply to comment]

Hahaha...I love your quirky tales....what a gave me a good giggle (sorry) but it was funny!!!

It sounds like you two have just as much fun together as we do....with no more kids in the house and only our furbabies, we have to keep each other amused....and we a man with a sense of humor!! Take care and think of something good to do back to him and please let us know what it is....