Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Senior moment? Probably.

What has been going on with me? I was sitting here browsing through the net trying to find some purse handles in bulk and at a good price. I saw a bag pattern called "Steph in the City". Hmmm wonder what has been happening for Stephanie's blog named "Steph in the City"? I search, where in the world has her blog gone? This is the second time it has gone missing from my readers list, grrrr. Am I the only person this happens too? I am sure no one has been messing with my blog, it is still empty from neglect. Am I having a split personality or senior moment of not remembering coming here and messing with things? And if soo why would I delete more than half of the blogs I follow? Well, I found Stephanie and all is good but I am still stumped. Soo I guess I will get back to searching for handles. Sigature,Heather