Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toy Shopping

I went to Jennifer's today. I was just going to drop off the money I owed her from the trip to the Zoo. She wouldn't take it, so I used it to get lunch for all of us. I was going to go Big Lots for more bookshelves and noticed that Jennifer needed some things. So we loaded up the kids and went shopping. Thank goodness for the Big Lots card or it would have never happened.

While Jen was looking at window treatments, I gave the kids an assignment. They were to find toys that were:

1..outdoor friendly small parts batteries required guns or swords
5..under $10
and are staying at Nana's (my) house!

I was thinking this would not be easy! I was right at first, I was presented with sword and shield, toy shot gun, new army men (with very tiny accessories), and of course the inevitable noise makers. Too my surprise they really came up with some good outdoor sports (bat and ball, Frisbee, football) and of course Trucks! I must say "I was very impressed"!

It was a great day!