Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My December... Day 4

Joyous... well if you really know me than you would know I am joyous (not a word I use, ever) at how my little crochet business has kept me pretty and steadily busy for the last few months. A true blessing when one was needed.

I guess my biggest joy is that I have a hubby that doesn't drive me crazy...much (hehe). I talk to my mom every day and the things she deals with from my dad...lets just say... Oh boy, do I love the hubby! He would never do or demand like dad does. BUT then again, I would never do or demand like mom does. (love you guys) Just thought I would throw that in before I get in trouble! LOL!

Another joy I get is listening to my namesake in the evenings over the phone. I can hear her giggles, screams happiness and sleepiness. The joys of bath time, the squeals of delight over green beans, the screams that the cat took her crayons, the giggles of chasing said cat... the girl just makes my day! ♥

That is about all I can think of at the moment, the pain pills are kicking in so I best bid yall a goodnight.

Oh wait.... grandkids...It fills my heart up with joy every time I think about our beautiful and wonderful grandkids.

Okay, now it's a good night.



SueBee said... [Reply to comment]

The joys of life....yes we can be very grateful for hubbies that are cool and uncomplicated.....although mine can get a bit cranky at times. I call him the dwarf that Snow White lost....Grumpy and if she needs to find him he is sitting on my sofa. Joking aside, I wouldn't change him for anything.

He's not like that often. Bless him. Joy in grandkids I fully agree on and our seventh is on it's way....we were told on Sunday and am so excited...there is no greater joy than the innocence and love that comes from in seeing new buds on my shrubs and plants in my garden and the absolute joy when my veggies start growing and we can utilise in having my awesome son staying with us from Bali!!

I know how you feel Heather about being joyous....I think I am one of the most joyous people around....I make myself sick sometimes ;)

Last but not least....hearing the new seasonal birds visiting my garden every year....the different bird calls just make my never know, some may be from your part of the world visiting ours :) Lotsa luv Sue