Thursday, October 8, 2009

Future Roomates

My dad has been on borrowed time for many years already. He is a stubborn old man, that is probably why he is still around. He has a drawer full of meds he is supposed to take everyday, he doesn't like to so he argues with my mother over this. He has large and portable oxygen tanks, he is supposed to use all the time but it makes him dizzy so most of the time he doest use it unless he is ready to pass out. He has 3 electric wheelchairs, but he prefers his cane. He has had numerous mini strokes and a few heart attacks! He has scared the begebbers out of all of us many of times over the last 10 yrs or so.

My hubby coughs his lungs up every morning, while in this coughing fit he turns red and has the most difficult time breathing. He is supposed to be on an inhaler and a anti-inflammatory for his air way. He has opted out of this. Yes I know, the word for this is DUMBA**! He also has a hernia on the top of his (what looks like a beer belly, but is not) stomach, it gets inflamed during this coughing fit.

My mother and I have had no success in convincing these boys of what is good for them, they know their own limitations and know more than us! HA, my eye! They are both going to end up dead for being so stubborn.

So mom and I have come up with a plan to move in together after these fools have expired. My hubby will definitely live longer than my dad and hubby has made his wishes clear, mom can't move in till he is gone. He will not live with my mother!

Any ideas for a solution?


Kathryn said... [Reply to comment]

AH! FINALLY! I can COMMENT! And what do I say?

MEN. Can't live with 'em....

No, seriously. Men are so stubborn! We women are the ones that go for regular checkups and take our good girls.

This is why we outlive them. How can you talk sense into someone who won't listen??

Janet said... [Reply to comment]

I have a suggestion... club them over the head, throw them in the truck and take them to the doctor! Of course you will have to barricade the exits once you get there!