Monday, May 17, 2010

Dog Attack!

Since November I have tried and tried to be friends with the neighbors dog. It hasn't been going well. She is a medium sized blue healer and very territorial and doesn't understand just exactly where her territory begins and ends. They let her run loose, their gate is open and she roams the neighborhood all the time. The mailbox in on the other side of the street directly in front of their gate. I have had a few incidents with this dog at the mailbox and thought we had come to a slight agreement. I ignore her (but keep my eyes on her) and she just barks her fool head off.

Well back in February they added two puppies to the mix. At first these puppies were extremely friendly and would let me pet them, but if she saw me reach for a puppy she would come unglued on me. In the last few months she has been teaching these puppies all the bad habits and they are getting to be as vicious as her. I have had to yell at her to back off and that just makes her madder. I think adding these puppies into her life as made her extra protective of them and more ferocious.

She has launched at my legs before and did scare me a little, but I really thought it would pass over time. This has not been the case, it has gotten worse. Like she has gained bravery, now that she has her posse backing her up.

Last week...
I was working in the yard, all hot and sweaty. I was fanning myself with my wicker fan while I was on my cell (waiting for that repairman) with my bf. I decide to walk over to the mailbox, hoping for the next disc in the series Tudors from Netflix. (I was wanting something to distract me from the yard work! LOL!) I didn't even get halfway to the mailbox and they had surrounded me. Barking, growling and snarling. Like a pack of wild dogs or starving coyotes.

Sorry I forgot to tell ya, Nikki is her name. Nikki was being even more aggressive than usual and I was inching my way to the box. I had my wicker fan hanging down in front of my legs, trying to protect myself. I was also waving it back and forth in front of me trying to deter them. Nikki lunge at me, I screamed and hung up with bf. She didn't get me, but she did take a bite out of my fan. I was trying to inch my way back my gate. She lunged again and again only got my fan. I manage to get back to my gate and squeezed in, but as I was shutting it she just had to try one more time. This time she got a face full of metal, that pissed her off and so she took it out on the mudflap we have attached to the gate that closes the gap so my dogs can't get out.

Phew! I made it! Even unharmed at that, but extremely shaken up! I know I shook for a good ten minutes! I had told hubby on many occasions that I'm going to have to report her to their landlord, but I never did. Well not anymore, I have had it with this dog! I called the landlord and turned her in. He calls me back minutes later and says that they are going to tie her up. Well they didn't do that, instead they started shutting their gate.

This did not work because their gate is so bad and has gaps all over the place. As soon as they left all three dogs were out in the street again. Although they did do their best to retrieve the dogs as soon as they got back or noticed them leaving the yard.

Thankfully my dogs have a nice fenced in yard and are never allowed out when the gate is open. I just don't understand how someone can have a dog/s and not give a hoot if it gets into the street and could potentially get killed or harm someone. It really doesn't take much effort to be responsible for our four legged friends.

Hubby and I went grocery shopping and left the gate open. When we got back Nikki and one of her posse was in our yard. I stayed in the truck till hubby got her out of the yard, not an easy task with a dog that likes to try to take a bite out of you. I thought it was just me, but that girl has mental problems. Hubby was out there being as big as a great dane and she could care less, she was trying to get at him too. He was yelling and the stupid neighbors were witnessing it all. They didn't even try to call be back! Again she tried to take a chunk out of the mudflap!

They have so many people living there and are coming and going at all hours of the day and night. I'm guessing they got tired of hassling with the gate cause Nikki is now tied up, but her posse is still allowed to do as they please.

Now honestly it breaks my heart to see a dog tied up, it is no life for a dog to be stuck in one place. If they would just fix the fence/gate then the neighbood would be safe and the dogs could still have some sense of freedom.



Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry, the dog is tied, but glad you're safe. Maybe they will go ahead and fix the gate. Can't believe they didn't come out to get the dogs or apolpgize to you!

Maureen@IslandRoar said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, I hate when people don't train their dogs not to be viscious. I'm glad you're okay, and your dogs! Stay safe.

Eric said... [Reply to comment]

Whoa, glad to hear you guys are not injured.

I recommend peeing along the property line so the dog will understand the boundry better.

rockygrace said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, it scared me just reading this ..... I'd shoot the damn dog.

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

Have you called the city? My main concern would be for the kids in the neighborhood. I know that here, we have a vicious dog law that allows the city to take any dog that is a threat to the public, or whose owner allows them to run free. The owner then has to pay a fee (I think like $200 per animal) to get the animal back. Your neighbor's dog would be put down here. If all else fails, I like Eric's idea.

Mrsbear said... [Reply to comment]

Those dogs are dangerous and your neighbors sound very irresponsible. You shouldn't feel guilty about calling them in, they could seriously hurt someone. How many people haven't been critically mauled by an aggressive dog?

Jimmy said... [Reply to comment]

I agree that enough is enough, you shouldn't have to tie a dog up in order to keep one and you shouldn't have to be afraid to live in your own neighborhood due to someone elses lack of care.

I would be making some calls and do all I could to make sure these dogs go to someplace where you do not have to fear going to your mailbox.

Shame on those people who allow their dogs to act like this, it is their fault for letting them get to this point.

Stop by my blog Heather I have something for you.

kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

Heather...this positively will not do! What options do you have? You're practically a prisoner in your own home and it's just not right. Especially with the dog owners watching this unfold...I would seriously consider calling animal control. I love our four-legged friends...but not at the cost of a human's health!

mindy@thesuburbanlife said... [Reply to comment]

Very sorry for the dog but glad your shins will stay intact. I can't imagine voluntarily owning a vicious dog...I'd be a nervous wreck. Not only for the potential harm it could cause but the inevitable lawsuit following its actions.
Good luck!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Suzicate...I hate that she is tied but that appears to be the only solution for now. They have not tried to say anything to us since they moved in.

Maureen...Me too! It's not like it takes much effort.

Eric...LOL!!! That ain't gonna happen!! LOL!

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Rockygrace...LOL! Hubby wanted to, but we would have to have gotten bitten. That is the only way we would have had just cause.

Tink...It was like that in the last county we lived in, but now that we are in the country and have one animal control officer for 4 counties, I'm not sure what laws apply out here.

Mrsbear...I just feel for the dog, if I could help her I would, but for now we will wait and see.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Jimmy...I agree with you whole heartedly! I am going to be calling around to see what laws we have and what we don't.

Kathryn...Not sure yet what options I do have, but I will be looking into it. That is what makes me the maddest, is that they just watched and tried to do nothing.

Mindy...I am so glad my dogs at least behave themselves better than that. Although my landlord is afraid of them, but they are all noise. If I was to sue all I would get would be the roaches they have! LOL!

Jingle said... [Reply to comment]

Nice to see you today!