Sunday, June 24, 2012

Precious memory or Junk?

Yesterday was a big cleaning day and I tackled my closet for the first time in a year. I try to do it every year around spring cleaning time but sometimes I push it off for a few extra months, like this year.
After getting it done and put back together, I had a long sit down outside under the stars. Yeah it was a long 12 hour day, no it wasn't all on just the closet. While sitting there and reviewing what all I had gotten into and saved, I got to wondering about what will happen to all my stuff when I die.

I've always been one to know that yes I could die at anytime. I might not wake up or I might have a tree fall on me or worse I might cut myself so bad that I bleed to death before help could arrive. My point is you never ever know just how or when you will go. I guess this thinking process has come to mind cause hubby's coworker went home to find his wife had died of a stroke at 45 last week.

I have watched families fight and pick over loved ones possessions sometimes to the point of fighting. In a way I understand that, the item has precious memories attached to them or they know it was something precious to their loved one.

I look around at my "stuff" and wonder does anyone know why this or that was precious to me, why I continue to keep it and not just chunk it away. Well to tell ya the truth I really don't know why I keep somethings cause when I do die it is just going to be a house of junk that no one will understand and will probably throw it all away.

As I don't have any children of my own that shared in the memories of why I have what I have, I wonder the logic of keeping anything at all. Maybe I should wrap up my items individually with a note as to why it was important to me.

That washcloth isn't just any washcloth, it was knitted by my blind great grandmother!
That rose necklace (yes it was from AVON) used to hang around my grandmother neck.
That purple rock in the shape of an egg was given to me by the hubby's father.
That green scratchy baby blanket was mine made by my birth mother. 
That 80's skin tight dress was from me and my best friend back in our teens.
GAWD forbid if anyone EVER throws away my Bon Jovi t-shirt!!! (I think I will request to be wearing it!)
ect..ect.. So many things to the unknowing that will be just junk.

Soo, for those of you with children to pass your precious items to, let them know what they are and why they mean something.



Carol said... [Reply to comment]

I'm revving myself up to do some of that cleanout, but for me it's going to be my shelves of things to look at. Many of them are things I like, or at least liked at the time, many of them are gifts, some of them mean a lot and some of them are just there. I think there needs to be fewer of them there. I think the garage could stand a good cleanout too, of all the boxes and containers of things we've stored but no longer use.My kids do not need to be burdened with so many things to go through when we are gone.

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I to am aware that life can be uncertain and things can happen so quickly. I have written and sent copies of my wishes to each of my kids. Not that they will agree but at least I tried.

Spot said... [Reply to comment]

I think leaving a record would be a great idea. Besides, what a lovely time you'll have sorting through and recording the memories. Maybe you could take a photo of each item and write the memory below.