Friday, June 8, 2012

A little morning with the Furries

I roll over and look at the clock. 6 hours, that's all. I am soo not going to get up. I lay there, eyes wide open. I look down at the cat laying on my feet, he's staring right at me, probably waiting to see what I am going to do. Stitch noticed I waved to Whiskers. Yup, I'm awake but I ain't getting up! Haha oh yes you are! Lick lick, bounce bounce, step on your hair! Okay okay, let me up. Giggles.
What is it with a dog, as soon as they realize your eyes are open you MUST get up! LOL! Makes ya wonder how long they have been laying there watching you...I just got a creep vibe. Maybe it's best not to know!

I cautiously put my weight on my knee...hmm seems to be fine so far, this might actually be a good day. (Just in case ya didn't know, my left knee has been pretty bothersome for awhile now) I stroll out to the kitchen... coffee, microwave, computer, dog out, bathroom, back to microwave, back to computer for one click, coffee fixed up and out to the porch I go. (yes, I am still smoking only outside. It's going well and still down to smoking around 8 - 12 cigs a day.)

Good morning momma (kitty)! We sit there sipping, puffing, petting and purring. Grr..that black cat is in my yard again. I can't run it out cause of my knee and being barefoot. I look down at momma and asked "Why you keep letting that cat in my yard?" she purrs. (eye roll with a giggle)

Chaquita comes out, stands there at the top of the stairs and scans the yard. She sees the neighbors dogs and growls, barks and runs. I busted out laughing! She sees these dogs EVERY single day and yet she acts like they are complete strangers. Cracks me up!  

I come back inside, Whiskers is eating. I start this post. I can hear Whiskers getting some water, I can hear Whiskers urping (throwing up) (he does this often).  Ohh man...Whiskey. I grab a paper towel, clean up the mess, pat him on the head and tell him...I don't know how you are soo fat when you do this all the time! LOL!

You wondering about Taco and Peachy? Well they still haven't gotten up yet. I take my blessing when I can get them! Haha



Carol said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like your days start much the same as mine, except in my case the dog doesn't wait until I open my eyes, she tells me when it's time to open my eyes. She needs to take lessons from her sister, who would let me sleep longer.

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

Sometimes furbabies are just as bad as real babies! Lol.

I don't know why cats throw up so much. It's really annoying. Seems like it's always the fat ones too.

Congrats on cutting down on the smoking!! You can do it!


SueBee said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha, your days are similar to mine.....except Joey (who sleeps in my bed) does not wake up early....if he could sleep till 10 every morning he would.

I love furbabies and could never live without them....8 to 10 a day...excellent Heather

Oh how I wish I could have cats...maybe one day when my canines are no longer with me ;(

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Loved and laughed at your accounting of you and your fur babies. Cats can be so independent. I have a dog. A beagle named Spunky. He is a handful and getting old like his masters.