Friday, October 2, 2009

Livingroom is on it's final stretch

It has taken me all week but I am on the last piece of the painting of the living room (which I will tackle tomorrow).

I have been having to move everything away from the particular wall I am going to do that day, then paint 3 coats of paint on that area (with drying time in between) and then redecorate that area. Then have the house back in order before the hubby gets home from work. I have done this process 3 days this week.

My feet feel like they need to be replaced.

I have finally hung my first picture in the living room!

Which is kinda sad considering we have lived here for a year already. Slowly but surely this house will get done.

I had a deadline, but it looks like I need to pick a new one. After the living room is finished, I am going on another break.