Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Cutest Pics

In the Thanksgiving spirit, I am thankful for...

My dad being camera happy. If he hadn't been, I wouldn't have these photos to share with you. Yeah, Dad!

Well, I don't know if you care to see more, but your going to get them anyways.

The cuteness dies and Dad stopped taking pics. Thank Goodness!

One last pic for your eyes to scream at...

Now just remember that, this is the last time you will see me!

Okay, I'm done torturing your eyes.

Aren't ya Thankful!!


Spot said... [Reply to comment]

Awww! The baby pics were so cute and you look so adorable in the one where you're hair is up and you have the earrings on. Such a little lady!

You look nothing like I imagagined! Probably because I have a friend named Heather from high school and I pictured someone like her. You are much much prettier! Thanks for sharing!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said... [Reply to comment]

What tragedy befell the world when you were a little girl, causing all the color to drain from it???

the iNDefatigable mjenks said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, also...I'm glad my father wasn't a camera-happy. Less evidence...er...uh...awkward pictures of my youth lying around.

Angelia said... [Reply to comment]

Omgawd! The gloves and the piggy tails. Awesome!! :-))

Thank you for sharing, I am so thankful! And surprised with those wings you didn't fly ;-) HA.

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

I love the gloves! Why is it that pictures from when we were kids look so old (and always have) and the pictures I took of my son 16 years ago don't look old at all. Have we been dressing better for the last 16 years?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I love the one where you are standing by the car - all dressed up - white gloves and all - too, too cute!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry I didn't get back to yall yesterday, very busy.

Spot...Thanks. I was thinking that, maybe you will reveil yourself! Hint..hint

Mjenks...I was in it, that was the tragedy. Yup, lots of evidence lying around.

Angelia...Thanks. the gloves, my dads thing. The piggy tails, my grandmother's thing.

I wish I still had those wings for this weekend! LOL

Jen...40-50 years ago IS old! Nope I dress worse!

Grace...Thanks. I was so spoiled back then.

Menopausal New Mom said... [Reply to comment]

Heather, what a cute trip down memory lane. Hey, where are the really embarrassing photos!!??

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

Pictures of me as a kid are rare, thank God! Between the ages of 3 and 16 I was just this awkward girl with bangs that were either too short or too long, long stringy hair, and no fashion sense. Cute pics of you, though. :)

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Menopausal...Just wait they are coming! Well more like God aweful ones.

Tinkerschnitzel...I will be showing those pics of me in a moment.

Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

No fair, you can't show us that and say never again!

What a little cutie!