Saturday, July 28, 2012

Me doing Electronics

So since we have practically stopped smoking (compared to what we used to smoke), we now have a bit more money available to us. We have been with out a VCR for a very long time (and have hundreds of tapes) and have been using the portable DVD player that is supposed to be in hubby's truck to watch any movies. Those long waits while waiting in line to get unloaded can very boring, so he really needs it back in his truck. I took the little extra money we had accumulated and bought us a VCR/DVD player! Yeah for us! But I let it set there in the box for nearly 2 weeks. hahaha

 Today while talking on the phone with mom I decided to get it out of the box and see if I could hook it up. I don't know why messing with things like that intimidated me so but they do...ALOT! Mom is still on the phone and I am getting a little frustrated because I did it just like the diagram said to do it and it is still not working. She says...Who are you talking to? Me? The mom who can't even figure out how to use her computer? I think you need to talk to your father AND promptly hands the phone to dad! I can hear Dad bellowing in the background.. What? Talk to her, Heather is having trouble hooking up her VCR. (Daddy's happy zone is talking electronics) I tell daddy what all I did and he tells me to move the yellow, red and white wires. Still nothing was happening, I put in a movie, made sure the tv was on the right channel and still nothing. I had my face down in front of the VCR and said...hmmm maybe this would help. Daddy says what and I busted out laughing and snorting!

AND yes it did help and I was still laughing when I told daddy what I did....he hung up on me!

Always remember to push the POWER button! LMAO!!!!!



Carol said... [Reply to comment]

Sometimes the simplest things make life the most difficult!

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

Lord that sounds like something I would do Ha Ha