Monday, October 19, 2015

Rambling Monday

I haven't even had my coffee yet and I have cleaned up hubby's mess in the kitchen, made 2 gallons of kool-aid ,the man drinks way too much kool-aid, but I guess it is better than sprite.
Feed the critters, indoor and out.
Checked my Etsy page, no sales. This new vendor mall I joined doesn't seem to be panning out so far, I'll give it a little more time, wait and see.
Ugh here is the water bill I was supposed to have ready for the hubs this morning. I open it, well at least the price is predictable, it is good to know some things are reliable and consistent. Geez they sure don't give much time to get it paid, I look at the calendar, oh just a week, I thought it had only arrived 3 days ago. Boy Heather, you are slipping. I can remember when I would pay the bill the day it arrived. I haven't seen those days since May, I miss those days of not really having much to do but dream up things or clean house or work in the yard. Haven't been able to touch the yard in some time, I cringe every time I look out there and see the untamed wild creeping closer.
 I wonder if I should sew the wallet and bag I have had cut out all week waiting for a day off to tackle it. Well today is a day off but in the world of Heather it is still a work day just of a different sorts. I could pop in the Netflix movie and finish the tiger that needs to be done by Friday, actually it needs to be done before Brusier realizes it is there and pieces come up missing.
Hmmmm how about some coffee for a little more clarity on the decision. *pause for a 2 minute break*
Ohh before I forget, I need to do some work for my brothers company! I quickly call a client AGAIN, waiting for her to confirm an appointment time. Must call brother for some scheduling thing that he left a message about 2 days ago but I was too tired to think straight.

 Oh well all is lost for at least a few hours.... talking to my mommy! And then my sis, then my brother, then the hubby.. then face booking with a distant relative on how to get her business started, yeah like I really know, I don't feel like I am getting anywhere in my business but hey if I can help I will try.

This day is slowly slipping by and I haven't gotten anything accomplished yet, except for one invoice. Sounds like the movie and crochet are the winners for the day.