Monday, October 5, 2009

Livingroom completed

I feel like celebrating, but since I don't do that anymore I will just have to blog. I have finally finished the main rooms of the house: Living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom. I am so thrilled! I look at the living room and smile. I know my house doesn't compare to others, but I have great pride in the fact that we have taken a trailer that should have been destroyed and have transformed it into a home. Lots of people would have gone about the repairs in a different manner, but I did the best I could with my knowledge and what my finances could afford. I know I am boasting and I probably shouldn't, I am just sooo happy!

I now have the opportunity to focus my thoughts to organization. When we first moved I got things somewhat organized, but in the last few days all the counter tops and tables are covered in tools, paint supplies, pics, frames, and knickknacks. Very anxious to get everything back in order.