Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My December...Day 3

Yes, I am late but I really do have a super good excuse! I was sleeping. Still don't get why that is a good excuse? Let me see if I can clear it up for ya.

The topic for day 3 is Red. I saw plenty of red today, not the saying "seeing red" but actual red blood flowing from my mouth. Still wondering what the heck? hehe Naw, it wasn't bad.

I have what dentists like to call "Advanced Periodontal Disease" and over the years have had to have several teeth at a time removed (based on finances)due to exposed roots and loose teeth.

I had a loose tooth that had been bugging me for some time. Just bugging me, not hurting me enough to warrant spending nearly a hundred a tooth to go get it out. Well, that changed about a month ago. Just about the same time hubby was out of work and searching for a job. Great timing huh?! Never fails!

I was going to wait till after income tax time to go in and get all 8 of my teeth out at the same time. Sorta like...get the pain over with all in one shot! Sometimes it is like my plans and my body are at war with each other and very rarely ever get along.

So, I broke down and called the dentists office this morning with the intention of just getting that one tooth removed and pay for it out of my craft money. They set me up an appointment for 1pm. Hubby called at 11am to check how I was going and says go ahead and see if they can get all 3 (bottom front) done at once. I did and they said yes but gosh I hated the idea of spending that money especially since he has yet to get his first paycheck from his new job. Pain vs damage to the finances...hard call, but..whats done is done..oh well.

There, that is my version of "red" for this December 3rd, not very Christmasy is it?! LOL!

If you want another version of red... the tip of my index finger is red from making kool-aid and dropping the package in the water and having to retrieve it. Hehehe!



SueBee said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Heather, All I can say to you about having your teeth pulled is...I would rather have no teeth in my mouth than a mouthful of teeth casusing me pain!!!

I hate pain of any kind so I feel for you.....take it easy and rest up.....enjoy your soft food diet:)

Othe than that Red for me is a vivid sunrise, gorgeous red roses and one of my favourite songs "Lady in Red" :) Happy Holiday Season....lotsa luv Sue