Sunday, October 25, 2009

Award Acceptance

She walks up on the stage and the applause goes wild.
She waits till it dies down some and gently bows to her fans.
She steps forward to the mic and she speaks in a quivering voice,
"I accept this award on behalf of the struggling new comers to the blogging world. I want to thank my dear friend Spot for nominating me for this award. I also want to thank my sweet readers and fabulous commenters. I am deeply honoured and will try to live up to the challenge of being a "Kreativ Blogger"."
After wiping her tear away, she shouts "Happy reading everyone!"

What I am supposed to do is write 7-10 facts about me, then pass the "Kreativ Blogger" award on to other bloggers I like.
So here we go...

1) I am a huge Nature lover! I admire trees, their ability to provide so much for us such as shade, food, oxygen and also homes for the furry ones. I find it amazing there hasn't been a tree uprising against humans for not respecting them as an entity.
I am also to blame for this disrespect and I am trying to learn to be better neighbors with them. My biggest challenge in this issue is keeping hubby from getting aggravated enough, to chop them all down. He hates the leaves and tree sap on his truck. Working on getting him a metal carport.

2) Also an Animal lover...I am such a sucker for the injured, homeless or unwanted. I have been know to bring in any furry or feathered creature into the home and either nurse it and release or find it a wanted home. My biggest achievement is nursing a hummingbird baby to age of release. This is something my hubby tries to keep in check or I probably would open my own shelter! I firmly believe there is no need to pay boat loads of money for an animal, when there are so many in need already.

3) I talk to myself all the time. I know that is supposed to mean I have a screw loose and maybe I do, but I have done it all my life and I am very comfortable with it. I use it most when I am angry or upset. I carry on an argument with someone who can't answer and I get to say all I have been wanting to say without interruption or having to deal with their facial reactions. I get out my steam and solve issues or make myself realize I might be wrong. This system works for me and tends to keep me peaceful. Call me crazy, I don't mind!

4) Sense of humor...I tend to crack people up or confuse them or piss them off. My humor is usually very sarcastic, but I can be nice at times. Not many people "Get" me, but the ones who do tend to stay in my life for a long time. I use humor for crisis situations, probably not my best quality but if it is done right, the other person stops crying. That is my goal, tears can be necessary a times but lets not dwell on it and move on.

5) I am a woman of many ideas and most of the time I don't have enough knowledge or money to get them going or finish them. This doesn't stop me from trying to figure something out, even if it means doing something the wrong way or getting inventive with a solution.

6) I am hooked on yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets. I really enjoy finding nice things or even crazy things, at rock bottom prices. I once bought a dresser (from the 50's era) with a mirror for $30, then looked it up on the Internet and found the exact one without mirror for $380 on Ebay. Yes, I like to brag about my special finds!

7)I hate meds! I don't like the idea of taking medicine for every little thing that should ale me. I will put off taking headache meds, until I just can't take it any longer. As my posts about my tooth will speak for themselves, I put that off till I was desperate! I get told to take this or do that. I get very leery of putting all these toxins or weird remedies into my body. Which is really weird considering I take tums (like candy) and I used to pollute my body with drugs and I still smoke. Really that doesn't make much sense! I guess that proves that I really am crazy!

8) Since I starting blogging (here and previously on Myspace) about year and a half ago , the dictionary has become my most popular book. My spelling stinks and I'm sure the punctuation is awful. I am continually surprised people keep reading my junk, but that doesn't mean I'm not grateful, cause I AM!

9) I get distracted very easy! I start this post, I let dog out. Oh, I forgot the laundry, so I do that. Oh, yeah my post. Okay, I'm back. Oh, wait the race is on, I jump up to see a wreak. I get lost in the details. Oh crap my post. Hubby is hungry! I start grilled cheese sandwiches, come back to post. Hubby "what ya burning" oh man his lunch! Back to post again, the dogs are yelling to be let in. Okay that is it!! I'm done!

I could go on and on but this has taken me two hours already!

Here are my lucky favs...and the winners are...


2)Zombie Mommy


4) A Valdese Blog

I would give more but all the rest of the blogs I follow already have this award among others.

Thanks again, Spot!!


mch3n said... [Reply to comment]

Your not crazy I talk to myself all the time.

A Valdese Blogger said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, my first award! Thanks!!

Sprite's Keeper said... [Reply to comment]

Congratulations! I hate taking medicine too. If I get prescribed anything, I always ask if I can just sleep it off, prescribe sleep! I'll overdose if I'm allowed!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Why thank you very much. And yes, I talk to myself all the time and I avoid both doctors and meds ....

Tinkerschnitzel said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you!!! I would pass this on to someone else, but I only have 3 followers, and 2 of them already have their own blogs lol.

Janet said... [Reply to comment]


Heather said... [Reply to comment] have no way of judging, it's in the family genes. You know we are all crazy! deserve it, I really like you posts.

Sprite's Keeper...if only we could all OD on sleep.

Grace...your very welcome! Love your stuff.

Tinkerschnitzel...Your welcome! don't worry about passing it along, I sent it to you cause I find your posts interesting and well deserving.

Janet...amazing right, little (okay not little) old me! Thanks