Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Busy Weekend

This has been a very busy weekend.

Saturday... I went to my best friends house and picked her up in the sloppy mess of weather we have been having lately. We ventured out into the abyss of people in the caos that is Walmart. Our mission was yarn. What a huge disappointment. The one color we was most certainly after, was not there, as it should be. The one thing that made the trip bearable was getting to see bf's greatgrandkids, who met us there for a brief visit. We were off to the next closest walmart to do another search for that one color. This time the selection was good, much to our relief. We loaded up our buggy with as much as my card could stand.

The torment of the day was the rumor that walmart is going to discontinue their yarn sales. This has us greatly distressed. Walmart is the cheapest place to get yarn and soon we will no longer be able to get it. Okay maybe we will be able to get it, but at a much higher price. A blanket that once costed $40-50 to make is now going to be around $65-90, depending on where you get it. "They" say crochet and knitting is a dying art, well when forced to fork out higher bucks and search at length for places to buy, that really just might happen. Very sad.

Okay, enough of that pity party.
Soo we are driving along and I see this batch of black cows just standing around, I guess they we holding a meeting or something. I suddenly burst out laughing. My mind comes up with the stupidest stuff and amuses me greatly. Hubby says "What's soo funny?" Okay soo what I saw was one of the cows face was half white and he or she was the only one with any white on them. My mind wondered...I wonder if that cow knows that it looks like that? Has the other cows told him that he was different? Do they not let him play cow games? LOL! It's still funny, at least to me. Then I got to thinking about all the other animals in the world...How do they know what they look like? Do my dogs know? Do they judge each other by looks as people do? AND there ya go...the mind is a curious thing and super funny at times.

Sunday...We spent the whole day cleaning out the spare/storage room. I told hubby that in order for us to save $40 bucks a month to go towards this **** new car payment, we were going to have to clean out that room and bring home everything we have in storage. I said that a week and a half ago and all I had done to begin this process was to fill up the back of my truck and left it sitting there all week. I was determined to get this done TODAY! Hahaha, the joke was on me. Kinda like the eyes are bigger than the stomach thing.

I got up and opened the door to the jungle of the spare room. Sigh. Okay heather, just move one item at a time and all will be okay. First I begin at picking up an item and expamining it, do we really need this? Is it broken? Could I possiably get away with throwing it away? Could I find a perament place for this item? Before I knew it I had made a dent. Then the unexpected happened (secretly expected), hubby got up from his lazy sunday position in front of the tv and joined in on the expedition. I say secretly expected cause it is sooo easy to get him to join in. All I have to do is ask questions about this item or that item and the response is almost always the same... What are you doing? What are you throwing away? LOL! AND up out of his chair he comes! He just makes it way too easy. LOL!

I told him I was wanting to find at least 20 items that could be trashed. We ended up throwing away 74 items. I was very impressed! We worked hard and the room looks soo much better, well for now it does, cause I still got plenty to fill it back up again. Ohhh I sure do need a linen closet. Sigh.

That is about it for now. I need to get back to my crocheting.
Yall have a great one!



Carol said... [Reply to comment]

I suspect knitting/crocheting is dying just as I wouldn't be surprised if sewing your own clothes dies - you can buy it already made for less. But that would be so sad - an outlet for creating something you can use and view with pride.

You do know that spare rooms are junk traps don't you?

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

Ah, yes. I've been doing the same thing myself! I should make (hopefully) a pretty penny at the next garage sale. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I hope our walmart doesn't stop selling yarn. We have so few places here on the big island to get yarn. Ours still sells fabric because same story few places here sell it.
I love how good it feels to get rid of stuff. Kudos.