Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My December... Days 6-11

I know, I know...I am soo far behind. It has been one crazy week with dad in the hospital for nearly 4 days and as soon as he gets home my mom ends up in the hospital and still is. Hoping she gets to come home tomorrow.

Soo, lets see where I left off...

Day 6... Shopping. Well first let me point out that I am not a big shopper. I very rarely go shopping just for the heck of it. When I do go, I tend to have a list of exactly what I am there for and I get in and out as quickly as I can, I don't linger or browse. I don't like to walk around and dream of having this or that, especially knowing it is not in the budget and probably never will. I have learned over the decades that most of what I would ohh and ahh over is really stuff I don't even need and probably will never or hardly ever use.

I did however do some shopping online last weekend. Hubby got some new work coveralls and i got 2 new patterns! LOL! All practical items, no frivolous stuff for us.

Day 7... Bright. I am not too bright. LOL!! Sorry it was the first thing that came to mind. I do try to keep my mind fresh and challenge it from time to time but the ever mounting evidence that my hubby keeps stored in his brain proves that there are numerous times that I am just not to bright. This is not to put myself down, I am fully aware and hilariously amused by my "out there" moves.

Day 8...Ornaments. I wanted to make my own ornament for our tree this year and even found some great patterns but I'm just a wee bit lazy. Naw, just kidding. I am so busy with orders I haven't even managed to get the tree up and decorated.

Day 9...READ??? Does patterns count? LMAO!

Day 10... Wrapping paper. This is soo sad. I used to have soo much wrapping paper it would take me years to use it all. My sis was wanting some Christmas supplies and I gave her all that I had. I made my grandkids some presents and couldn't even wrap them! That is sad!

Day 11... Green.

♪ Well the green outside is dying.
The Kitties are all crying.
It's soo cold , it's soo cold, it's soo cold. ♫



SueBee said... [Reply to comment]

Shopping is something I have also grown to dislike although I used to love it when my daughter was here and we tootled off for the morning and had a cuppa coffee somewhere other that home!! Nowadays I couldn't be bothered unless it's for essentials especially like yarn and fabric :)

I think we all have our "bright" moments...as long as we can laugh about it, is all that counts:)

My tree isn't even up yet...yikes!!
Thanks for reminding me...will have to climb up somewhere in this house to find them and hope all the ornaments are still in tact....I dont usually pack them away very well....as by the time Christmas is over, I have had enough!!

As for reading, does facebook count;)
Lotsa love Sue x